Bottega Veneta Large Veneta Handbag

There is a saying “When in Rome” then seems so cliche and so cool to use at times, and right now I need to modify the statement a tad to “When in Venice…buy a Bottega Bag”. I hinted at my purchase (which I will reveal in full later after I take tons of great pictures), and right now I will tell you that my bag is most definitely a Bottega Veneta. Certain to leave Italy with a piece of BV yummie goodness, I spent tons of time in the Venice store learning about so many new bags, what is hot, and finding the perfect bag for The Purse Blog Queen herself. I teetered between the bag I bought and the Bottega Veneta Large Veneta Handbag shown here. This handbag in pink magnolia is so feminine, slouchy, supple, and just perfect for spring and summer. If you wanted the perfect blushing pink accessory, this would be it. The color is a very light pink but a stunning pink shade nonetheless. The large size that I was trying on measures 20 x 20 inches, which fit perfectly under my arm and left ample space. While this option is stunning, I found a handbag that suits me even more perfectly (and my skin tone). But surely, if you love this bag, get it! $1630 through Bottega Veneta.

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  • lorihmatthews

    I just saw this bag in NM a few weeks ago. It is TDF! The leather is just gorgeous and it is the most perfect shade of pink!

  • Jen

    BV has never really catched my attention. And the price of these bags is absolutly redicilous!

  • Beth Loehr

    As the ecstatic new owner of a BV limited edition light pink Campana bag, it is just the absolute height of luxury…………so light and soft. Yes, very expensive, but sorry Jen – I think it is a bag to lust after and aspire to!

  • shopdiary

    wow, i love this color!

  • Amanda

    What a gorgeous color!

  • Kendra

    God, I just hate that handle. (fb)

  • Karina Negara

    I got this bag when it was new in 2007 and I’m gonna keep it ’till the day I die! The leather is amazing. Thing is, now I don’t want to take it out so often because it’s getting kind of dirty in some areas. I went to the store and a high-end laundry place, said there’s nothing they can do about it. I mean, it doesn’t show when I wear the bag… but I know it’s there x(

  • Naggy

    I just don’t like anything about this bag. (ipad)