Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan Gym Bag Do you know the number one New Year’s Resolution? To loose weight/go to the gym/get in shape.

The amount new registrations following the new year at the gym is incredible, yet the amount of people that follow through is slim (no pun intended). And you think I am sitting here, on my couch, typing this because I am the big gym-goer? Nope. I am one of those people that for years now has been swearing to get back into shape and continues to neglect it. It may be because I was once a Division I competitive athlete, or that I am still remembering the 5 am morning practices, or because looking at my left shoulder scars reminds me of the toll my sport took on my body. No matter what, I have an aversion to working out.

This week I am starting to get back into the work out grind. Nothing like I used to, but at least 3 days a week I need to treat my body to something aerobic. The gym does not feel welcoming to me, way too different from what I am used to. But I am open to pilates and yoga classes. I am thinking a new gym bag will be motivation enough to at least go to the classes a few times (though this is merely a lie I tell myself).

It is hard to find a great gym bag. Because most athletic bags look just like that, athletic bags. A little more of a feminine touch without going overboard, I find the Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan Gym Bag to be a contender. Gray is a great neutral color and the shine from the contrast adjustable straps gives that little extra oomph. This bag is also practical, as it should be, with a zip top, four interior zip compartments, and a side tab with a snap closure to increase the width of the bag. The materials are easy to keep clean, 60% nylon, 40% polyester, along with the color. I do not know what most people spend on gym bags, as I always had a team issued Speedo Swim Bag, but $160 via Net A Porter seems reasonable.

Now I just need to actually get to the gym, with a new athletic bag or without.

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  • Sara

    You are hilarious!! The bag is nice. Good luck working out!

  • justa9url

    I feel the same way! I’ve always been on teams in high school but university is really killing my spirit. I got a gym membership for a semester at school and only went there once. As for this bag, it’s pretty plain and I don’t really like the shape of it. As for gym bags, I usually go for lululemon bags because they can hold more than gym stuff and they have a lot of compartments (even a shoe compartment that’s ventilated).

  • wgs

    Take up yoga…it is the best. I just started hot yoga and now totally addicted.

    I love lulu bags too….but they are too bulky in my opinion. I prefer something light and this looks like it would be. Now, only if it were in a bright color….

  • sofie

    great bag! i think i will get one as a everyday bag, as it looks big enough to chuck everyting in.

    wonder if they will also be selling this at the adidas store..

  • Cate

    I agree with justa9url, lululemon bags are awesome. Actually, lululemon in general is awesome. That’s what i use as my gym motivator, everytime time i need a gym pick me up, i go buy something then to force me to justify that purchase i end up going to the gym a bit more for a bit.

  • Cat W.

    this is a really cool bag. even if you don’t use it for the gym it still can serve a functional purpose of carrying all sorts of things…i like it!

  • Sherpani

    I agree, the problem for women with a lot of gym and outdoor bags is that you either have to love the color gray or black. uggh! I am bias but you should check out our gym bags here at Sherpani. Both the Meta Fitness Bag ($69.95) and the Blaze Sports Duffel ($64.95) are great gym bags designed for women and are affordable too. And the plus is they come in colors like; Palm, Rhubarb, Sea Mist, and Thistle.

    Sherpani Bags

  • janis

    After seeing your wedding pics it does not look to me like you have any weight issues! But I agree with you that I feel so much better both mentally and physically when I get a work out in…and nothing makes me feel like getting there like a cute work out bag! I love the stuff by Stella McCartney/Adidas. I am such a girl!

  • Shannon

    I do love the bag I just find a lot of Stella McCartney stuff waaaay over priced. I’m sure the same bag without the name on it would cost $40.

  • Janis – Thanks for the compliments! I am out of shape aerobically even though I look ok. And you are totally right, I feel so much better if I am fit.

  • Carolyn

    I am a huge Stella fan and the bag is great. I got it at Nordstroms and the zippers on it are so cool

  • hazel

    I like that bag! I love grey and I can see myself even using it as an everyday bag and not limiting it to gym time.

  • Otter

    I don’t get it. I am a compulsive shopper and love me some designer goods, but draw the line at spending more that $50.00 on a gym bag where I toss my smelly workout duds. Not for me baby!

  • Naggy

    It’s not at all very stylish, and yes, since the gym is something I’d go to everyday if I had a membership, I’d want something stylish to carry my sweat, blood, and tears in! (ipad)

  • JulieAA

    This bag is waaay over-priced. If you think that $160.00 is the norm for a good gym bag, then I think I can safely assume you are someone who shops labels over quality. You can purchase a really sturdy, attractive gym bag many places on the web for under $65.

  • smith

    everytime time i need a gym pick me up, i go buy something then to force me to justify that purchase i end up going to the gym a bit more for a bit.