It is time for our latest installment of Ask Megs! It has been a little while since I featured a reader question and this one I could not pass up. Gentlemen and significant others, take note! This guy is as thoughtful as they come. Jeff is looking for a clutch for his girlfriend, who prefers muted colors (mainly black), and needs a respectable clutch that can transition from her daytime business job to night. Read his note below and my picks for the perfect clutch for his businesswoman girlfriend!

I am writing because my girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and I was searching for something to get her this year.

I noticed that when we met for lunch during the week she usually brought a couple of items out with her (e.g. iPhone, keycard, wallet) and since she didn’t have many pockets, if any, her hands were usually full (i.e. she dropped her stuff on occasion since there were too many things to juggle).

So, I thought of getting a clutch for her this year so that she could fit everything into a nice, neat package when she went out.

The reason why I’m writing to you is that I was wondering if you had any recommendations for clutches that was appropriate for her (i.e. businesswoman) to bring to the workplace, but was also fashionable/stylish enough that she could use it during the evening, etc.

I think she is a bit conservative in her color palette (i.e. black, not hot pink haha) and she usually wears something along the lines of a dress shirt/skirt (white/black) to work usually.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear your reply soon.


Tory Burch Dayton Envelope Clutch | $525 via Neiman Marcus

Tory Burch’s Dayton collection is a PurseBlog editor favorite. I love this way this clutch has a jewelry chain strap and envelope fold over closure. Another great feature is the removable chain shoulder strap, which always comes in handy. There is an option for black, but the razor blue is colorful without being too radiant. And Tory Burch is both young, elegant, and a savvy pick.

Marc Jacobs Garbo Leather Clutch | $1,195 via Net-A-Porter

I have been in love with this Marc Jacobs bag since I first laid eyes on it! The camel color is fresh and wearable and the added texture really helps the color jump out. The front stands out because of the padlock and key fastening and fold-over front flap. This is a spacious clutch that can surely fit all everyday necessities while remaining super stylish. Size is 12″ x 7″ x 1″.

Bottega Veneta Snakeskin Three-Flap Clutch | $3,500 via Saks

This watersnake Bottega Veneta bag has a subtle iridescent finish and can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag (strap has a 25″ drop). This bag differs from other options in its appearance because of the three gusseted compartments. Bottega Veneta has mastered the art of woven leather and this clutch features their intrecciato leather with a twist. Dimensions are 10½” W X 8″H X 1″D.

Valentino Rose Glam Sequined Clutch | $1,695 via Nordstrom

Now we come to my personal favorite! As much as I love a black hold-all clutch, there is something so chic about the shimmering grey and goldtone sequins on this Valentino clutch. The sequins are swirled together to create a rose design. The chain strap is optional, which again is very usable. I find this clutch so whimsical and romantic while being entirely sophisticated and elegant. Size is 11.5″W x 7.25″H x 2″D.

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Convertible Clutch | $2,200 via Saks

Nancy Gonzalez is the go-to for exotic bags and I had to give you an exotic skin option! This is a black crocodile clutch that has pleating on the front and a detachable shoulder strap. As you can tell, I am a big advocate of the optional strap which will make this item so much more usable for your girlfriend. This clutch has a frame closure and suede lining. Size is similar to the other options; 11″W X 7″H X 4″D. This is a great black + exotic option.

Yves Saint Laurent Large Leather Clutch | $1,195 via Saks

Lastly, I wanted to bring you another black leather clutch choice that has the look of a wallet. Yves Saint Laurent is notorious for their simple and elegant designs, and this clutch is no different. The clasp closure features silver hardware and the clutch has quite a bit of structure. This is a true clutch, with no additional straps, but if that is what you are looking for this may be perfect. Dimensions fall right in line with the other options, 11½”W X 6″H X 3″D.

All of these options will give plenty of space for your girlfriends ‘stuff’, like her iPhone, wallet, and keycard. It is also will provide ample space for anything additional she wants to carry. The other reason why I love these options is they will truly transition from day to night while also being a fashionable statement piece. Good luck Jeff!

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  • Rockerchic

    Great choices…I’d also add the classic black caviar Chanel clutch. Works nicely in day, carries quite a bit and transitions beautifully to night.

  • renee

    What did he get??? I’m dying! Did he have a price in mind? Great suggestions and you covered all the bases nicely!

    • He only emailed a couple days ago – so hopefully these suggestions help out! I will let you know if he shares what he decides on :)

  • Tillie46

    I’m a fan of Nancy Gonzalez for clutches. The colors are beautiful, and they make a subtle, classic statement for a such a small bag! I have a small Berry color NG, and it’s the perfect pop of color with neutrals! I wish him luck, and I can’t wait to find out what he decides…

  • amanda

    I LOVE the Tory Burch clutch – what a great choice! For some reason I’ve never seen it before. The leather looks totally soft and smooshy.

    Also, may I suggest the MAC by RM? I have two of them and I find that they transition fabulously due to their removable shoulder strap!

  • Stylista

    Aw, he’s so thoughtful! All of those choices are great, and I’m sure his girlfriend will love whichever one he chooses.

  • tadpolenyc

    i think the mj garbo clutch and the ysl are the best two choices out of the options. good job, megs!

  • rachel

    I am also very curious on what he decides…please remember to update us Megs!

  • shopaholicious

    Awesome topic! I was considering a clutch for the same purpose. I’m no businesswoman though. Bal Envelope is beautiful in all colors! I still haven’t decide what to get, but would love to find out what he decides.

  • MizzJ

    Great advice! The TB one is my fav and I totally agree with you on the usefulness of detachable shoulder straps. To the questioner, I would also advise opting for a gray handbag – not as typical and formal as black, but still neutral enough to go with everything!

  • merve

    The Valentino and Gonzalez are my faves…but how fabulous is Jeff to go through all the trouble of writing to purseblog to get the best advice on what to buy!! Now we gotta hope that his gf is not a pb member so it doesnt ruin the surprise….

  • Bag-nista

    I’m asking the same question Merve! that Jeff boyfriend must be really faboulous, to understand all the practical and stylish details that clutch must have!
    I would die for the Valentino!

  • Blo0omdi

    if it was me i’d go 4

    Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Convertible Clutch

    << i'm dieing 2 get my hands on this lovly babe

    will u tell us wht he got?

  • Chris

    The Marc Jacobs Clutch is beautiful. Sigh..

  • belgianyen

    that nancy gonzalez clutch is a darling!
    mine are burberry ashcombe clutch and a bottega venetta knot in black. i’m done with clutches. ;)
    i’m eyeing for another purse by january. :)

  • bagluv

    Love, love, love The Nancy Gonzalez….They are all magnificent choices

  • Jinny

    Hi everyone,

    I am Jinny (otherwise known as Jeff’s girlfriend) and “the birthday parcel” came in the mail today!!
    yay!!! I had a very tough day at work today, and the clutch was more than a definite picker upper.

    Jeff confessed that he had gone out to get help from you, Meaghan, in picking out the clutch and I have to confess that I became a immediate fan of your site. Thank you very much for your help.

    By the way, the answer that everyone has been looking for is here.
    Although it is not one from the above, but I still love it!

    Yves Saint Laurent Belle de Jour Clutch (Black)

    Today I can feel that God was very loving on the day he made me :P

    • Jelita78

      congratulations jinny!!!!
      jeff is definitely a keeper, u lucky woman!
      hope it’s not too late to wish u happy belated birthday and may there be more happy years to come! muashss and take care!! (ipad)

  • jULIA

    i really like the marc jacobs one. its somewhat reminiscent of the hermes one oliva palermo gets photographed carrying all around NY

  • helen

    The last two are great for business everywhere! (ipad)

  • Jen

    The fifth is my fave. (ipad)

  • AW

    Loving the Tory burch in terms of style and color. The others are a bit so-so