More Hacked Gucci Goods Were Seen On the Balenciaga Spring 2022 Runway

Shown alongside brand new bags and more...

Demna Gvasalia is one of the industry’s most experimental designers, known for his often outlandish, sometimes kitschy handbags and designs. And when Balenciaga’s creative director helped hack the Gucci runway earlier this year, fashion was abuzz with chatter over what this dynamic duo had in store for us moving forward. Now, Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection proves that the GUCCIAGA hacking lab is not closed quite yet.

Iconic Gucci silhouettes like the Jackie and shapes from the Ophidia line appear transformed, dressed in BB Monogram Supreme print versus Gucci’s traditional Gs. Gucci’s iconic green and red web remains in tact, though the hardware seen is also a BB instead of a GG. Though these hacked handbags are sure to be the most talked about pieces shown, another incredibly interesting talking point is the show in and of itself.
Gvasalia spoke to Vogue about the “fake fashion show”, telling the publication: “It’s a deep fake of a fashion show, what we see online is not what it is. What’s real and what’s fake?”

The “show” featured a fake audience and the usage of one model whom (quite literally) wore many hats. Appearing in both womenswear and menswear, Gvasalia joked that while the show never happened, the clothes, and of course the bags, presented are very real. In addition to the hacked Gucci goods, very Gvasalia-esque silhouettes were shown such as colorful leather grocery bags, as well as a new top handle bag with a framed closure that’s shape bears resemblance to the Hourglass Bag, but larger, less structured and sans a flap. View bags from the collection below.

[images via Vogue Runway]


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    So cute

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    So cute

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    Did a double take on slide 13 – I was scrolling down quickly and I thought they were shopping baskets, at first glance.

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    This marketing gimmick is already boring.

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    Gucci and Balenciaga are two of my favorite brands but I am confused by this. A tribute that is purely editorial I guess…..

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    Since Nicolas ghesquiere left I have hated everything that Balenciaga has put out. I was hopeful when Alexander Wang was chosen to be the next designer and he left me disappointed and it went down hill from there. I can instantly tell when a picture is Balenciaga when scrolling through social media because I always hate the pictures.

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    Sorry but these are trash.

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    I don’t like it! I love Gucci and Balenciaga, but combined. Hated it 👎