Do you ever find yourself thinking about what you would do, where you would go, what you would buy if you were a mega-mega-mega millionaire? To be honest, from time to time I find I let my thoughts wonder and before I know it I am thinking about all the traveling I’d love to do and the fabulous clothes and accessories I could tote. Then usually, I come back down to reality and am reminded of how great it is to dream, but how much better it is to enjoy the life I lead. Ok, enough of “Life Thoughts with Shannon”. When I came across the Bottega Veneta Python Fold Over Clutch, I realized this would be a clutch best left for day dreams.


Yes, it is gorgeous and versatile, but I simply cannot get over the price. The copper python has stitch detailing at the corners, zipped and pouch compartments and is fully lined in suede. Sure, all the materials come together brilliantly. This clutch is nothing less than gorgeous. The shade of copper is perfect for so many seasons and so many outfits I don’t know where to begin. Pair it with a rich-colored dress or perhaps take the more casual approach and let the clutch to the talking. Bottega Veneta, why must you make so many gorgeous handbags with such astronomical price tags? So, ladies and gents, is the bag worth the price? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4100.

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