Okay, guys, I’ve got a little secret for you: the Chanel 11.12 Flap Bag is basically just a Chanel Classic Flap Bag with chevron quilting instead of the brand’s classic diamond pattern. It’s branded as a whole new thing for Spring 2015, and while it does have some detail variations, it is, in a practical sense, basically the same. Even the prices are the same! Except fashion doesn’t begin and end with practicality, of course, so it’s totally different.

The 11.12 and the Classic Flap are like a case study in how changing one or two things can change a piece’s entire vibe. The Classic Flap is prim, elegant and, as the name suggests, a classic. The diamond pattern and shiny hardware are timeless finishes. The 11.12, on the other hand, feels a little more rock ‘n roll, particularly in the black-on-black fabrication that’s been the new line’s leader. It’s no coincidence that Kristen Stewart was picked to front the bag’s ad campaign–her particular brand of punk androgyny brings out the bag’s more modern feel.

Because my personal style is fairly tomboy-ish and incredibly heavy on black, I’m a big believer in the 11.12–I’d love to get my hands on one. Which version of this iconic design do you prefer–the classic or the newcomer?

Chanel 11.12 Flap Bag


Chanel Classic Flap Bag


For more information about the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, check out our ultimate guide to the design’s sizes, leathers, colors and prices.

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  • Stina Sias

    I also love the new chevron design! It still feels very classic but it’s a nice update.

  • Sophie

    I love the chevron so much more.. I never really fell in love with a chanel flap bag until I saw the chevron one!!

  • Reg

    Why choose? I want both.

  • justa9url

    I love the black on black chevron! But if you check out the forum, there are some issues with the leather…

  • shanna

    i had the chance to decide between the jumbo silver classic and the jumbo of a 11.12. the SA told me in jumbo it is called 1084. i took the chevron bag because its more rare.

    • Minousha

      I just got my classic jumbo with GHW. Everyone around me has it so I was ready to get something different, BUT walked out with the classic, there’s just something about it that makes it timeless. What is it??

  • shanna

    if anyone wants to see the chevron one then please check out my instagram: SHANNA_BRUCH thank you

  • LOVE the black on black hardware

  • Lina Lee

    I do love them both. The classic flap bag in Mademoiselle lock and the 11.12 flap bag. The11.12 flap bag it has a masculine look and the classic flap feminine look.

  • geenak

    I got the Jumbo 11.12 and it is beautiful :)

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  • kimmie

    I’m sorry but I think the chevron looks kind of cheap.

  • FashionableLena

    I like the chevron with the black hardware. It gives the classic Chanel a little edge.

  • Wilma

    Gotta say I prefer the 11.12. The black chain, black interlocking C’s and the chevron stitching are quite elegant.

  • seres

    Hedi Slimane is often accused of copying but I think he recognised (& revived) chevrons rock’n’roll appeal as season or two ago. In the end all fashion is derivative?

  • shopper

    chevron. Can wear with jeans
    diamond looks old lady-ish

    • Sparkletastic

      Gasp! Are you kidding?? The classic flap can be worn with anything. Old lady-ish. No way.

  • Vbogaert

    How durable is the black on black hardware? I love the look, but the black hardware on my Alexander wang backpack chipped after a few weeks wearing it.

  • Azaleafox

    I have to stick with the classic, its timeless and classy.

  • mary

    the chevron does not age well

    • Suzanne

      Why not?

  • Bagaholicboy

    Can I just say, the Classic Flap and 11.12 are the same bag. It’s just a name change, doesn’t matter if it’s quilted or chevron-striped. So there aren’t 2 bag styles, just one

  • B

    I love the black on black. Does it come in Maxi size?

  • Dylan

    Noooo chevron ever

  • Y Ajayi

    Have both! Love both! No more bags for a while.

  • Suzanne

    reissue is the best!!

  • PJGambler

    Preference may be a generational thing, I prefer the Classic but understand a lot of 20 and 30 somethings appreciate the new hip chevron style–

  • Vientje

    I love chanel, the design is timeless especially the classic flap. I dont quite like the chevron design yet unless the black on black which advertise wearing by Kristen Steward. For the classic cc design, medium size always goes with any occasion, especially caviar with silver chain. Since my style more casual & I love timeless with practicle bag to carry, I prefer medium classic cc. I just bought 2 classic cc bag with medium size on caviar black silver chain & caviar beige gold chain since there’s price reduction in my country. I really love them..

  • sasfangirl21

    The post is so timely, since I’ve been trying to decide between the two bags, but ultimately, I’m going to go with the Chevron with black hardware – it’s so unique, and I could always get the classic quilted jumbo in the future if I really wanted it. Once the chevron black-on-black is gone though… not sure if I’ll ever get that opportunity again!

  • Hadrien

    Chevron very clean, modern while the classic is so common, why pay so much for something that you see so much on instagram,etc.

  • Jack Neill

    The classic hands down.

  • steff

    The 1112 bags include all the classic flaps, not just the chevron pattern. The name 1112 originates from the style code of the medium classic flaps (A1112). chanel is basically replacing the name classic flap with 1112 bags. as opposed to the 2.55

  • Lizlizo

    I’ve been drooling over the 11.12, wait am I trend obsessed? Maybe, but I just want a bag that I don’t see everywhere. Not going to lie, I pounce on anything “New” or “Re-introduced” I hardly carried my classics, but this one seems so fresh. I’m already eying a yellow or red one.

  • Ghi

    I love the Chevron but I’m a classic flap bag girl forever!

  • Jenny

    I loveeee the chevron bag ! But I’m scared that it scratches easily, for most of my bags are in caviar or distressed calf or patent ! Any thoughts on that ?

  • Maria Grinde

    Classic forever <3

  • Kay

    Does the chevron come in caviar leather?

  • Basten Bade


  • Dr. B. Lenartowicz

    Definitely both are gorgeous and a true image of Chanel craftsmanship but the classic will always be available the chevron might not. The Chevron is classy, elegant & rock n roll in one! For more mature women(>60) I suppose the classic is a better fit but for all those with a bit rocker spirit & wild fire inside Chevron does the trick smoothly! I actually got the silver hardware on black, its divine. The Parisienne lady that worked in the chanel shop also gave a great piece of advice you can wrap the chain around your wrist as if you had many bracelets & hold it as a clutch = superbness!:)

  • Elena Bedingfield

    Looking for the Chevron Flab Bag. Chanel is not making this bag anymore since they released their new collection in stores for the 2017. Cant find it and that upsets me :( Anyone got any info about places in US or Europe that might have it? I called Chanel store on 57th street, the said they had the mini chevron but its too small I want the big one. :/

  • Elena Bedingfield

    Looking for the Chevron Flap Bag. Chanel is not making this bag anymore
    since they released their new collection in stores for the 2017. Cant
    find it and that upsets me :( Anyone got any info about places in US or
    Europe that might have it? I called Chanel store on 57th street, the
    said they had the mini chevron but its too small I want the big one. :/