Can you believe that it’s already been 10 years since Balenciaga started making their iconic motorcycle bags? It seems like it was just yesterday, but these bags have been a fashion must-have for a full decade.

To celebrate the design’s anniversary, Balenciaga and Neiman Marcus have teamed up to carry a limited edition collection of six exclusive motorcycle bags. The three Firsts and three Cities will come in cracquele-finish calfskin in Noir, Bronze or Bois de Rose (pale pink), but perhaps the most exciting parts of the bag are on the inside…

It has a patterned lining!

This might not seem all that spectacular to the average handbag fan, but if you’ve owned as many Bal bags as I have over the years, you know that they all have one thing in common – black cotton lining. To the best of my knowledge (which is, admittedly, not complete), Balenciaga has never done a pattern inside of any of their motorcycle bags, and I’m almost tempted to grab one of these for just that reason.

All of the bags will also have a very cool tag explaining why they’re so special. Regular Balenciaga bags sell out quickly, so I’m sure that these limited edition bags will be gone in no time – if you want one, best to hop on it now. The collection also includes three pairs of ballet flats, but the bags, of course, are the thing to have.

Buy via Neiman Marcus for $1195-$1395.


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