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This or That: Chanel 2.55 Reissue vs Chanel Reissue Camera Case

A Chanel battle but also a battle of two iconic silhouettes...


Chanel. It’s one of the most coveted handbag brands of all time, and though widely known for its flap bags like the coveted 11.12, Chanel Boy and the Reissue 2.55, Chanel also offers so many more options making a choice other than one of the classics seem nearly impossible.

Recently, I was reading through comments on a post when I came across a reader in search of her unicorn bag, a camera bag that doesn’t have a mixed media strap. By mixed media, we’re talking about the chain strap that’s broken up in the middle by a strip of leather. Yes, the leather is meant to make shoulder and crossbody wear more comfortable, but it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, admittedly. Oddly enough, an all-chain camera bag is pretty hard to come by; enter: Chanel.

Chanel Reissue Camera Bag

I often forget that Chanel offers a wide range of camera bag styles, especially on the resale and vintage market. This Chanel Reissue Camera would be my top choice if I were looking for a camera bag. For starters, I actually prefer the quilted aged calfskin on the camera bag silhouette versus the flap bag. I think the worn-in, more casual material complements the relaxed silhouette of a camera bag, as does the antique gold hardware. Not to mention, when speaking the language of Chanel, this silhouette is pretty affordable. Reissue camera bag; you have my vote!

Chanel 2.55 Reissue

Now, I understand the “if you’re gonna go, Chanel, go classic” argument, and it doesn’t get more classically Chanel than the Reissue 2.55. This mini bag is crafted from the same quilted aged-calfskin as the camera bag in an adorable petite size. Offering the classic Chanel mademoiselle turn-lock and reissue chain-link, but with polished gold hardware, the 2.55 is a true Chanel classic.

So, which one would you pick? Classic 2.55, or cool camera case?


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  1. psny15 Avatar

    I love the 2.55 (was never a fan of any camera bag by any brand)

  2. lalarey Avatar

    I normally strongly prefer the 2.55 to the classic flap because I tend to avoid logos, but in the beige the aged calfskin looks a little dingy. If you’re gonna go beige with Chanel, the cavier makes a much nicer looking bag.

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I like them both!,,

  4. Gia Avatar

    Just purchased the 2.55 camera Chanel in blue with gold hardware. Priced at the 2018 price of $4100. A great under the radar look. Perfect.