When it comes to Bottega Veneta handbags I tend to gravitate towards what the brand is known for: rich, luxurious leather. So, when I see one of their handbags which seems to veer off of the BV path I’ve grown to know and love I am usually a bit skeptical. I find myself in that place when it comes to the Bottega Veneta Printed Canvas Tote. This orange and beige canvas tote has the traditional intrecciato look but it is a print, not an actual weave. The tote has brown leather straps, brown leather piping, studs on the side and a large inside zipped pocket. I do like the casual look that the tote has. With the price associated to most BV handbags, I would tend to think that although the bag could be carried around day to day, it also emulates expensive taste (which there is nothing wrong with, by the way). So, I guess if you are going for a casual BV bag, this could be the one. Yet, I am still torn. What do you think? Should BV stick to the basics or continue to venture out and try new things? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $960.

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  • Linda

    I’m told the bag is linen, not canvas. I think it’s a nice summer bag for those who live in very hot humid climates where leather can seem so heavy. I’m not crazy about this color but it also comes in a blue that’s very pretty.

  • Wendy

    I think trying new things is great..BUT…not liking this incarnation. I can’t get past the price for a kinda ugly tote. This is definitely a swing and a miss IMO.

  • Longchamp

    I like the blue version also.

  • Sin

    It looks weird… and kinda cheap.
    Perfect for the beach though…

  • Rahsan

    I think it has a humorous vibe to it, I like it.

  • Merve

    eyes hurt…pls find me something else to look at

  • Margie

    $960 for a canvas tote? Even linen…meh.

  • jburgh

    I bought this tote in Tea and returned it after a momentary panic attack about the real possibility of dirt and stains. But for the record, it is very beautiful in person. The fabric is linen. The painted design is well done. And the bag is made impeccably. I think this would be a great summer piece for someone who is very careful with light colored bags. Even though the price point is lower than most BVs, it is not free, and I know I would ruin it. BTW, the Tea color is a divine combination of brown and cinnamon red.

  • Erica E. James

    I just purchased this bag in blue after much mulling over. Once bought, I just dumped the contents of my other bag into it and walked right out of the store. It is absolutely beautiful in blue and is linen, not canvas. I live on the Gulf Coast and the previous poster is right, in an incredibly hot climate where summer lasts for eons, it is preferable to leather.

  • Kendra

    I think I would like this more if it was in a different color. (fb)