#BagsofTPF: Hold on to Your Hats, Because This Reader’s Collection Will Give You Some Serious Bag Envy

@PurseForum is back on Instagram and we want to feature you too! Find out how...

@panthere_instyle is a handbag celebrity in her own right, and with over 90,000 Instagram followers and a collection that rivals any we’ve ever seen, so we couldn’t think of a better collection to share with you guys. We’re celebrating that the @PurseForum Instagram is back up and running strictly because we want to feature you and your bags! We’ve already been at it, scoping out your pages and posts and reposting, so make sure you’re following us there. Plus, when you tag us using the hashtag #BagsofTPF, you not only have a chance to see your post on our page, but you just might see yourself here on PurseBlog! We loved sharing your “what’s in my bag” posts as part of our #PurseBlogWIMB series, but now we’re taking it one step further to show off some seriously stunning collections!

We connected with @panthere_instyle to learn a bit more about her and her love for bags. Her collection covers all designer bases, and we couldn’t wait to share with you guys!

PurseBlog: Why do you love handbags?
@panthere_instyle: I think handbags are perfect accessories to complete or pull together any outfit. No matter how your body changes over the years, bags will always fit into your wardrobe, especially if they are classic pieces.

PB: What was your first designer bag and how old were you when you got it? Why did you want that bag?
P: My first designer bag was a black Coach bag when I was about 16 years old. Due to limited finances at the time, Coach provided a great quality bag that went with all my outfits!

PB: Which bag is your favorite and why?
P: My favorite bag in my collection is my black shiny croc birkin because I consider that a forever piece. Every time I take it out, it takes my breath away!

PB: What is the oldest bag you have in your closet? Would ever part with it and if not, why?
P: Balenciaga City Bag in hot pink! It was a gift to me by someone special, so I will always keep it for sentimental reasons.

PB: What is the next bag you plan to get and why do you want it?
P: I am waiting on my special order bag from Hermès. You have to wait and see what it is 😉

PB: Do you typically purchase bags that you’ve wanted for a while, or are you more of an impulse shopper? Do you see it, love it and buy it immediately?
P: I am definitely not an impulse shopper. I try to stay within classic brands, such as Chanel, Hermès and Dior. I am definitely on the look out for new styles from these designers to bring variety to my collection, but there’s nothing like a classic Chanel Flap Bag or a Birkin and Kelly, of course!


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