First off, thank you to everyone who left great comments on the post about my Balenciaga City in Seigle. Ultimately, I decided this very Balenciaga bag was not the one for me. So I returned it and it was a bittersweet feeling. I know it sounds entirely materialistic, petty, and silly, but returning this bag not only took a great bit of thought but was also kind of sad, since it is entirely gorgeous just not the right bag for me. Have you ever had that feeling when returning a bag you bought?

Every Balenciaga lover I speak to raves about the colors. I have been told time and time again and know that the rich hues of colors is what Balenciaga is known for. The color Seigle is beautiful, but for me it felt safe, muted, and monotone. Somehow I expected the color to be this combination of brown with tan with cream that would end up in perfection. I didn’t get that. I saw rose undertones and a bag that in indoor lighting looked taupe. Taupe is a great color for a handbag, actually amazing since it will match with literally everything in your closet, but I felt bored by the color.

I never meant to be harsh on the bag, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is lovely. The leather is thick and smooshy, the hardware was just as I expected, and the allure of the bag was there. It all came down to the color. Amanda thinks I need to pick a more bold color, one that will reach out and grab my attention. Vlad agrees. My only problem is knowing which color will suit me best.

What I do know is the next time I buy a Balenciaga bag, I need to do it in person. Because of the leather looking so different from photos to in person, I need to be up close and personal with the bag. It will happen though. I will find the Balenciaga bag I have been wanting and it will be in a great color that I can not resist. Feel free to give me suggestions for now, and until then, I will keep my eyes peeled!

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