When people think of Balenciaga they automatically think of the array of colors the house is known to produce. I can never keep up with our Balenciaga forum members, who are color geniuses by the way, discussing their favorite colors and leathers from the brand.

The color shown above is actually called Nacre and is part of the current season collection. I am quite picky about white bags, for obvious reasons. White attracts dirt from the moment it is removed from its packaging. On top of that, I prefer a clean/sleek design when opting for a white bag. Crisp and white go together like peanut butter and jelly in my vocabulary, which is why I prefer sophistication and elegance when it comes to a white handbag.

The Balenciaga color hunt is never ending, but I don’t think white is in the cards for me. Would you buy a white Balenciaga bag?

Buy via Balenciaga for $1,795.

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  • Claire

    I am waaaaaaaaaaaay too messy to be trusted with that bag! It doesn’t especially appeal to me anyway.

  • Chynna

    YES!! Especially if my outfit is colorful enough that it doesn’t require another pop of color

  • BeHappy

    nahhhh…don’t love white bags..

  • PhotoGirl

    It’s gorgeous, but no. And here’s why: I have several white bags and I’m petrified each and every time I carry them. Life becomes all about the bag. Will I get something on it? Can I put it down? Will someone else damage it? That’s really too much anxiety to carry around in your purse, IMO. So this year, I took a vow: no more white bags for me.

  • Soeren

    No, I never would buy such a bag or reccomend it to anybody.
    The problem with the white Balenciaga is that there is no classy element. The bag itself is kinda rock’n’roll and the color is real difficult to combine. Even a white Birkin can look cheap, so I would say white bags are really really difficult and just a beach thing. The only thing that is possible to wear in white is a clutch or other small evening purse.

    • Nick

      I couldn’t agree more! Spot on.

  • raw

    I like it… I can see it in my closet!

  • KathyB

    I have a white LV Mahina (I love it) but do not carry it often during summer months because I’m so afraid of getting it dirty. I like they way white bags look and I really like the Balenciaga bag, but I try to stay away from them.

  • Lorie

    It’s beautiful, but I couldn’t wear it. It’d be dirty within five minutes of leaving my house. Sigh.

  • Rebecca

    I love my Balenciaga’s but white is a color that I just cannot pull off (at least for a hand bag). I love wearing “winter white” but it is better as a coat, not a bag.

  • Sher77

    I have this exact bag in white. I have carried it for 3-4 years, off and on.It is fine. No it isn’t perfect and their are a few areas that are a little soiled, but it just gives the bag some character. Hey, its a Balenciaga bag.

  • Handbag Lover

    OMG this bag is SO HOT! I got to have it!


    If it were patent maybe, easier to remove stains but not this!!! Too much money to have to be too careful!!!

  • bindc

    Absolutely. I love white bags.

  • Ruth

    I had a white Balenciaga Day bag and it yellowed over time. Even if you keep it clean, I don’t think it will stay ‘crisp’ white long term.

    • Merve

      Totally agree with you. I’ve had a white balenciaga going on 4 yrs now and it has totally starting yellowing. Actually i ran into a girl in a shop and she said to me “ahhh your bag is so lovely so u wanna see what it will look like in 6 yrs time?” She produced the same balenciaga bag that literally looked like her pet had peed all over it and left yellow age stains. I advise all PB readers never buy white balenciaga!!!

  • Zaneta

    I love white bags but I don’t see myself getting white Balenciaga. I prefer their bags in much more brighter colors.

  • Canneiv

    I love white bag, but not this one. Its style not suitable in white color.

  • Perry

    I’m not really a fan. I am also not a fan of peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter alone, yes.

  • James

    When you buy white bags you have to know that it is just a matter of time until it becomes soiled. Using a Clipa will help, as will spraying it (so that cleaning it is easier). That said, nothing looks more chic than a white bag in the summer! This one looks no nicer than those from those from Botkier Kooba or Foley + Corinna at less than half the price though.

  • kemilia

    I know how I am and a white bag would definitely not work for me.

    • Debbie

      I agree about the shoulder strap. The strap fall is just a little too short.

  • Constance

    I ‘like’ this bag, but if it had a shoulder strap then I would ‘love’ it

  • reneeo

    I’ve seen this bag and Nacre is a beautiful white, creamy and rich, not bright. I would buy white, but I too stress when using bags with really soft leather or light in color. I tend to use them a couple of days and then switch out to something really durable that can take some knocks. So, I have a closet full of bags, barely used and in mint condition. How stupid is that! I’m trying to teach my daughters to use and enjoy the things they have cuz seriously we end up goodwilling everything in perfect condition! I say get the white and USE it!!

  • edoardo

    Oh yes it is so beauitful and elegant tha no one can resist to buy it!! I want it since the first time that I’ve seen this amazing bag!! In fact I thought that’ s abit more clasic respect to the other Balenciaga’s colors but, at the same time, it has such a “glamourous taste” that every other consideration is put in second place!!


  • Diana

    I have a beige color B-bag and I love her to death but I do have to be careful with it and I can never wear anything dark with it because of color transfer but other than that white and white family colors are a YES!!!

  • Laura

    No. I would be afraid to even take it out of its package. It’s too white.

  • Jen

    My first (and only) Balenciaga bag is a white city with giant gold hardware. I got it 4 or 5 years ago because honestly, it caught my eye more than any of the other colored B bags out there. I love it, still carry it, and every couple of years, I splurge on a “bag spa” that refinishes the white to look pretty much like new (they tell me that in terms of cleaning B bags, working with white is so much easier than working with the Balenciaga funky colors). Look, if this were a prissy little structured lady’s bag, I’d say “no” to the white (I’m not about to plunk down my hard earned money on a white lambskin Chanel flap, for example), but this is Balenciaga. The whole look has an edgy, rocker, rumpled, I’m-hip-but-I-also-like-to-get-my-hands-dirty kind of vibe. You WANT the white to get a little soiled.

  • Anna
  • Debbie

    Why not? But I am a stickler so I would have to keep it perfect. Purse hooks only.

  • Debbie

    I think it takes a really bold fashionista to pull off white bags, but they do work on certain people- For sure!

  • Karen

    Love that bag but would be scared to get it dirty. I probably wouldn’t buy that color.

  • louch

    I like this more than any other B bag I’ve ever seen but couldn’t bear to worry about it so much. It is gorgeous but way too high maintenance.

  • Tara

    Love my cream B bag but beware! The leather is so soft that the dark colored garment that I wore with it rubbed off on the bag. Now one side is cream and the other side has a dark denim hue to it.

  • Stylista

    YES! It’s modern, clean, and somewhat minimalist. It’d look great with an all white outfit, or one with more colour. Super versatile!


  • Kymmie

    White bags are for old church ladies and little girls in socks and bows!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    No Way!! I bought the Moutarde color and it turned green on the back and edges…so No Way would I purchase a White bag!!!

  • lilobubbletea

    HECK to the YES. =) This bag is amazinggggg!!!!!!!

  • penelopeb

    yes yes!!
    you only live once!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    One night I was inside the elevator in Vegas and an italian lady came in a rush, barefoot , all dressed in white, holding her beautiful stoned sandals and a white Chanel bag, I was mesmerized by her vision , never forgot…So classy, so elegant!But white bags are tricky, the only way to wear them is with light colors and preferable Chanel!

  • Purse Pixie

    The white Balenciaga is beautiful (aren’t they all?) but I agree that white is not the the best way to highlight a design and is best used on simple, structured shapes. I would also be way to freaked out about getting this thing dirty.

  • Ashley Nicole


  • mellee

    No to white Balenciaga…Yes to white chanel but only in caviar leather. I have a white caviar jumbo that I’ve worn several times and it is still spotless…I don’t take special care of it either. I always get compliments whenever I wear it =)

  • rachel

    There’s a small club for white bals on the forum: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-clubhouse/the-white-club-150442-2.html
    I had an ivory Bal at one point. It is hard to manage, though if you can, it looks great with certain outfits. I think that white with gold hardware is stunning on a Bal!!


  • michelle

    If I had unlimited resources and could afford to replace it if it got too dirty then yes. But since I couldn’t, I’d just admire this beauty from afar. Besides, with a toddler and an infant, I can barely keep my clothes clean. White just isn’t a color I can do anymore.

  • Blo0ondi

    mmmmmm nooo way with th type of weather we have here in Qatar it wont last for a mnth!!

  • babe

    IRL this white is not as bright, it has slightest rose undertones. Having two children I accept all of my bags to get some patina…

  • Windy

    No, I could not buy a white Balenciaga. Although it is quite lovely, I still feel it would get dirty and then I would not want to carry the bag. I don’t want to have to worry every time I carry my bags if they are going to get dirty.

  • ZachryChrist

    I have a white Balenciaga work, and while it does take a little more effort to keep it clean, I must say I do enjoy it.

  • Bir

    No !!!!!! I have had a very bad experience with balenciaga quality issues the first time, I thought it was that one bag. but then the second one same deal so white and balenciaga no no no no .besides I think master cristobal would not approve of his name on this particular bag!

  • Vasaki

    Yes………………………………………..It’s great!!!!!!!!Love the color…….better than the others!!!!!!
    I might buy it some day….(At least,I hope I will buy it) :DD

  • T

    Yes! Yes it is a pain to maintain but I love the crisp clean look of a white bag.


    Yes,If it were a true white-no gray or yellow undertones-I love the Bal bright white w/ggh and have been looking for one for two years now!

  • Nappy

    i actually have that white Balenciaga.. i love love love it.. coz i have used it a few times already and it’s got that whole, i don’t care attitude because it has a few scratches and darkenings at the sides.. it just adds more character to the otherwise pristine white bag

  • GoldChanel

    It looks classy!! but white bags- naaahh.. I’d get too paranoid of soiling it!!! I’m a gal who needs bags to be functional as I carry lotsa stuff innit!!

  • GoldChanel

    It looks classy!!… but naaah.. I can’t manage a white pricey leather bag- I’d be too afraid of soiling it! I need a bag to be functional as I carry alot of things in it, and not for the bag to limit my movements just by its colour.

    • Ayin

      that is sooo true GoldChanel!

  • Melon

    I have a white balenciaga.. and started yellowing in the 3rd month.. i would definitely advise against it.

  • joan

    I love it and would definately buy it if I could afford it…LOL

  • Gaye

    gorgeous to look at but just not very practical. Now the Argent they came out with in 08 was even more beautiful and it has more grey in it and it holds up really well.

  • Geoni

    I would definitely buy one and I would try to keep it clean! However, if I could not, then I would not dwell on being upset because I do think the beat-up, worn-in, dirty-look is fashionably grungy and acceptable.

  • dlynn


  • Ayin

    white is good, but i still prefer the classic black specially that it is too pricey. i would still want my bag safe from dirt and stains. when i bought my LV speedy, i chose the brown damier ebene instead of the monogram and white damier ebene. i want to use my designer bags for the longest time! :-)

  • Maggie

    I love it, but not sure whether if I want to buy it because I will be afraid it would get dirty easily… (ipad)

  • nini

    I agree..I’ll get it dirty too easily. (ipad)

  • Melissa

    I can’t even buy white sweaters for fear of dirt! A bag would be even worse! (iPad)

  • pinoytripper

    awesome for bag for (iPad)

  • Jelita78

    hunn, the word “white” itself already makes my hand sweat!
    how dare of u to ask such an absurd question! LOL! (ipad)

  • Julia

    yes i’d buy white, but maybe one with smaller hardware. white suede on the other hand…i wouldn’t even dare. (ipad)

  • Thessa

    nice but could be delicate for the daily grind (ipad)

  • Christine

    hmm, i wouldnt buy white, but i would buy praline. (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    I think a white Bal is so elegant – but me? I’d make it brown :) (ipad)

  • KY

    I wouldn’t buy a white one, but if I get one for free, why not. (ipad)

  • YLT

    probably my first white bag will be this one….^.^

  • Emma G

    Definitely not, I’ve got children (ipad)

  • helen

    Looks nice, but I wouldn’t buy it because it’s pricey for me. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Beautiful bag! (ipad)

  • Cucko_Boo

    The white balenciaga city giant is indeed beautiful and conveys a feeling of freshness … I love this color on balenciaga but I must admit that white (in any designer handbag) is a tricky color and I too, would be sceptical to invest in a color that gets dirty extremely easily… – thus the reason of not owning a white colored handbag until now…