Bottega Veneta Bramble Veneta
BV Grape Tornabuoni Veneta Bottega Veneta Lilac Veneta Bottega Veneta Tornabuoni Maxi Veneta
BV Truffle Karung Bag - $7800 BV Lilac San Marco Karung Bag - $3600 BV Karung Toile Knots - $1850
BV Intrecciato Antique Silver Knot - $7950

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  • sunchicka

    Love the lilac San marco Karung bag

  • Cadence

    OMG. They are so beautiful. All of them.

  • otter

    What I think is that it has been wall-to-wall BV coverage today, which I love, but you need to get the vendor to run a contest. Come on now!!!!!!!! We want to win something.

  • renee

    It is so nice to see bags that have such attention to detail and are so beautifully made. It really makes one question some of the other designers that slap a safety pin on a bag and presumptuously ask the same price just because of their “name.”

  • otter, patience… good things come to people to wait! :-D

  • kroquet

    The close-ups of the leather is just amazing. Scares me that our little secret is out! Bottega Veneta creates the MOST beautiful bags.

  • michaelstjames
  • pia

    i have always loved bottega, the quality is amazing. i still wear one from the 70s that was my mother’s. is the best brand in luxury leather goods by far. tomas maier has only given an extra touch of sophistication to an already chic brand.

  • kaltham

    beautiful colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh

  • DL

    beautiful! stunning! outstanding! in love! *swoon*

  • Marissa Cooper

    I like the BV Truffle Karung Bag and the Karung Toile Knots. The Truffle Karung Bag is not what I expected from Tomas Maier because my perception of BV is plain and ‘flat-surfaced’ but the Truffle is outside-the-box to me. Both the Truffle Karung and Karung Toile Knots looks elegant, yet rocker chic because of the style and material.

  • Merve

    Ha totally agree with Renee. I just think BV is totally lush.

  • Mohnblume

    can’t decide what’s the most beautiful.

  • Liz G.

    I LOVE the colors!!!! I can’t decide what is my favorite…. I enjoyed BV day! :)

  • dierregi

    wow!!!! Those are some amazing bags…..and the colors are fabulous, just what I like, grown-up pastel shades….

  • Carol

    completely breathtaking colors!!! The lilacs are my favorites!!!

  • papertiger

    love the san marco

  • otter

    OK. I will behave now. He he.

  • Juli

    I like all of them but the texture on the truffle Karung bag took my breath away. I’m not sure I could carry it, if it is too large but the folds, weaving, pleats, ruffles, etc. are so intriguing!
    The lilac Karung seems most wearable to me although I would like a longer strap just for ease.
    As everyone above said, all are just beautiful!

  • B*labelsnotlove

    loving the intricate designs & detailing*

  • Penntroll

    Incredible all of them, I especially love this seasons colors. The san marco in lilac is to die for!!

  • karily

    YIKES¡­These bags are REALLY FUGLY!

  • mrs.tryinghard

    oh i love the san marco karung bag in lilac, but it’s too pricey for me. most expensive i bought so far was balenciaga and the price compared to a BV is more than 2x. sigh! any recommendation where i could get a cheaper BV bag, not the replicas of course, let’s say in Malaysia, is it cheaper there?

  • Kendra

    These details are nice…not my favorite though. (fb)

  • Mousse

    OMG. The lilac is freakin’ TDF. (ipad)


    Bottega veneta fw 2009 bags.. Nice :)