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The Best Red Bags We Saw In New York City This Summer and Fall

New Yorkers, it seems, were really into red this year

Earlier this year, we took to the streets to explore what bags everyday New Yorkers were carrying around town. New York-style is unrivaled in its own unique way, and depending on the neighborhood you’re in, the street style looks can vary greatly, as each area of NYC brings its own unique fashion. We’ve already explored a slew of different neighborhoods in NYC for our Bags In the Wild series, and while we plan to take it to other states and cities too (we loved checking out what LA had to offer), we decided to take a look back at some never-before-seen bags. While combing through the very many snaps of the last few months, we noticed that so many New Yorkers chose to carry red! Whether it be a bright, true red, or a deep burgundy hue, we’re not surprised to see that this color is a beloved choice for so many. After all, red provides a pop of color while essentially acting like a neutral since it goes with so much. Take a look below at the many red bags we spotted out ‘in the wild!’

The Bags

STAUD Leather Bucket Bag
via The RealReal

The Mysteries


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