Do you ever find yourself thinking about what you would do, where you would go, what you would buy if you were a mega-mega-mega millionaire? To be honest, from time to time I find I let my thoughts wonder and before I know it I am thinking about all the traveling I’d love to do and the fabulous clothes and accessories I could tote. Then usually, I come back down to reality and am reminded of how great it is to dream, but how much better it is to enjoy the life I lead. Ok, enough of “Life Thoughts with Shannon”. When I came across the Bottega Veneta Python Fold Over Clutch, I realized this would be a clutch best left for day dreams.


Yes, it is gorgeous and versatile, but I simply cannot get over the price. The copper python has stitch detailing at the corners, zipped and pouch compartments and is fully lined in suede. Sure, all the materials come together brilliantly. This clutch is nothing less than gorgeous. The shade of copper is perfect for so many seasons and so many outfits I don’t know where to begin. Pair it with a rich-colored dress or perhaps take the more casual approach and let the clutch to the talking. Bottega Veneta, why must you make so many gorgeous handbags with such astronomical price tags? So, ladies and gents, is the bag worth the price? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4100.

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  • Rashmi

    You know what I’d do Shannon if I were a “mega mega mega millionaire”? I’d visit Purseblog every day and purchase all the BAGS that are recommended by the trio i.e Megs, Amanda and you. ;-)

    This particular clutch is outrageously priced. Sometimes I wonder if some companies price their handbags just for the sake of capitalizing on their brand name and thinking “rich people will certainly pay if we price this much so let’s put a big price tag on this one” $4100?? maybe they forgot and instead of putting 1400 they wrote down 4100? anyways, even if i were a millionaire, i wouldn’t buy a clutch for that much price. It is definitely something to admire though. thank you.

  • simone

    rich ppl want exclusivity. so exclusive labels have to keep their goods well out of mere mortals’ reach.

    those who can afford it but only through months of penny-pinching and scrimping need to get their heads examined.

  • fuchsiafury

    A real case of sticker shock! Even for BV, it’s outrageous! Why not buy Carlos Falchi – king of exotics? With a price tag half as hefty, you’d an exquisite piece.

  • Sarah

    YES, it is. I ordered this bag last week. I LOVE it. Navy blue is my favorite color and I wear a lot of it, and so a bag like this looks perfect with so many things. But yes, it was an expensive bag for just a clutch.

  • Mama M

    Normally I like Bottega Veneta bags, but my first thought when I saw this one was “burlap.” And the price!!!! $4100 for a bag? No. Jewelry? Yes. :-)

  • chirpy_gal

    Awesommmmmmmme :-)

  • Astrid

    This bag is awesome, I touched it in the boutique and fell in love with it. But NO bag is worth 4100$.

  • aidan

    what no designer charms for the price… the folks at BV, kindly do teddy bear charms in fox fur and swarovski crystal. then the price would be justifiable…….

  • ping

    I like bottega, but they are out of their mind on this one!

  • Merve

    I cant believe anyone would buy this for 4100! There are so many exotic designers who have beautiful pieces that are half the price. I think the super rich are also aware of this. This bag is made for those desperate wannabes!

  • Dee

    If you’ve seen and touched this bag, you know it’s worth every dime. Love it love it love it. I keep my bag collection small so that when something perfect like this comes along, I can spring for it.

  • Kendra

    It’s pretty, I would spend the money buying this. (fb)

  • Mousse

    Love it and if I won the CA lottery I would buy it. (ipad)