Here at Purse Blog our yearning for more supple leather almost always leads us to Bottega Veneta. We adore the understated simplicity of the designs and can not get enough of the super soft and luxurious leather. When our bank accounts grow to exorbitant levels, we will have our office and homes decked out in Bottega Veneta leather. That is how much we love it.

If you are looking for the most classic design from Bottega Veneta you need to check out the Bottega Veneta Maxi Veneta Hobo. The Veneta is the house staple, a chic hobo that brings together a simple yet timeless look with buttery soft woven leather. Intrecciato, the technique of weaving the leather, is synonymous with the brand.

Bottega Veneta Maxi Veneta Hobo

The Veneta comes in multiple sizes, with the large size being the Maxi. Dimensions are 22″W X 15″H X 2½”D with a 5″ drop. The bag sticks close to your body while draping perfectly off your shoulder. Nothing about this bag is totally out of the box but everything about this bag is perfect. The braid trim finishes off the bag ideally while the sumptuous suede lining is as divine as the outside leather. Our color choice is Ash, a subtle gray color with some taupe. Also available in Bianco (white), Dark Ebano (deep brown), and Truffle (brown with red tones). Buy through Saks for $2,380.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Michael St. James

    typical BV…whether that’s a good or bad depends on the person. i for one am bored.

  • Franca

    Thanks for the post !! I love BV and the Ash Scuro Veneta was my choice ;o))

  • papertiger

    These are BV at its best. I too favour the ash

  • sndc99

    They can do no wrong. Lot’s of people want a Birkin and it might be someone’s HG but mine is just to own something by BV

  • Adam

    Truffle exactly how i would describe that brown color. ITA with SNDC99. I want something BV!

  • Lilian

    Love BV. I have it in ash.

  • gpc

    I am with Michael on this one. While recently on the hunt for a new handbag, I spent considerable time in the BV boutique. I, for one, usually gravitate toward classic shapes and luxury materials, but I just can’t do it — too boring already. Hubby loves them though…

  • Sarah Shaw

    I think the white is classic and chic. The browns- I agree with some of the other posts that they are a tad boring.

  • sandeyes

    I have purchased 3 BV’s this year, sold one and returned 2. I love looking at them on other people, quality is amazing but just not for me (even though I really wanted to be a BV girl).

  • lka

    There are actually 3 different sizes to this bag: medium, large and maxi; large is not synonymous with maxi. It is a little confusing…

    • Yes, I suppose I should have said Xtra Large! Good point

      Then again they have an evening size Veneta… so many options

  • Beth

    Stunning, stunning, stunning. And besides that? It is one of the lightest weight, most comfortable bags to carry. Ever. My total FAVE!

  • otter

    I have the large Truffle and LOVE it. This is my third BV bag. I want another one!

  • spanish moss

    during a recent visit to chicago, a large veneta in uluru followed me home! we’re living happily ever after/g

  • Excessbaggage

    Was introduced to Bottega Veneta this spring and since then have been fortunate to own three pieces and the maxi Veneta in Ash Scuro was one of them, such a classic and timeless bag. Im definitely hooked!

  • Merve

    I also own 3 BVs and the veneta is just my absolute favourite. I actually stroke it when im carrying it because I love the feel.

  • Marcia

    I have lots of BV bags but the veneta style is not my favorite – it’s very hard to get in and out of the bag, you have to use 2 hands. There are other styles I like better. However if you want to pack this bag it folds very flat in your suitcase. If you aren’t sure of BV bags go to Bluefly and buy a BV cosmetic bag – after a few months you will see what wonderful woven leathers they use and how they get softer with wear. The quality of the bags it what makes them so special.

    • ching

      Which BV style is better then in your opinion. Wanted to buy my first BV but haven’t decide which model to go with.

  • Kendra

    Veneta Is not my favorite, but the color is nice. (fb)

  • Mousse

    BV leather is the best. It wears well and only gets better over time. I have many vintage BVs that just get better every day. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    but that’s just it..
    once u already own a BV, one piece is just enough..
    coz they all look very much the same anyways.. (ipad)

  • mimi

    how much is this?

  • mimi

    how much?