First off, thank you to everyone who left great comments on the post about my Balenciaga City in Seigle. Ultimately, I decided this very Balenciaga bag was not the one for me. So I returned it and it was a bittersweet feeling. I know it sounds entirely materialistic, petty, and silly, but returning this bag not only took a great bit of thought but was also kind of sad, since it is entirely gorgeous just not the right bag for me. Have you ever had that feeling when returning a bag you bought?

Every Balenciaga lover I speak to raves about the colors. I have been told time and time again and know that the rich hues of colors is what Balenciaga is known for. The color Seigle is beautiful, but for me it felt safe, muted, and monotone. Somehow I expected the color to be this combination of brown with tan with cream that would end up in perfection. I didn’t get that. I saw rose undertones and a bag that in indoor lighting looked taupe. Taupe is a great color for a handbag, actually amazing since it will match with literally everything in your closet, but I felt bored by the color.

I never meant to be harsh on the bag, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is lovely. The leather is thick and smooshy, the hardware was just as I expected, and the allure of the bag was there. It all came down to the color. Amanda thinks I need to pick a more bold color, one that will reach out and grab my attention. Vlad agrees. My only problem is knowing which color will suit me best.

What I do know is the next time I buy a Balenciaga bag, I need to do it in person. Because of the leather looking so different from photos to in person, I need to be up close and personal with the bag. It will happen though. I will find the Balenciaga bag I have been wanting and it will be in a great color that I can not resist. Feel free to give me suggestions for now, and until then, I will keep my eyes peeled!

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  • Purse Pixie

    It must have been tough to send it back, but for that kind of money, you should be in love with everything about a bag. I know you’ll find the perfect Balenciaga for you!

  • Laura

    It is always hard to return something as gorgeous as this bag but I’m glad to hear you did since it was something you didn’t really love. Why spending that much money in something you don’t love? Good luck finding the perfect bag! did you consider getting that same bag in a different color or you just gave up?

    • Leaning towards getting the same bag, different color! I love the City!!

  • Nanda Chaves

    Well, I would say that you should try the Acqua! It`s a pretty color and so different.
    Keep searching and keep us posted!
    : *

    Nanda Chaves from Brazil!

  • mochababe73

    I kind of figured you would send it back. It’s always a crap shoot when you buy something online.
    There were some nice colors in Neiman’s when I went on Saturday. There was a pretty dark blue color. Personally, I was leaning towards the hot pink.

  • Catt

    I kind of sense that you would return it bcs you hesitate about the color right after you received the bag. I can fully understand how you feel. i returned my first LV speedy many many years ago. I still remember that kind of bittersweet feeling but deep down I know I will find the IT that really capture my heart and soul :)
    Good luck on your new bag searching. Keep us posted!!

  • JenG

    I always tell my children, if you are going to pay for it, you should get what you want.

  • Bianca

    I was looking at some Balenciaga bags yesterday and have always had the city on my mind, I have days where I tell myself that I NEED a city, I collect bags and I need one for my collection, Black with RH. But, then when I am about to take the plunge something always stops me, like yesterday, I think the biggest thing about Balenciaga is the amount of knockoffs I see, actually after I left NM last night and made my way to a clothing store in the mall…what do i see…… a knockoff GH Bal in the window, that’s when it hit me as to why I don’t ever buy Balenciaga’s and should just stop thinking about getting one!

  • An4

    to me, the most beautiful balenciaga color is 2008 electric blue. I saw it in person, it’s so deep, I couldn’t get enough of it.

  • swags

    You did the right thing. You need to be 100% positive and happy about a bag in that price range.

  • Janelle

    Murier is a gorgeous color! Maybe you’d like it in that color.

  • somethingbags

    don’t fret about it anymore, you do feel much better now, right? while waiting for the right color, why not get a PS1? i’m also torn between balenciaga and proenza schouler lately but i can clearly hear the PS1 calling me.

  • kemilia

    You did the right thing, it just didn’t sing to you.

    You will find the right one one day, I have but one Bbag and she is used and not the color I ever thought I would want, but she was inexpensive and from AFF and when I got it, I fell in love (and still am). I do think, from what I see, is that the Balenciaga colors are part of their wonderfulness, and your taupe bag–umm, not so much (for you). It is a beautiful bag, though. Someone else will be very happy to find it and take it home (so you made somebody happy somewhere!).

    If you are meant to get a Bbag some day, you will. And be very satisfied with it.

  • chloefpuff

    Ahh, jealous! I have to buy all my b-bags over the internet. I don’t see the color in person until it arrives at my house.

  • Marcia

    Bags should go with your wardrobe colors. I have a book that tells the best colored bags for your wardrobe. If you are a Winter go with black, fuchsia or Chinese blue. If you are a Summer go with gray, navy, mid-pink or purple. If you are Autumn go with brown, light to dark green, rust or mustard. Springs should go with tan, mid-blue or mid-green. I wear sping colors and bought a green bag that went with everything. I didn’t like any blue bags until I saw the teal Bottega this spring. I went for a Veneta in their teal blue.

    Maybe this will help you narrow down your color.

  • christine

    anthracite was the colour for me – bought it about a year ago and still in love

  • Danna

    i soo feel what you feel. my hubby brought me to the LV store for my bday and i ended up with a speedy 30 damier ebene with matching zippy wallet. the bag i loooove but when i inspected the wallet.. it was a bit stiff.. ok, it was too stiff for me :( so i brought it back – but here i am anxiously waiting for my balenciaga wallet in CYCLADE :D the color is to die for! wish me luck though.. i have only seen it through pictures…

    balenciaga will have more colors for you to adore so dont be too pressured on getting one ;)

  • green pears

    Thanks so much for your story and honesty. i’m very tempted to buy Bal bags on the internet as buying Bal bags in Oz, they are really overpriced. instead, when i go overseas, i will make it my plans to go buy in person..
    goodluck with your shop and i really do hope that when you see the colour that you fall in love with nothing stops you.

  • merve

    Megs i think you always kinda wanted the anthracite so i would go for that. Maybe sunconsciously thats why u didnt like this one!!!

  • helenNZ

    Megs… all the best with finding a new COLOUR!!! :o) The CITY is a great bbag!!! xo xo

  • Linda

    I never owned one but totally understand your point and credit you in returning something you weren’t totally in love with! I love their deep rich fall jewel toned color bags

  • chloebagfreak

    Megs, I feel for you. It must be frustrating to want a bag and then find out when you get it, it’s not exactly for you. I have a few Bals and none are subtle colors.
    I did get to see the Siegle in person today at Barneys, and it really is a pretty color, yet difficult to describe. What was pretty was the Seigle in Rose Gold Hardware!! You could look at that maybe?
    I ended up falling hard for the Anthracite Towne with Rose gold!! it’s almost like a First with mini giant hardware…Yet can be worn as a messenger bag. Wow, the Anthracite seems like it could go with anything!!!
    There’s always one of the magenta colors to consider, like Amethyst!
    Good Luck and thanks for this great blog/website:)

  • Kim

    RE: “but returning this bag not only took a great bit of thought but was also kind of sad, since it is entirely gorgeous just not the right bag for me. Have you ever had that feeling when returning a bag you bought? ”

    No, but I’ve lived with the regret, shame and embarrassment not to mention the general horrible feeling of not returning a Lanvin bag that I knew I’d never wear, but kept anyway because I wanted to “make it work.” Worn it exactly once in a year. I did buy a Marni bag at the same time and had the wherewithall to return that, but still…

  • John

    I think you did the right thing. You need to find that color that really makes your heart skip a beat. And the best way to find out is to see it in person. I was set on buying a Black Work for my first Bal but when I saw it in Charbon, I fell in love and bought it with no regrets. For my 2nd Bal, I was sure I’d buy a Black Sunday or an Anthra Work. But when I was discovered a Bleu Roi Bowling in Chevre, I fell in love for a 2nd time and took it home. :D I know you’ll find your special Bal! Take your time.

    John from Jakarta

  • Karin bag4bag

    That would have been hard, but you need to love a Balenciaga…. At least an inperson shopping experience will make it easy and fun to find the right color for you.

  • belgianyen

    HI, Megs! Now, I’m sure it felt like a thorn was lifted out your chest, my dear. Truth be told, I never bought a designer bag online. It’s just the way I was raised…I just had to touch the leather and smell it and feel it. Yes, that’s the OC in me and the real baghag. The same way with shoes…never ever bought anything online.

    Yeah, BALENCIAGA is all about colours and how happy I got when I was at Galerie Lafayette at Paris!!! It’s a candy store,indeed!

  • mlinky

    Funny about colors. My wardrobe is mostly black, and I am a winter/high summer, but I bought a lime green LP Dylan Bowler when it was on sale and wear it with everything. I never would have thought that it would end up being a wardrobe staple.

  • windy

    Your feelings are totally understandable. I have felt that way with returns, especially of bags that just weren’t “me”. If a lot of money is involved in the purchase, there is no room for being casual with the decision making process. You did need to think think long and hard about the purchase and realizing it was just not right for you. You absolutely did the right thing about returning the bag. One day, the perfect Balenciaga bag will come along and you will be so glad you waited for just the right color!!

  • supri

    I purchased a Marc Jacobs in that perfectly gorgeous taupey lavender from summer or fall 2008, but just ended up not being totally in love, and returned it. OH THE MEMORY, IT BURNS USSSSS! Bag lovers, how it hurt. Especially because it was a Nordstrom sale special price, but I still could not justify the cost. I don’t regret the return because I knew it wasn’t THE bag. I think you were right to go with your gut – even though it is beautiful, you want that quivery, tingly feeling THE bag will inspire. There’s a perfect Bal out there for you that you’ll come across someday!

  • Thank you so much everyone for such support, thoughts, suggestions, and stories!! The hunt continues… :)

  • Demi

    I think that since you weren’t 100% satisfied with the bag, then you did the right thing by returning it! When you give that much money on a bag, I believe you should really adore it and you shouldn’t have any second thoughts!
    As far as your commnents on how materialistic the fact that you felt kind of sad when you decided to return the bag may seem, I really believe that it’s not silly at all! All women love their bags – at least those who read this blog – and we can all understand this feeling. :)
    Since you asked us, I’d say you should buy the bag that you’ll fell in love with from the very first moment you walk into the Balenciaga boutique. See what bag impresses you the most and makes you feel gorgeous when you picture yourself wearing it!!!

  • cheryl

    I just got the 2010 Anthra city with rose gold giant hardware. Its incredible. Check it out.

  • dooneydiva

    Well, Megs…what is your favorite color? What is the hue that, whenever you see it somewhere, makes you gasp in awe? THAT should be the color you get, never mind that it may not match with everything. If you truly LOVE the color, you’ll wear it no matter what and the onlookers be damned!

    I chose a Violet GSH city because purple is my most favorite color. I DO NOT REGRET IT!!! At times, it may not match with everything I wear but when I gaze at it, my heart pitters with pride and I feel so great that I made such an expensive decision that I still don’t regret.

  • Ivy

    I have the burnt orange with the giant hardware. Its a gorgeous color and I get tons of compliments when I wear it :)

  • megan L

    Yes…very hard decision, but balenciaga bags as gorgeous as they are; are more beautiful in more bold colors. I absolutely love the lavenderish/purple one, emerald green….aHHHHh TDF!

  • Tinker’s Realm

    Thank goodness I stumbled upon this article before I pushed the Buy Button-I too was attracted to the pics of Seigle & actually have the Seigle in my Bal cart at the moment !!! I could not believe my luck when I saw one in GRG was available but then started to have second thoughts for exactly the same reasons that you write about(seeing it IRL & too flat of a color) I saw a rich Brown w/GRG IRL today and was blown away by the rich beauty but passed since I have so many brown bags but seeing the Bags IRL is worth a 1000 words and so I am going to wait it out until next season colors are released!
    I’ve seen your picture & I think you need a Cool Clear but bright color-it would make you look like an Angel!
    Best wishes in your search & thanks for saving me 1800. that I would rather spend on a camera lens if I could reign in my bag obsession-LOL!

    • Glad I could help! It was too flat for me :(

      I am still hunting – thanks for the suggestion, sounds great!

  • wenrich

    we did the same! I sold my seigle gsh city immediately the next day after I received it from Bal.
    Seigle is so beautiful when I was looking thru the posted photos at the purse forum and tell myself this is the IT bag..but it just did not work out for me..
    It just does not POP! I was full of anticipation and when it arrives, my heart did not thump.. but instead I was adamant of returning it..but taking into an account of having to ship and bear taxes..the SA advised me to sell it.. I did the right thing.

  • Emma G

    It’s gorgeous, but important to find the right colour for you (ipad)