We are extremely excited to be sharing this video with you not only because it has been eagerly awaited, but also because of the copious amount of work it took to turn this collaboration from idea to reality.

The Limited Edition Botkier+PurseBlog Sasha Duffle is now exclusively available at Saks.com for $635 and also at the Saks flagship store in New York City!

Enjoy the video reveal of this anticipated bag. Click here for the reveal in its full, high-definition glory.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked it!


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  • PinkTulip

    Oh wow! It’s everything I thought it would be. What a gorgeous bag!!! I may have voted for 1 (or maybe 2) things differently, but it came out so well! This is pretty cool.

  • Lorie

    In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die!!

  • Alana

    The video is amazing and the bag is so beautiful!!!

  • JenG

    I like it and will there be a contest?

  • Staci

    The bag is fabulous! Perfect day or night! And such an awesome video!!

  • Natalie

    omg! love love love love! I can’t wait!!! I hope I manage to snag one…*crosses fingers*

  • cwhf

    Love it! Any idea what it will retail for yet?

  • Jane

    I can’t believe how beautiful the leather is in the different color light. I am so excited I was one of the girls who got everyone of the choices picked that I voted for. I can’t wait to buy.

  • NB

    What’s the price?

  • michelle

    I think i am the only one then who does not like it. However, I love the color.

    • JJ

      I have the opposite thoughts that you do (I think). I love how the bag looks, everything EXCEPT the color. I wish it were more of a true grey (elephant grey?) rather than the Mousey/Taupe-ish Grey. I mean the bag is gorgeous and I’m sure I’ll be looking for one!

      • Cate

        I completely agree. The bag is fantastic, but I just can’t get down with that color!

  • Kim

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • chrissie

    Love it! Gorgeous bag.
    Spied some awesome CL’s in the video too! :)

    • The red soles peeked out for a bit as I walked away from the camera :)

  • 19yearslater

    The bag turned out really well and cool video!

  • berta

    I truly love love love the leather and the bag is amazing. A bit pricey, but I have my dear hubby’s approval and I have …. well I haven’t been so good, but I have not purchased a bag in several months now. Blame it on Nordstrom and their sales. But I am getting this bag!

  • Groverdog

    I love it!

  • Handbag Goddess

    Isn’t this the bag that’s a preorder at Saks.com, a Saks Exclusive?

    • You are absolutely right. We were taken off guard by it being listed online already, so I updated the post!

      • Handbag Goddess

        Just ordered it!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • catsinthebag

    I sure hope it’s the bag that’s available for pre-order on Saks.com, b/c I preordered it! Great video, and I am one of the ones who got every choice I voted on … I have to admit, I too am concerned about the color. It’s gorgeous in the video but looks too light and taupe-y on the Saks website … but I am not passing up the opportunity to order it and can always return if the color doesn’t look right in person.

    • Yes, it is the bag and thank you for supporting this wonderful collaboration!

      The color is a little bit hard to define, even harder to get right in-camera. I hope it meets your expectations.

      • lem

        hi vlad

        just to be absolutely sure… would you say that the colour is more true to life in tpf pictures & vides on tpf rather than on saks’ website?


      • lem

        hi vlad

        just to be absolutely sure… would you say that the colour is more true to life in tpf pictures & video rather than on saks’ website?


      • Lem – If the leather they used in the bags at Saks is the same as the bag we had to video, then it is NOT as light as on Saks.com. The bag as seen in the video is very true to color of the bag I had in person. Hope this helps!

  • savvydoc

    The bag’s great of course- but I have to comment on Vlad’s awesome videography skills…Nicely done video:-)

  • Valentina

    I have so many things to say…
    First, I REALLY loved it. The braided straps, the size, I’m in love with that color.
    Second, you had me at the @0:50 when the boat shoes, silver necklaces, and the oxford shirt appeared… It was like seeing my freaking self walking with that bag. And now I think I want it, so I hope for some miraculously coincidence I get tons of clients this month and have the chance to buy it. Third: I have a girl crush on Megs. So congrats for this successful project, loved it..

  • Designer_Homme

    Botkier+PurseBlog Collaboration: Limited Edition Sasha Duffle, wonderful project, great bag at an affordable price, only issue is this bag doesn’t really stand out from the Crowd, perhaps it’s the color or choice of leather, shade of blue, embossed or exotic leathers would be very unique, nice hardware & engraved LE TPF tag though. Nonetheless wonderful collaboration, great effort & work, Let show our support by buying one, a great addition to your bag collection with this exclusive Botkier TPF Limited Edition, definitely a keeper.

    I would buy one if it is a mens bag or unisex line.

    Dear Vlad & Megs : Girls should’nt have all the fun, We should have a TPF Limited Edition for the Boys too. Maybe a collaboration with Premium Designers like Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi, YSL, Bottega Veneta or Gucci, Designer like Botkier, Coach or Rebecca Minkoff. Be it a Limited Edition Bag or Clutch, start small like some small leather goods like wallet or coin/card holder, iPhone case etc. For Premium Designer Labels bags maybe from 1-2 grands, small leather goods from $300 to $1000, Designer Labels bags maybe from $500 – $1000, small leather goods from $200 to $500.

    Give it some thoughts, can discuss & work with Moderators from individual Designers’ Forums. We can start a thread with poll to check out the response before we proceed. I would love to have something Unique & Limited Edition from Designer Label custom-made for TPF.

  • babs

    It looks nice but eerily like the Sak Convertible Satchel. I’m sure the leather is much nicer. But it kind of took me off guard at how similar the design is to that Sak bag that so many people liked.

    • starkfan

      If I’m not mistaken, the Sak Convertible Satchel was actually the one that’s “inspired” by the original Botkier Sasha design. The Sak bag does have braided handles too (but in a different style), but I think the Sasha is still the original.

  • riffraff

    Congrats on such a succesful collaboration. Shame it’s not available to UK TPfer’s.

    • CarolineLondon

      It is!
      Saks will deliver internationally, I checked the other day. The exchange rate isn’t bad at the moment, the shipping is about £40 which I thought was reasonable, but the duty and tax is over £90 – OUCH! It came in a bit over £600 I think when I looked the other day. Expensive but seeing as I voted for it to look exactly like it does, I might just have to go for it…

      • CarolineLondon

        Just checked again (and ordered – whoops!)
        Basic price £434.99
        Shipping £41.55
        Customs duty and VAT £94.47 (that’s the UK sales tax at 17.5%… ouch)
        All in £571.01

        Prices will change if the exchange rate moves though.
        Given the Euro at the moment, that’s a lot cheaper than my normal annual LV fix so I’ve gone for it :D

      • CarolineLondon

        Scratch that – the checkout doesn’t work with my UK Visa card. :'(

  • Anna Cooperberg

    I adore it!!! It’s so exciting to see the final product of a reader-created bag :) Saving up my money for it…

  • Marla

    Question – if you order it from Saks.com, does it come with the engraved LE TPF tag? (because it doesn’t show that on the Saks site…) Thanks!

    • Yes, it will come with the special engraving!

  • mochababe73

    I love the bag, but not liking the color.

  • berta

    It’s gorgeous, I love it, I bought it! (Now I’m happy) Now, I wait.

  • mm

    Congratulations. Beautiful bag, i hope it sells out

  • helenNZ

    :oD Megs and Vlad – THUMBS UP and a million hugs and kisses!!! WELL DONE on the ad and the bag looks fantastic!!! xo xo

  • Karin bag4bag


  • kim

    great video but I’m left a bit cold by the bag -I think it’s just not for me. It’s lovely but I would probably walk past it in a store.

  • Cesca

    Just ordered it! Can’t wait! Love, love, love….

  • NAB

    Its absolutely fabulous, and the model is gorgeous too ;) Can’t wait to get my hands on that bag, congrats Vlad and Megs on a wonderful collaboration!

  • DarkS


  • janie

    Not a fan..

  • dcblam

    Love the video – great production work Megs & Vlad!
    BUT, not a fan of the bag – it’s the straps….they are too similar in length. It would have been nice if the removable strap were adjustable in length to make a crossbody bag?????? It would be a satchel, shoulder and crossbody bag…now THAT would have been special!

  • mimi

    I’m not impressed. I think they missed the opportunity to do something amazing. This looks bleh.
    As a huge fan of Botkier and TPF, I expected more…

    • We plan to collaborate more in the future so hopefully we can come up with something that you like more!

  • Jas

    Urgh… I don’t like anything about it at all. I’m not impressed.

  • Rufina

    Video is awesome, Meg looks great, and I even like the bag now, I did not like it on the Saks website at all, but this color looks nicer in the video than on Saks.com. I am in lust.

    • The bag in person looks like it does in the video – the website shows it very light, which is not really the case.

  • Antonia

    I love everything….the video, the model, the bag!!! I’m sold!! :)

  • Laila

    Eeek.. I wish you guys would have made something more classic.. definitely not for me!

    • Marrr

      I like the Sasha but for all that money hoped it would look a little more classic. It just seems like more of a trendy bag.

  • fseoer2010

    I love this bag

  • Millyshops

    I want to like it, I really do but Botkier lost me around 2006. It just looks drab and uninspiring IMHO

    Loving the collab with TPF though :) We want more!



  • tara p

    Beautiful bag!!!! love the model as well:D


    Cute bag, boring color, bag doesn’t pop, it flops!!!!