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Hi Megs,

Just read on your post for Mimi on $2k for a work and day bag. I hope you can give me an advice too .

I am about to give birth to our first child (a baby girl) and I am looking for a big, everyday bag that can serve as a diaper bag as well. I do not want an obvious or real diaper bag, instead I would like a chic, trendy bag that can be an everyday bag too. I would like it to be light and easy to carry. I do not have much budget for this one, something less than $1000 will be really great. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much.


Widi –

I think I can help you out! First of all, congratulations on the baby girl! You must be thrilled. You need to be a chic and stylish mom that still carries a bag that is practical. My focus for you will be a large bag, most likely a tote or messenger, that will have structure and pockets for you to store all the necessities that motherhood brings. Another main concern is that you will need as many hands as you can get with an infant, three would be preferable but we need that you have your two hands free. So the goal is to find a light-weight, large, pocket/storage friendly tote or messenger. This can be done! I will give you a list of viable options and we can go from there!

Prada Vitello Daino Tote | $1,095 via Saks
You will see me continue to suggest a messenger style, and this Prada bag is altogether simple but practical. There is a detachable adjustable crossbody strap, a large interior with a zip pocket, and an exterior front zip pocket.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Little Tate | $158 via eLuxury
This nylon tote is available in cream and pink. There are a few reasons I like it. First, it is nylon. Nylon is easy to clean and even if you don’t want to spill or make a mess, it is inevitable. This tote will also be very light weight and has two outside side pockets (I am thinking a bottle can fit in it!) and an interior cell phone pocket, patch pocket, and zipped pocket. The price is far below your budget, which is always nice too.

Miu Miu Bow Convertible Satchel | $1,195 via Saks
We are a bit over budget here, but this bag is sturdy and practical. Amanda raved about this bag before, and I can see why. I love the removable cross-body shoulder strap, it will come in handy.

Foley & Corinna Jet Set Jr. Tote | $528 via Saks
I like this bag for a few reasons. It does not scream out diaper bag, but it is urban chic. There are double top handles and a large exterior, 10″ zip pocket, and two interior pockets. Overall dimensions are 15″W X 15″H X 5″D. Not sure if it would be big enough, but it is worth a look.

Marc Jacobs Classic Stella Messenger Bag | $1025 via Saks
I know, so many of the bags I am recommending are Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc. The fact of the matter is the price is right and the practicality and usability is there. This bag features double top handles along with an optional shoulder strap. Again, you will need all the hands you can get. Why I really love this bag is the pockets; double front buckle pockets, front outside zip pocket, and inside cell phone pockets. I would definitely opt for dark plum.

Most of the handbags I picked are rather similar and similar in the color range. I would definitely opt for neutrals that can last for a while so that you get as much use out of the bag as possible. Don’t completely shoot down the option of a designated diaper bag though, some of only look like a diaper bag when you open them up. Most of all congratulations and good luck with your little girl on her way!!

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  • patois

    I used the LV Cabas Mezzo as a diaper bag and it’s still going strong 10 years later. It’s easy to wipe off and looks good with a patina. It’s more than $1K, but the Neverfull GM is just $750, I think, and similar in size.

  • Claire

    As a mom to a 2 yo girl, out of those choices, I would get the MBMJ, but probably not in white. First of all, it has side pockets, which hopefully would fit a bottle. Bottles are SOOOO spilly, and it would be a shame to ruin an expensive bag.

    The other thing is, once you’re lugging your beautiful daughter around, you can’t baby your bag like you normally would (read: you may have to put it on the ground while you fiddle with car seats, strollers, etc). Once she’s walking it’s easier to get back into a ‘real’ bag (I use my Chloe Bay with one diaper and a mini pack of wipes, plus a snack), but the first year, you need so much stuff, and things are so messy, you need something really practical.

    Just my opinion!!!

  • widi

    Oh Megs,

    Thank you, thank you so much for the fabulous recommendations. I am liking the Prada and the Marc Jacob Nylon tote. The Foley & Corrina looks not bad too. I will check them out.

    It is 12.30 am my time now but I can’t sleep (already in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Sleeping is such a chore. Oh the joy of motherhood but I am excited as well :wink:
    Thank you for the well wishes.


    Thank you for the suggestions too. I totally agree with you. I am usually a type of person that will baby my bags but I think like you said, I won’t get a chance with this “intended” diaper bags.

    Have a great day ahead everyone :smile:

  • Ter

    How about Goyard St. Louis PM Totes? They are really sturdy and easy to take care of. When I got mine it was about $925 for the medium one. I love the bag!

    • That is a good option too! Easy to clean up also

      • Catt

        Dear Megs:
        What brand or kind of messenger bag you will recommend for travel that will keep ur hands free for shopping, taking photos, holding drinks, etc?
        Great thanks!!


  • Lisa

    I agree with Claire, the MBMJ Nylon Tote would be a good option for hauling around a newborn (I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old). Cups spill, medicine spills, babies are messy, and it would be quite easy to destroy a really nice bag. Plus, the point about setting the bag on the ground is a good one – you’ll do it all the time.

    I’m just now getting to the point where I can get out of the house with just one big (but very nice!!!) bag again……….. :smile:

  • Showgirl

    What I discovered from my friend who just had a baby is getting a *proper* diaper bag – instead of just a big tote – is really helpful, because the size is appropriate for bottles and diapers, most come with changing pads and are wipe-clean.

    I got her a MBMJ black leather diaper bag that came with a cute logo’d changing pad and several fabulous bottle-sized pockets. The leather is wipe-clean and even her hubby likes using it as it isn’t too girlie-looking. I got that at Nordstrom for about $350, but if you search Neiman Marcus Online for ‘diaper bag’ they feature diaper bags by Chloe, Gucci, Prada and Burberry, all with changing pads and lots of pockets. The Gucci is nice at $975:

  • V

    I would never use a $1K bag as a diaper bag. Ugh. No offense. Especially beautiful bags from Prada and Miu Miu. Marc Jacobs seems doable, since the price isn’t too much. But I have to disagree about using a Prada/Miu Miu for hauling icky baby stuff in there. I would go for a Coach diaper bag since it comes with a changing mat. And that’s seems to be the only bag I wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

  • wongy74

    I don’t think that the Miu Miu is big enough to use as a diaper bag although it is gorgeous! I think a line called Storksak makes non-obvious and chic diaper bags. The line is pretty reasonably priced too, under $500!

  • Jaclyn Renee


    If a woman is willing to get fat, I mean really fat to carry a baby for 9 freaking months, only to follow-up that terrific marathon by stretching her lady parts to the point that a human can come screaming out of her, deal with the horrific stretch marks and psycho-trauma of breast feeding……SHE AT LEAST DESERVES A NICE FREAKING BABY BAG!!!!! To be frank, she deserves one that walks on it’s own so that she doesn’t have to carry around awhole bunch of diapers and gross drippy bottles!!!! GET THOSE BAGS BITCHES, and dont FEEL ANY GUILT!!!!!!

    <3 your home girl!!!

  • Yay! Thanks Megs, this has been a major dilemma since I had my baby a couple months ago. I love the Foley and Corinna.


  • Yay! Thanks Megs, this has been a major dilemma since I had my baby a couple months ago. I love the Foley and Corinna.


  • Yay :!: Thanks Megs, this has been a major dilemma since I had my baby a couple months ago. I love the Foley and Corinna.


  • Alison

    I use the Mulberry Poppy as my diaper bag and its perfect! I definitely reccomend it – roomy, nice side pockets for discreet diaper, etc. storage. Plus, you can expand it and make it larger if need be. Only drawback? It can be a tad heavy (but thats not the bag’s fault, it’s mine for filling it w/so much stuff!).

  • angie

    I’ve used a couple of my Chanel bags as purse/diaper bags…the Cambon Travel Tote and the Square Vintage Tote. I actually have a couple Coach diaper bags that daddy can use without it looking too girlie.