balenciaga giant city
Balenciaga Giant City

They say when away the mice will play. That was quite true during my last trip; as I traveled around Spain, Vlad broke into my closet and attempted to photograph my entire bag collection. He got most pieces, but did not find them all :wink:. One thing quite a few of you noticed is my lack of a Balenciaga bag. Truth be told, I do not have one stashed anywhere, I simply do not have one. I do not have a BBag because I have spent years literally racking my brain trying to figure out which color on which style I want. Bubblegum has always looked delicious or what about the baby blue all the celebs carry. So many choices. On our next trip to NYC I plan on purchasing my first Balenciaga bag. Typically it is nearly impossible to find BBags online, but not anymore. Balenciaga has opened up their website to online shopping for the US only! This means more learning about their bags and being able to indulge online, which I am all for. And Balenciaga does not do anything small, as they have designed an exclusive online, the Balenciaga Giant City with Coquelicot Japonais print. I fell for the Balenciaga Giant Seau bag with the floral print when I first saw it, and now this exclusive has my heart. The colors are perfect for fall and winter! There is lambskin offsetting the printed textile and palladium plated metal hardware. Enjoy what Balenciaga has done, opening up online sales through their site! Buy this bag exclusively through Balenciaga online for $1595.

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  • pjh

    Don’t you worry about over-exposure with this bag. I mean, no bag is really exclusive, but doesn’t this one seem a bit too photographed? Just saying. I love the pattern, but what I think I’m saying is that it’s been faked so much, do you ever worry people might think the bag is fake? Not that that should matter if you know it’s real, but still.

    • It is not exclusive… just exclusive to only buying online. I would imagine the numbers produced are lower also. I think it will be faked a bit, which is a turn off, but for some reason I still really like it. Though you are right, I dislike carrying a bag that someone ma perceive to be fake. I catch that stare and don’t like it!

    • Jahpson

      if we all had to worry about wearing designer bags because someone thinks its fake, then high end desingers would be out of business, no?

      • Of course. Problem is many shy away from brands, bags, designs that are extremely faked. It is a personal choice, but designers see it happen too

  • Superqueen

    Too bad the online boutique is for U.S. only :cry:

  • katkooty

    i think it somehow loses that b essence..

  • liz

    I think it is great!!!! Love the look!

  • william

    You don’t seem very compatible with Balenciaga :???:

  • applecandy

    Love this print! So light and fresh for spring!

  • Sweet Pea

    IMHO, I do not like this floral print BBag(sorry)…I am happy BBags will be online!!

  • Lisa

    OMG I am so excited…I always wanted a Balenciaga bag. I want to get the city bag soon. :grin:

  • amante

    That’s hilarious! What made him decide to photography all your handbags?!?

  • mell

    megs, you have hideous taste in bags sometimes

    • katkooty

      then dont come here or keep your comments to yourself…

      • mell

        why shouldnt i state my opinion??

  • sari_luna

    The bag looks okay, I’m not too crazy about it. Never heard of Balenciaga before, how cool! I love this place, I learn something new and see bags I never saw before. Ahh, the joys of TPF.

    But anywho, I do find it cute and funny that Vlad tried to raid your closet and take pictures of all your purses! LOL! So cute! :oops:

  • Zoe

    I can’t believe out of all the bag you have you don’t have a Bbag! You willlove having one…but it never ends with one so be prepared! :lol: How exciting…your first Balenciaga! Can’t wait to see what you think.

  • heidi

    I think that bag is hideous, no offence. But anywhere, were can we see pictures of your bag collection?

  • Sothy

    I understand exactly what you mean by having a difficult time selecting from their array of colors and sizes. I finally picked the giant city in electric blue from Barney’s last week. After playing around on Balenciaga’s website I’m a bit concerned by the description, which says made in Italy. My bag says made in Paris…Should I be concerned?

  • mint

    Megs! Finally, you’re going to get a bbag! I was one of the ones who asked why you didn’t own one…as I just love love mine… I hope once you get one, you fall hard for it, so you can sometimes hang out with the bbag girls in the bbag forum!

  • Babi


    I’m happy you’re coming to the DARK SIDE… :lol:
    You’ll see how difficult it is to limit at one bag (that’s a serious problem I’m fronting).
    Anyway I go on liking the regular hardare the most.
    But enjoy your new B.bag and post pictures in the Balenciaga forum when you’ll get it!

  • Emily

    How can I tell if a Balenciaga bag on an online auction is authentic?

  • Cherieboo

    Yes, I need to know if a Balenciaga bag is authentic. It is listed as a Motorcyle bag sith smooth calf leather. The studs are not gold. It is being listed for $500.00. This person says that she received it as a present and wants this amount becuz the bag she does want cost that much. What should I do?I asked her if she has the official-original box, dust bag and tags and will she let me return it. I am watiting for the reply. HELP! Someone! I’d rather purchase a new one than get taken!!

  • Katie

    Will no one answer Emily & Cherieboo? I saw this bag at Ideeli, Smartbargains and that site we dare not speak its name (but they just lost a suit in France/LVMH for selling counterfeit items). I’ve been lusting after this bag from the moment I saw it, but I would rather not have it (and I really, really want it) than buy a fake. How can I tell if an item is authentic?

  • BB

    Love this new design! Just got the Giant City in the new 08 color charcoal gray…AMAZING! Just love Balenciaga! Def a great purchase! :)

  • BB

    To answer your question cheriboo…I wouldn’t think it’s $500…and if you do order online do it through a secured site and make sure there is a return policy…so that way you can take it into a Neimans or even a Balenciaga store…but from just the price …I would say not to go for it!

  • Robbin

    Initially I was a big fan of regular studs, but after the recent purchase of the Giant studs, I have fell in love with the stunning look. I can capture eyes from everywhere right away.

  • Алексей Иванов

    Значит всё-таки отреагировали… Долго что-то :)



  • Kendra

    I wish they made this one, too. So pretty. (fb)

  • Genny

    I was wandering if someone can help me about this BALENCIGA IT SAYS PARIS With a number 2768C IS THIS AUTHENTIC