As you all know by now, our third annual National Handbag Day is this Saturday, October 10, and we’re celebrating all week with fun stuff like handbag histories, our favorite PurseForum threads and closer looks at what our bag choices say about us. Today, though, we’re turning over the floor to you.

If you want advice on which bag to pick for fall, feel curious about the state of the market or just want to chit chat in general, Megs and I will be in the comments until 2 p.m., answering everything we can, live! If you miss that window, leave your question anyway–we’ll get to as many as we can.

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  • Hi all!! You know we have a chat on Tuesdays on Twitter, but it only seemed right to do on on too!

    Looking forward to chatting :)

  • Lola Belle J

    Hi there! Which brand in the $500-$1000 range has the best leather and is the most bang for your buck this Fall?

    • You know Amanda and I both love Mansur Gavriel, but I know how hard it is to get your hands on their bags!

      Depending on size, I pretty much tell everyone to look at the Gucci Disco (I reviewed mine here: It is just under $1000 and probably is one of my most used bags of my collection!

      Also, check out the new Coach bags – Stuart is doing wonders for the brand and I think there is going to be a huge resurgence!

    • Right now, I think Coach is giving people a lot of bang for their buck, handbag-wise. I have a Dakotah that I carry and the leather is so thick and soft, and I’ve gotten a chance to look at most of their bags close-up over the past year and Stuart Vevers has clearly elevated the kinds of materials and construction the brand is using.

      I know this will not be a popular answer with everyone, but if you’re looking for value, Coach is leading the way right now.

  • corey kindberg

    Hello My Handbag Heros!

    I’ve been a huge fan of PurseBlog for quite some time now and I really, really love everything you both do. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately but I really need a good fall tote that’s not too expensive. I’ve always wanted the Givenchy Rotweiller tote but I’ve never pulled the trigger. I’ve gone with something Cuyana too and I loved it but I want something a little more unisex. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  • Cinnamon

    Is a birkin really worth all the hype? I am always on the fence about whether I would have absolute buyers remorse

    • I have two Birkins, one is a 30cm one a 35cm. I carry the 35cm most often and absolutely love it. For me, this bag signifies so much more – they were both massive purchases and I really was so proud to be able to afford the bag myself. I remember how I got them and even what I was wearing when I went to the store!

      The Birkin is incredibly classic. Do you feel like you would carry it? Some people buy it and don’t carry it (if you put a lot in your bag the Birkin winds up being a bit heavy and there is no shoulder strap) – have you ever considered a Kelly?

      • Cinnamon

        My fear is that I would totally never carry it and just look at it because I would be afraid a pigeon would get ideas knowing my luck. Maybe a Kelly! Thanks!

      • Haha, I have that problem too! I’ve written about being afraid to carry my nice bags –

        It’s really important to pick the right size for yourself. The 30cm Birkin I have is my first one and it is actually too small for me and ends up being more of an evening bag while the 35cm is really good for daily use for me. I do love carrying it and I’ve had both for over 6 years and they still smell so good!!

      • The Kelly is really nice because there is a shoulder strap and it still is just as classic (if not more coveted right now). I feel like I’d carry the Kelly often and would like to get one myself

    • In my mind, the “worth” of a Birkin is relative. If you’re absolutely in love with it, it’s worth it. If the $10k+ is not an issue for you and you can’t think of another bag you’d rather spend the money on, it’s worth it. Even, I think, if you’re interested in it as kind of a trophy–something that signals success and arrival–then it *can* be worth it. It holds its value better than any other bag and if you decide you don’t want to keep it forever, you will recoup, at the very least, the majority of what you spent.

      When it comes to fashion, though, I think our instincts often tell us what we need to know, even if we want to override them sometimes. If something in you is stopping you from getting a Birkin, I’d listen to that voice until either it goes away or you move on. After all, if you wait a year or two and decide it’s the way to go, it’s still going to be there. That’s the advantage of classic bags! They’re always an option.

  • Bokchoy

    I also want a man bag! What’s your favorite this year?

    • We def need to start covering man bags again!!

      I really love the bags Fendi is putting out for men. I’ve seen quite a few men with Fendi bags and I’m all about it. I also like what MCM is doing. Stuart has some really cool bags for Coach happening right now.

      I guess I could go on and on!

      • Bokchoy

        Thanks! Yes, you can never have enough man bags. I love fendi so I will browse. Thanks for responding!

      • Have you seen this one >>

        It’s not cheap but it is SO good!

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  • Sarah Thomas

    Hi Megs & Amanda!!! So great to chat!! I’ve seen bags come and go, brands become HOT and then not! lol! Besides Hermes, LV, Gucci, Chanel and Balenciaga, do you think any of the newer brands will have the staying power? I loved your post about the Chanel Stingray Boy bag, but do you thing that bag is classic or dated?

    • The Chanel Stringray WOC is seriously gorgeous! You should check it out in person if you ever get the chance :). And it’s classic. Chanel has quite a few bags that are classic and timeless, and the WOC is included. On top of it, the stingray can either be dressed up or down and shines beautifully in different light.

      Watching brands become iconic is interesting – so many more brands popped up relatively recently and when you think of the handbag world you can’t leave out a Céline for example.

  • Olivia T.

    Hi Megs! Hi Amanda!!! I would LOVE to hear which is your go-to bag? The ONE bag that is supports almost all your needs and never fails? I can’t seem to find the one bag that will be my everything! Except an evening clutch, i don’t expect miracles ;)

    • I’m not a bag-switcher, so I tend to get one and carry it to death, sometimes (often, even) for years. I carried a large Proenza Schouler PS1 nearly every day for almost a year and a half and cannot say enough good things about it–big, roomy, well-organized, great-looking bag.

      For the past two years, I’ve carried a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, usually the biggest size, almost every day. I ride the subway and walk a lot, and MG’s bags are so lightweight that I don’t feel like I’m my own pack mule. I didn’t think I’d be into a bucket bag when I first got one, but the lightness really won me over.

      This winter, I have a Coach Dakotah that I’m guessing I’ll be carrying a lot. The strap is long enough that I can wear it crossbody over a coat, and that’s a huge thing for me. Plus, the leather is super thick and soft; it just *feels* like a good winter bag, you know?

      I also went through several years of Balenciaga hardcore fandom before the PS1, also because those bags were so light! So I guess finding the bag for you is probably about figuring out which elements mean the most to you. For me, it’s lightness and a long shoulder strap.

      Hope that helps!

    • I have a few go-to bags that have been used time and time again:

      – Gucci Soho Disco. Price is great, it fits much more than you think, it’s lightweight, and the price is great :
      – Cèline Trio. This is another small bag, long strap, and holds a lot! I love the three pouches:
      – Chanel Reissue 277. Classic, timeless, can be dressed up or dressed down!

  • Sara J.

    Hi y’all, nice to meet you! just saw a post earlier about a “Man Bag”…what would be a great bag I could get my BF as an Xmas gift, but maybe one that’s not too feminine. Any suggestions? I’d really like it to lean towards the Timeless side vs. the bags that are momentarily Hot. Any ideas?

    • I’m sure we can come up with some ideas! What’s your ideal price range?

      • Sara J.

        Ideal price range is $1000 – $1500, maybe $2000? I’d like it to last so if there is something less expensive that you suggest?

  • Sarah

    You see so many bags, what’s next on your wish list?

    • The only thing that’s managed to stick to my wish list over the past few years is Dior–everything else has sort of come and gone. I’d love one of the original size Lady Diors in black or very dark grey, think. I’d wear it as a shoulder bag.

      Can you tell I’ve given this some thought over time?

    • Yep! I would love a Dior bag as well and I too am feeling just black or grey.

      I posted about a Saint Laurent Bag that I started to obsess over :

      I want a Large Boy Bag – in chevron because it looks so good! And just black.

      Clearly, I want a black bag :)

  • wendy

    Hi :) I haven’t dug around the blog yet but have checked out multiple threads on purse forums for care tips and was wondering what are some of your tips for protecting and cleaning bags?

    • I don’t clean my bags. I tend to like to see natural aging and wear and the one time I tried to clean a bag, I ended up making it worse! Amanda might have some thoughts here.

      As far as protecting the bag goes – I try to be aware of where I place my bag when I am carrying it. I do not wear a light colored bag with dark denim or anything that may have color transfer. And I try to put my bags away after use – in their dustbag and in a safe place. It’s kind of a lot of work to do so, but it protects the bags nicely!

    • Honestly, I don’t really clean my bags either. I tend to use darker colors, which helps a lot, and when some sort of discoloration happens, I usually us a baby wipe or something similar. The best way to maintain your bags, I think, is to find a good local leather/shoe repair spot that can give them a tune-up every now and then if something happens.

  • katrina

    what are the lightweight handbags you could recommend for work as a professional? Love your blog!

    • I don’t have many specific suggestions (except for Mansur Gavriel–all of their bags are as lightweight as any I’ve ever held), but most brands have some sort of entry-level tote that lacks bells and whistles. Because it’s the design features (hardware, trim, fringe, flap closures, etc.) that usually give a bag its weight, and because most lines’ entry-level bags aren’t lined in suede or leather (also a huge source of extra weight), I’d look at those bags.

      Things like the LV Neverfull, the Gucci Swing Tote, the Goyard St. Louis, the Valentino Easy Tote–those bags have the interior room and shoulder straps necessary for a work bag, and they’re simple enough that you won’t encounter extra weight. Most brands have some version of that bag in their lineup, even if they don’t promote or advertise it.

      • Katrina

        I was considering a tote-the goyard and gucci look gorgeous:) thanks so much-please do this more often maybe even a regular feature!

  • I don’t have any questions but just want to say good job guys!!! PB is my addiction!

    • It’s easier to say hey to you then!

      So glad you are a part of our community – we love having so many amazing readers, commenters, forum members. It’s really become our own little slice of this world and we want to make it a happy and fun slice :)

    • Thank you for coming to say hi! We always enjoy your comments.

  • Hawtgurrrrrl

    Loved your post about the Chanel WOC! I want one so badly. Do you happen to know how many colors they are available in?

    • There are a lot of colors, materials, and finishes which is one aspect I love about Chanel! Is there a Chanel boutique close to you that you can go look? I think I’ll work on a more in depth Chanel WOC post for you all!

      • Sara J.

        I saw this comment about the Chanel WOC…do you know how many colors they come in the Stingray BOY WOC version? Also, I’ve seen that there is a new style with a pocket on the back and removable chain. Have you seen this one, what is the price and do you like the regular version vs the newer version?

      • They came out with the black, silver and gold in 2014 (14A) – 15A is only the gold and the grey…no black. These bags are considered limited editions

      • Sara J.

        Megs, a pleasure speaking with you! Thank you so much for the info on the Stingray boy WOC!! I’ll have to try and find one as yours is TDF!!! Thanks so much again!!

      • wendy

        Excited for another woc post! I have my caviar arriving in time for national handbag day Saturday but now I’m dreaming about the boy woc. which woc is a must have?

      • The Boy WOC is my fav – and there is a new two-colorblock version that I adore

      • wendy

        Is the Boy woc roomier than the caviar woc? I haven’t seen much comparison between the two.

    • It’s hard to say how many versions of the WOC there are at any one time–the brand makes them in a lot of trim variations (standard, Boy, Classic Flap, Reissue, camellia, etc.), so the color availability will vary a lot depending on which trim you like and which season you’re looking in.

  • Liliane

    Hey Megs! Do you ever need interns over there at PurseBlog? (Hint, hint…I’m willing!)

    • Yes we do!!! :) We have a contact form at the bottom of the page for careers, feel free to send in your resume there :)

      • Liliane

        Fabulous! Thanks so much! Keep an eye on your inbox! :)

  • kuching1

    Hi ladies! I’m in the market for a mini crossbody that can go day into night. I would like the straps to be removable (or tucked in) and to be able to just carry the bag as a clutch or top handle for night time/dressier occasions. It also has to hold an iphone 6 +. I envision using it as an addition to my work tote (sliding it out when needed), but also when travelling. Any suggestions? I love Chanel, LV etc. but the WOC is still a little too compact and the pouchette metis too casual (and not a huge monogram fan).

    • The first thing that came to mind for me was the Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag in the medium size:

      It’s big enough for a 6+ (I’ve put mine in one before to test!) and dressy-looking enough to be used as a clutch, but it also looks great as a shoulder bag with more casual things. It does have the front logo, which might be a dealbreaker for you, but it’s an excellent size. It’s a Goldilocks bag: not too big, not too small.

      • kuching1

        Thank you, Amanda! Hadn’t considered that one but will check it out.

  • Lily

    Hi Megs and Amanda!

    I am looking to invest in my first premium designer handbag.The one on the top of my list is the Fendi Petit 2Jours. Was curious of you though it was a good pick?

    On a separate note…. I saw a picture of the Balenciaga Le Dix New Cartable S, and thought it was beautiful. What are your thoughts on it?

    PS: I am 27 years old.

    • Hi Lily!

      I really like the Petit 2Jours. I always take note when I see someone carrying one; they’re a great, useable size and always look nice and tailored, even in less serious colors/embellishments. I think it’s a great pick.

      I also quite like most of the Le Dix bags; I think they’re underrated overall, but because they’re not quite as popular as some other bags, they’re a nice opportunity to have something that you won’t constantly see on other people’s arms.

      For your age (I’m 29), I think the 2Jours is a slightly better pick because there are more color options, while the Le Dix bags tend to be a little more neutral and skew toward an older customer, I think.

      • Lily

        Thank you so much for your advice and thoughts!
        I am considering the Petit 2Jours in a color like blue, purple, or grey. While I thought, the Le Dix would make a great option for a black bag…. which I do not have, lol.

  • Orangebox88

    Hi Megs and Amanda! Thank you for hosting this Q&A session!!! I’m looking to buy the Celine Nano when I visit Paris next month but due to its relatively high cost, I just want your opinion on its staying power. I do plan to wear it for a long time.

    • I think the Nano has aged the best of all the versions of the Luggage Tote, personally. If you still like it now, after much of the hype has died down, I doubt you’ll regret it in a year, and I don’t think it’ll look any less fresh then than it does now. Of all the sizes, I think the Nano has the best staying power.

  • ElainePG

    Hello, Megs and Amanda… love you guys bunches! I’m thinking of adding a Louis Vuitton to my bag collection, but NOT one of the heavily-monogrammed coated canvas ones; I’d like something MUCH more understated. Also it needs to be fairly be lightweight, with a shoulder or crossbody strap. Maybe an Alma? Or a Soft Lockit? I’m visualizing red, for some reason… and I only own one red bag at the moment, so I think I need to go with my instinct. What are your thoughts on LV?

  • madelaine therese joves Afable

    Hypothetical question…if there was fire and you can only save 1 bag from your collection, what would it be and why?


      I seriously need to think about this one.

    • I’d save my Fall 2011 Proenza Schouler PS1; it’s black leather with a seasonal textile over it, so it’ll never be made again. It was the bag I carried for most of my first two years living in NYC and I have a lot of love for it!

  • Sparkletastic

    Thanks for doing this. I LOOOOOVE all of you there at PB and the forum!! Seriously – I’m addicted. ????????????

    I’m looking for a beautiful, classic bag that is appropriate for work as well as days about town. Must be leather or a low key exotic and well made. I prefer (but don’t have to have) an optional shoulder strap but I can live without it. I love the small or med Sac Du Jour but am worried about the weight. I just looked at the Chanel Cerf and was underwhelmed. Black, grey, brown or burgundy in that priority. Help!

  • LondonCalling

    Hi Megs and Amanda! I’m in the market for my first black luxury designer bag. Whenever I’ve purchased designer bags in the past, I’ve always opted to get colors that are still neutral, but more visually interesting than black. However, I’ve come to the realization that a black bag is a wardrobe staple, and am willing to spend around $2,000 on one (give or take a couple hundred dollars). I’d love for it to be a classic silhouette and be large enough to carry around my every day necessities, like a wallet, water bottle, keys, etc. What would you recommend?

  • anon

    Which bag do you loathe and don’t get why people like it the most?

  • anon

    What’s you opinion of the staying power of the Givenchy Mini Antigona and Givenchy Lucrezia (medium)? I’d really appreciate your pro thoughts:)

  • W S M

    Hi! Absolutely love Purseblog and you guys do such great work.

    Thoughts on the canvas vs leather argument?

  • Nur W

    hi! love PurseBlog so much…
    since i’m obsess with bags, i’d love to introduce this handbags world to 5 of my beloved bestfriends.. i want to give them a present, each a diffrent bag but in same price. can you help?

  • Ms.Rab

    I am choosing between Ralph Lauren soft ricky 27, small ricky bucket drawstring and Celine nano. I am 35 Asian working professional. Please advise which to go for.

  • Mary Gonzalez

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  • When seeing bags brands and manufacters sometimes i wonder how much room do people leave to experiment with younger and smaller brands that sometimes have the same quality as the major brands and have definetely more competitive prices?

  • Porshgirl

    I would like to purchase the Dolce and Gabana Sicily Bag.would you call it an investment bag or a trend bag?

  • barbieg

    Hi does anyone know how many stitches a new square mini has is it 8 and above.

  • Jason Klenetsky

    How do I go about getting something authenticated? It is why I joined and I have not been able to figure out how/who to ask. If anyone could tell me more about this item it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Amy

    Hello all! I hope I’m doing this right! I have 3 small little ones so have not had a designer bag in awhile but am looking to get something that will last 6-8 years! I’m torn between a white Tods wave bag and a Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia bag? Any thoughts on these or further suggestions? I love Louis Vuitton as well but am a little taken aback by how ubiquitous the bags are.
    Thank you!

  • jj

    I have a question how can I tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is real the number in is sp9983 thank u

  • Kel

    Can i purchase a Louis Vuitton favorite pm strap without owning the bag?