Bottega Veneta Butterfly Bag
Bottega Veneta Butterfly Bag

I told you earlier I am slow moving today and the slothness continues. It is not like the weather is helping; while we are not snowed in it is dreary and rain is imminent. Really the only thing on my mind is eating another brownie (ok row of brownies) and going back to bed. But as I sat here looking out the window on this dull day, there was a spark of life. One single butterfly flew by my window and landed on the leaves of the bush in front of my window. It was that little sign, that little ‘the world is beautiful’, that is keeping me awake and feeling refreshed. There is something so whimsical about butterflies that shows the miracles of life. And from a company as established and elegant as Bottega Veneta, it was a brilliant idea to tap into the butterfly print with the Bottega Veneta Butterfly Bag. Designed with putty intrecciato leather, there are butterfly print design in patches on the front. The drawstring braided handle is reminiscent of spring and summer as it is threaded through brass eyelets. I am almost as obsessed with what is inside as what is outside of the bag; the blue suede lining. I was reminded of the Neiman Marcus Anniversary Judith Leiber clutch when I saw this bag, but this is better. Bottega Veneta never ceases to amaze me. $2,820 through Net A Porter.

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  • classicbag

    I’ve been a Bottega fan for years. I got my first Bottega 35 years ago. I have 6 bags, 2 briefcases, & 1 checkbook/card holder. That said, I’m not crazy about the printing on the leather. I think it cheapens it. Bottega is such a classic …. I’d prefer they keep it that way.

  • Claire

    Weird…it looks like something an old lady would wear to the market

  • LucianaW

    I agree with you megs…brilliant idea…this is so cute and practical. I love. :grin:

  • Diane

    I actually love this bag. If this bag did not have the butterflys it would actually be uninteresting and something we have all seen 1000 times at many different price points. But, with soft butterflys on the leather it adds tremendous interest and will turn heads.

  • my new bag

    I am such a fan of BV, but find their metal clasps too small to the function,
    makes me worry they will not hold up. Or is this strap metal-less?

    But I would love this bag anyway, if it was free, or even much cheaper

  • Jennifer

    What is Beauty?

  • amanda

    I really love the print, I’m just not too crazy about the shame of the bag. :???:

  • amanda

    errr, shape! not shame!

  • mette

    This bag look refreshing. I woudn´t buy it for myself,but I´d like to see someone else carrying it. :smile:

  • SweetPea

    I don’t like this bag…do not like people or animal prints on my bags.

  • Yen

    I’ve seen this bag in the BV boutiques in Hong Kong. It also comes in black. It’s not a great bag. Not very practical and the shape is a bit wierd to carry. It feels like a big drawstring bag. With the price tag, I could get a classic Veneta and a small cosmetic bag in the lovely shades of spring.

  • shan

    The bag looks very whimsical – I like it. The shape does seem like it could be a little odd to carry, but I would def at least try it on and take it for a spin around the store!

  • Celine

    The butterflies really cheapen it.

  • Alegra

    I Love this bag!

  • jburgh

    I have to disagree with several of you. I own this bag in black. It is TDF. The butterflies do not look cheap at all. It is great to wear and very practical. Easy to access and fits well on the shoulder. The workmanship is amazing…something you definitely need to see in person.

  • maggie

    what is the name of Bottega”s woven hobos that has small holes/dotes all around the bag and has beautiful excess leather on the edges..I’ve been trying to find the bag in internet. Thanks..

  • Kendra

    The butterflies are such a darling touch. I want this! (fb)