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The Best Bags We Spotted at Miami’s Design District in December

Miami is always bringing the heat when it comes to the designer bag game...

Right before 2022 rang in, Vlad and I took a few hours in one of our favorite Miami locations, the Design District, to check out the bags we spotted on people doing their end-of-year shopping. Having traveled to many places and lived in various big cities, I can assure you that the people of Miami love their designer bags, and it is rare that I don’t see an amazing mix every single time I leave the house (also the cars down here are pretty insane too).

Chanel is forever a favorite brand, and we spotted plenty of Chanel bags, many of them smaller in size, which I personally like a lot. There were Hermès bags too, but unlike the usual Birkin and Kelly spottings, the Evelyne has made a major comeback (in the smaller size as well). I find the Evelyne to be one of the most stunning and usable bags out there, so to see it in the wild more is a delight for a change.

Easy dresses and street style-inspired outfits were most of the clothing choices we spotted, and we even (unknowingly) ran into South Korean DJ and record producer, Peggy Gou, with her insane Louis Vuitton Coussin bag. The trend that we saw most was the ideal bag size being worn – not small, not medium, but that ideal size that fits your phone without having a lot of extra space. This year we will continue to bring you more bags in the wild from around the globe, so stay tuned!

Look 1

Looks 2 & 3
Look 4

Looks 5 & 6
Look 7

Looks 8 & 9
Look 10

Looks 11 & 12
Looks 13 & 14
Looks 15 & 16
Hermès Evelyne
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Look 17

Louis Vuitton Bumbag
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Looks 18 & 19
Look 20

Chanel Classic Flap
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Looks 21 & 22


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  1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
    Vlad Dusil

    On a side note, we learned on Instagram a few days ago that Look 12 (LV Coussin) was the acclaimed EDM DJ Peggy Gou!

  2. J B Avatar
    J B

    Love the Fendi shopper

  3. JaimeG Avatar

    Always a fav. Impressed by the mom carrying a baby and the Jodie bag. Not sure how this is possible. LOL

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      I thought the same thing!!

    2. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar
      Megs Mahoney Dusil

      My guess is (which I’ve done many times), her actual diaper bag is in her car with every necessity and she can get to her car quickly if she needs it!

      1. Rana Avatar

        Or with the husband nearby!

  4. Thefashionableteacher Avatar

    I was hoping to see something more interesting. The only ones that caught my eyes were the Coussin and the pink Chanel flap.

    1. Julie Avatar

      Some people are very hard to please. I loved the whole thing.

      1. Thefashionableteacher Avatar

        It’s a matter of opinion not pleasing anyone. I didn’t find it interesting. You did. Neither of us are wrong. I didn’t know that not liking something made someone hard to please.

      2. Rana Avatar

        Also did not find this groundbreaking! Gucci Soho, really?

      3. Rana Avatar

        Soho is so chic tho!

  5. ROSE Avatar

    The patent leather mini Chanel stole the show!

  6. janis Avatar

    would be interesting to see this is different cities.

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      Absolutely, we are going to work to get more cities featured going forward!

  7. Veronique Avatar

    My faves were the LV Raffia (l love texture of raffia) and the white Twist. With just a few flowers it’s the perfect touch.
    Just saw an unboxing video of the new denim speedy B and I love it! With the navy blue leather trim I find it nicer than vachetta.

  8. susmita gupta Avatar
    susmita gupta

    Yes please..please do this series more. I love to read and see bags in the wild articles

    1. susmita gupta Avatar
      susmita gupta

      Also i love all those white dresses

  9. dutchie Avatar

    I love the street style posts, even though these looks didn’t appeal to me for the most part. I did really like looks 11 and 15 though–the wearers looked chic but effortless

  10. memsy Avatar

    Love the Fendi shopper and LV Twist!

  11. Monique Avatar

    I think Hermes Evelyne looks the classiest. Coussin seems more practical than the Chanel flap, easier to use with the zipper top