Can you believe that it’s already been 10 years since Balenciaga started making their iconic motorcycle bags? It seems like it was just yesterday, but these bags have been a fashion must-have for a full decade.

To celebrate the design’s anniversary, Balenciaga and Neiman Marcus have teamed up to carry a limited edition collection of six exclusive motorcycle bags. The three Firsts and three Cities will come in cracquele-finish calfskin in Noir, Bronze or Bois de Rose (pale pink), but perhaps the most exciting parts of the bag are on the inside…

It has a patterned lining!

This might not seem all that spectacular to the average handbag fan, but if you’ve owned as many Bal bags as I have over the years, you know that they all have one thing in common – black cotton lining. To the best of my knowledge (which is, admittedly, not complete), Balenciaga has never done a pattern inside of any of their motorcycle bags, and I’m almost tempted to grab one of these for just that reason.

All of the bags will also have a very cool tag explaining why they’re so special. Regular Balenciaga bags sell out quickly, so I’m sure that these limited edition bags will be gone in no time – if you want one, best to hop on it now. The collection also includes three pairs of ballet flats, but the bags, of course, are the thing to have.

Buy via Neiman Marcus for $1195-$1395.

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  • I bought the black City!! You all know how I kept trying to find a great Balenciaga Bag… well I finally took the plunge!

    • Natalie

      Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it in shutterbags :D

    • cge

      Megs, I could never do your job! Besides my utter lack of talent in this area, I would be COMPLETELY incapable of not buying one of everything you feature on PurseBlog!!!!!

  • Jocelyn

    I’d love to see these with the giant hardware. (fb)

  • Cate

    I really want the pink one! It’s so pretty!

  • Ariel

    Loving the pink. Maybe I will finally have to take the plunge soon!!!

  • SuzyZ

    I just bought my first Bal Bag last week (The City) A little early to get the limited edition, but I got the “Moutarde’ and the color is beyond gorgeous. These bags are addictive!

  • mika

    i dont own any balenciaga purse but im saving up for 1 wish i could have 1 of this limited edition.. love the city..

  • Anna

    Now, is this plain black with a little metallic sheen on it?
    If it has a little sheen,,, my oh my, then i might just need one then…

    • The closeup makes it look almost like a crackly sheen. Really, really pretty in black.

  • Laura

    The pink is FAB-U-LOUS! I love that it’s stamped for authenticity as well. :) (fb)

  • hannah

    i’m gonna get the pink one! :) (fb)

  • Dawn

    Love the pink!

  • Theresa W

    LOVE them! I want a black one now!! (fb) :)

  • Loquita

    I would love a black one…but I am saving for the GGH!!! These are amazing, though – I can’t wait to see more pics of them in the Bal s-f. :drool:

  • Swtshan7

    I love the pink….could i get away w/ wearing it in the fall/winter or would it be spring/summer only?

  • Charlene

    OMG! I love the black! gorgeous! I want one!!=)

  • Charlene

    OMG! I love the black! gorgeous! I want one!!=) (fb)

  • MH

    Wow, limited edition with the patterned lining?!? Sooo tempted… can’t decide between the pink or black… (fb)

  • nielnielniel

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lining but not very keen on the color….better use the money and buy the regular Bal and get other colors

  • JJ

    These are a great idea, but I think an even better one would have been to use the same type of leather they used 10 years ago instead of calfskin (have Firsts and Cities ever been made in calfskin??). I do love the lining and the ltd ed nameplate and it would be nice to own one, but I think I’d want to see it in person first – touch it and hold it – to see if it’s anything like the “original” Bbags I’ve come to know and love!

  • gacats

    The interior really is pretty! Congrats on your new bags, ladies! (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Nice touch with the lining and the name plate ! Beautiful bags…

  • Mochababe73

    I have been wanting one for 10 years and have yet to get one. I love the pink one. One day soon. One day soon.

  • Irma Tso

    These bags are B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L, I don’t own a Balenciaga Bag, but I think I might now. I love the colors.

  • Terrie

    Wow! It has been 10 years? Time where did the time go? I love Balenciaga Bags! The leather is just fab and the colors are just yummy. Out of the limited edition collection, I love the pink one!

  • sofia nolan

    office like handbags. but instead of one of these I`d so prefer the Alexa.

  • Michele Suleiman

    I would much rather have one of these with the giant hardware, but I guess that would not make it a 10th anniversary bag.

  • Jane

    I love the pale pink.

  • Baglady

    I may be the odd ball with the bronze color, just order one from the store ( sold out on line) . After reading the praises on black, I am tempted to switch color? Any thoughts?

  • Deme

    I LOVE the Bronze\Brown. I was debating buying it now. I was happy everyone wants the Black. Makes me feel I have a few days to commit to buying the Brown.

    You have no idea who these voices are in the masses or what their level of taste is. If you want the Bronze and know how to rock it, then buy it.

    It takes more sophistication to know how to wear a Brown bag than a Black one.
    Black purse. Yawn.

  • Leather Jackets Manufacturer

    It’s a cool collection…but I really like the pink one! It’s really nice…

  • April

    I’m concerned about the suede. It’s more perishable than leather and harder to keep clean. If these were leather with GSH, I’d get a pink and black one.

  • TigerTK

    I really really really want a bal. I got a really cute fake one at santee alley dt LA and made sure that I liked the shape and size and the physical movements it takes to get to stuff. And I loved it. I did the same with a louis speedy in the damier and hated it! So glad I got both fakies for $100 or so to help me make my decision.

    Now I love the special edition and I am considering it. I just wonder if the suede would make me cry (literally) if I put it down on a puddle of water, or worse yet, oil. What if someone near me has a martini? Would it be worth the anxiety? I am not sure.

    I don’t understand why it is cheaper than the regular leather 1395 vs 1445? I guess because it is suede. I saw it in person and it is super hot and I love it. Maybe I should go get it now and then decide while it is in my place and then I can think about it.


  • bag manufactures

    Nice collection. I like Crazy N funny best. It´s very cool…

  • Cheerie

    love collabs! love that lining (ipad)

  • CC


    I’m a new follower of the Balenciaga brand. Just bid one of the bage on ebay, can someone advise me if its is genuine?? thanks in advance.

    Its called the NWT Balenciaga Oynx Small classic City but the leather seems to be of a different texture.,442735731,442735743,442735760,442735791,442735799,442735810,442735820,442735838,442735860,442735876,442735889,442735895,442735907,442735923,442735939,4427359

  • Helen

    Hi there, i recently brought a Balenciaga bag from a secondhand shop,( believe it or not). didn’t know the brand so I looked it up on the net. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing! think mine is an older style as it has harder leather than the ones I saw but couldn’t find any reference anywhere. Its two tone leather with leather straps running down & through the lighter brown strips from the handles on both sides, with dog clips at bottom. Has one top zip with lock & 1 zip pocket inside with a leather patch with Balenciaga Paris, on the back of that a serial no & made in Italy. Bag is about A4 size. Do you know anything about it please. I can send a photo if you email me, Thanks Helen

  • Heather

    Gonna pick up the pink one! Love!