One of the greatest bag feats Balenciaga ever accomplished was whipping shoppers into a frenzy over the Motorcycle Bags’ seasonal colors in the design’s early days. (We have have some gorgeous photos of some of the design’s rarest colors.) Since then, the clamor has died down a bit, and shoppers have gone back to normal levels of bag obsession, which isn’t exactly a problem.

During this week, I was at an event at Neiman Marcus in Fort Lauderdale and saw a woman with the Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent City Bag and wanted to take it off of her arm or at least go pet it. Maybe blame it on the Chanel Boy Bag that Kylie Jenner was spotted with, but I have a soft place for iridescent hardware–it’s just really cool. A black bag with the oil slick finish to its hardware is perfect for someone who wants a neutral option with a little something that helps it stand apart.

I wish Balenciaga made this hardware option in a smaller size, maybe a crossbody–yep, that’s exactly what I want–but this is still a really cool bag, and I’ve kept the tab open on my computer since Wednesday. Buy via Balenciaga for $2,125.

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  • Anna

    They make this bag in the Mini City style, and I’ve also seen it in white! I’d like it better if it had the zipper in the front. It doesn’t fully seem like a Balenciaga without it :/

    • Passerine

      You’re so right about the zipper, why would they make the bag without it. Sigh. I really like the City bag….except the shoulder strap feels just a couple of inches too short to be worn really comfortably on the shoulder. That’s the only reason I’ve never bought one.

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      • Casey

        I’m 99% sure the reason that they didn’t do the zipper was because the zipper wasn’t iridescent, and I actually hate the fact that it doesn’t have the zipper.

  • Kate

    Just can’t get into these Balenciaga bags. I was obsessed with them when I was younger, and now I associate them with that time of my life. As a consequence of that, I suppose, they always look dated to me. Also, I just don’t think they look sophisticated. When I see women over the age of 30 carry these, it looks a bit “off,” like they’re trying a bit too hard to look youthful and trendy. Having handled them, I know they’re made of good quality leather and hardware, but they nonetheless manage to look cheap. Yeah, I guess I just really hate these bags.

  • Sarah

    So they make it smaller? I want it smaller!

  • Sparkletastic

    I’m the odd woman out on all the irridescent bags. They’re just ridiculously ugly to me. I don’t care who does them: Chanel, Balenciaga, whomever. I hate them all. Blech!

    • Smithy

      Agree. It looks cheap.

    • Vicky

      It reminds me of the Le Sportsac collab with Tokidoki years ago. They have these hardware.,

  • Eva Leong

    There’s a mini size of that bag with the iridescent hardware! Love it but I don’t think it would be as long lasting though… That’s the only reason why I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon.

  • Newyorking

    I like iridescent hardware on bags, but not enough to buy because something always seems off – either the size, or style, or something. But I can’t get into Balenciaga bags in general. Every time I see one in the store, the interior seems so cheap and leather just doesn’t feel good quality.

  • jessica

    Hi there ! I’m selling my “BALENCIAGA CLASSIC METALLIC EDGE IRIDESCENT MINI CITY – cross body goatskin bag” which is in brand new condition ! If any interest you can contact me via my insta account “vanessanogaloves” or via mail can send you some pics and videos of this rare babe !