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  • rigidmink

    Wowww this takes me back to when I was hunting for my first Balenciaga! I’d scour tpf for people’s opinions on the best leather, best year, best season, best colour, chevre vs agneau and the confusion of seasons when they switched leathers! Thank you for posting this!
    Ps, how did you get your hands on all these beauties??

    • Vlad Dusil

      A few collectors were kind enough to let us play with their precious rarities!

      • Sara J.

        Please tell those collectors that I want to play too!!! Amazing photography, amazing post, amazing bags!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • pinkngreenpurse

    What does the leather feel like on these bags? They look like pleather…….

    • You really think so? The leather is probably some of the softest I’ve ever felt – really smooshy and just divine

      • pinkngreenpurse

        I’ve never seen one in person…so I wasn’t sure if it was stiff or not….

      • Sara J.

        Megs hit the nail on the head when she described the leather as divine! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that a Balenciaga looks like pleather unless they are referring to the most recent years. Of course each year & season is different, but they truly have the most luxurious, silky and beautiful leather I’ve ever felt, especially compared to SO many other brands out there!! You should definitely try and find an “oldie” to pet! You would then understand the Bal obsession.

      • KO0926

        Sara is on the mark!

      • KO0926

        I agree with you. I have a walk in handbag closet with a nice collection and my Balenciaga bags are some of my favorites. Their leather is AmAzINAg! My other handbag afficianos girlfriends agree with me! Love these bags!

    • BabyDietrich

      Balenciaga leather feels amazing. Absolutely nothing like pleather!

      • And it smells good too. :)

        I want to reach into my computer and nab that 04 Eggplant!
        I scrolled slowly & was able to name all but 2 of the colors.. Didn’t have the years down though. :)
        It’s a lovely Balicious Rainbow!

  • Livia1

    Gorgeous pictures, Vlad! I do think you should have included Rouge Theatre since that is probably the most sought after red (of the oldies anyway).

    • We are going to try to round up more for great color stories – so reds, blues, greens, blacks, and let them all have their own feature and photograph them with one another to show the difference

      • Livia1

        Oh, that sounds great! Can I come with you :0)
        Btw, you will need to post these in the Bal ref section as a definite colour guide ;)

      • We are going to work on building out an amazing Bal reference guide! It’s in the works!

      • Livia1

        Can’t wait!

      • Please don’t forget to do PURPLE! If you do single color stories you must include the wonderful world of Bal purples! The gorgeous purple bags are what drew me to Balenciaga. Once here I was hooked. I’m a definite BAG now! Balenciaga Addicted Gal.

  • Sara

    Oh Megs…each and everyone is devastatingly gorgeous. I want them all. Thanks :-D

  • Vicky

    OMG! I wonder where you bump into a treasure chest for these! Great post!

  • sev2108

    Oh wow. I think I have the Dark Caramel – I never knew it was rare! How can I tell for sure what the color is? I assume there have been other “browns” released since?

    • Let me ask some of the BBag super knowledgable peeps!

    • Sara J.

      There have been many browns released since this iconic Dark Caramel as this bag is from 2003. Some of the closest comparisons to this bag are 2008 Saddle and 2009 Automne and there are some other bags like 2007 Sienna, 2006 Camel/ Cognac, 2005 Caramel and so on that would have a similar appearance. If you look on the front inner tag you’ll have your answer :) Or if you post what it says here, I’m sure one of us will be able to identify your bag.

  • Smithy

    Ahh….the Balenciaga stage. Been there. Done that.

    • KO0926

      Not sure than any iconic bag is a”stage”. A true collector holds on to a classic. Do I want 5 city bags? (I have to edit, I would take all of these colors, they are gorgeous). definitely keep one of any of my all time favorites. I just carried an old spy bag and enjoyed it like it was the 90’s again!

      • soph

        i agree they are timeless

    • m

      what a snotty comment

  • Sparky

    I REALLY want to like this bag but can’t. I’ve tried them in store but they remind me of cheap vinyl bags from the 70’s. Maybe they’ll grow on me.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I agree. They look like a cross between an Isabella Fiore and a Rebecca Minkoff.

      • Cynthia Dorsey


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      • eye4style

        But didn’t they precede both of those designers? They definitely preceded Minkoff. Balenciaga was one of the many designers she has knocked off in her collection.

      • Imgoingbroke

        Yep, preceded both designers. My point being that the Balenciaga bags look as cheaply made and unattractive as the copies that followed.

      • soph

        cheaply made?? no. the craftsmanship on my bbags is amazing. i love the stitching it’s just perfection.

      • luxelover

        Agree – completely. The look is deceptively casual but the quality is first class – I bought mine back in 2003, and it is the softest most buttery lambskin you’ve ever had the pleasure of squishing !

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  • W S M

    These photos are out of this world! Great work, everyone!

  • JaneH

    These photos are amazing.

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  • Mya Wilkes

    Drooooooollling over slide 10! Great post Megs and absolutely yummy photos Vlad.

    • I know, isn’t it great?!

    • Sara J.

      seriously!!! Vlad is so talented!! These photos are TDF!

  • Jess

    Love this post. The colours are divine.

    • The colors are insane in person!! Was hoping images would share some of it as well

  • Jen

    I LOVE this post. I’ve loved Bal for years and have 5 of them. One of my favorites is my Mogano City. The leather is intoxicating, ha ha. They are a treasure to own.

  • dinabobina

    I had an Apple Green and I sold it! I am officially a dumb dumb!

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  • Claudia Long

    *CeeJay* – I consider myself very lucky to have quite a few of these, then again .. been collecting Balenciaga since the beginning! Can’t wait for some other Balenciaga posts .. like “BEST LEATHER” or “MOST UNIQUE COLORS”. It’s the reason why I stay with this brand!!

  • Kweenhelene

    I am thinking of all the outfits I could do with one of each of these, please!!!

  • Grace

    I own the apple green! Didn’t know it was so rare haha was thinking of selling it ^^

    • You could sell it and probably make a good amount of money – def more than you paid for it!

  • That 2004 Eggplant is one of my HG’s. I have an 08 Sapphire that’s a gorgeous purple but the Eggplant still reigns supreme after all these years. <3
    Lovely photos! Stunning!

  • Sarah Robertson

    Good selection although I personally was surprised not to see Seafoam included as I remember its popularity at the time due to Mary-Kate Olsen.

    • Yes it’s a great one too! We are hoping to do a follow up on different BBag color families!

  • Karin B

    Fabulous pics. Lovely colours. I have the Turquoise and still love it.

  • LOVE this post so much. I have one Balenciaga Velo in Anthracite … the color is perfection. I would love to get my hands on the Caramel or Rouge!

  • luxelover

    I’ve only ever bought one, back in 2003, a gorgeous ivory crossbody hobo style (quite rare) – and I remember being undecided between the emerald green and the ivory because it was such a big splurge back then. I chose the ivory, and it still gets some rotation after all these years. The leather is the squishiest, most buttery you’ve ever touched – I usually shun ubiquitous bags, but there is something about the downtown cool vibe of this series – still love mine !

  • Katy

    I sold two 2005 Bal bags…I hadn’t regretted it until now. I’m