My Balenciaga fangirldom is by now common knowledge around these parts, and despite Megs’ ongoing inability to find her perfect Balenciaga bag, I just keep discovering things from the brand that I need in my closet with a fierce urgency. Funny how that works, eh?

The latest object of my lust is the Balenciaga Giant City with rose gold hardware, and although I’m late to the rose gold party, I hope that I still get bonus points for earnestness. I brushed off the rose gold color choice as too “niche” when I heard about it, but after encountering this very bag in person, I can ignore it no longer.

At first I assumed that rose gold hardware would clash with most of my jewelry and my general sense of style, since I mostly associate the metal with expensive, gaudy jewelry that is very much not my style. In typical Balenciaga fashion, though, the designers behind the hardware gave it a weathered, gritty appearance that transforms it into something that fits right into my wardrobe.

Only the front zipper has a bit of shine to it, and the contrast is an interesting before-and-after demonstration of what the studs and buckles used to look like. It might prove more difficult to match rose gold hardware with Balenciaga’s famous bright leathers, but the rose and black combination works just fine for me. Buy through Matches for $1551.

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  • babe

    Hehe, can you hear the girls at the Forum purr?! I own exactly this combination, I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Pemmi

    Hey, my very Balenciaga is the Giant City (palm tree colour) with rose gold hardware…I just don’t get the ‘niche’ feeling but I feel it’s special

  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    this is one fab combination, will have to look into this!

  • heather tascher

    wow the price is the price of a house payment

  • Judy

    which stores in the US sell this bag?

    • I saw it at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.

      • Judy

        Thanks Amanda! I will call them tonight for a charge send. I must have this bag :)

      • Tell them PurseBlog sent you :-) I hope they still have it! If not, I’m sure they can track it down for you.

  • Nat

    right. the best balenciaga EVER!

  • somethingbags


  • BeHappy

    Dreaming about owning this one….

  • Ashley

    Ohmygosh this is sooooo beautiful!

  • MizzJ

    What an unusual color for hardware! Very pretty!

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  • Demi

    Great bag! I love rose gold!!!

  • Karin bag4bag

    That looks simply beautiful. A Balenciaga and rose gold – what’s not to like !

  • April Fashionreports

    love the bag
    check my blog

  • Gigi2698

    I saw the Balenciaga Day bag in black with gold hardware at Barneys a few months ago… I bought it on the spot. Gorgeous combination. And it’s wearing beautifully. Loves it.

  • Shirley

    What happened to the basic black arena bag. It goes with everything. Also blue and gray or hot colors for fall. Any opinions on which color is nest long term?

  • WaverlyMaven

    I got one with this combo (the midday version, so a little bigger than the city) at Bergdorf’s here in NYC a week ago– there were only two left with the rose gold hardware though, and like Amanda said, in person it’s SO perfect :)

  • Tarryn


  • spongie

    what a great combination!

  • Alia

    i have it,, GIANT CITY TOTE vintage crafted leather. Rose gold toned hardware,, but i didn’t like the size =( i thought it was bigger,,

  • Annie

    I love the city range! I’m eyeing a navy blue leather Arena Giant 07/FW. Does anyone know if they’re still in production? I saw on Barneys for $1695, same model but in black.

  • Jelita78

    i love the rose gold on COACH parker bags.
    but here, it looks different and less sparkly/ bright.
    kinda like antique-rose-gold hardware-ish..
    COACH wins my vote for the rose-gold hw. (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    I agree, it’s so pretty – but i’m a die hard RH girl. (ipad)

  • Stephanie

    Love!!! (iPad)

  • Emma G

    Didn’t like this to start with but now love the rose gold hardware (ipad)

  • Mak Maria

    I’m a new fan for Balenciaga. I love the City range & just hesitate whether I should go for RH or Rose Gold as a “start”.

  • Clarissa Abelardo

    I love it! I couldn’t find it here in Australia. Is it easy to make an order from US store? Pls I need advise. Thanks