Balenciaga bags continue to follow me around and dare I say haunt me. Following their 10th Anniversary Bags at Neiman Marcus, Balenciaga is welcoming another 10th Anniversary Special Edition bag to the mix, the Lizard Embossed First. You know what, I prefer this edition. The bags at Neiman Marcus are calfskin suede while this is vintage crafted lambskin. I am all about the feel of the bag, and I think this one gets my vote.

I am a fan of well-done embossing. But embossing is sometimes tricky to perfect. I would like to think that Balenciaga gets it done properly, but without seeing this bag in person I can’t say for sure. However, knowing Balenciaga leathers I am guessing this is both supple and thick. At first I really was loving the color fer, but I feel like it might be a bit washed out. Black is always classic and with dimensionality added from the embossing, it might be the perfect addition of chic. The First size was never my first choice, but I am really kind of digging this. Buy through Balenciaga for $1,245.

Which 10th Anniversary bag do you like most?


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