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  • Passerine

    How could you not include Ferragamo? Their Gancini Icona wallet is a classic and holds up beautifully for years!

    • Y Ajayi

      My mum has had this SF wallet for years. it’s gorgeous and looks fantastic still.

  • C

    I love neon and am in love with that commes de garcon wallet! Hopefully some similarly bright version of it will be around when it’s time for me to upgrade my Kate Spade wallet. Unfortunately my KS shows no signs of falling apart any time soon…

  • Seher

    Great post! I totally agree about the LV wallets. They

    • Indeed we can!

    • Neemi

      I second that! And an article on wallets on chain would be helpful. Thank you

  • I have a Comme des Garçons that is black on the outside, but bright neon pink inside. It’s great. Despite the smooth polished leather exterior (it’s almost patent-like), it’s held up well. And the bright pink interior is fun, plus it means everything pops against it, including coins, bills, and credit cards.

    • LC

      love my Comme des Garçons wallet too!

  • Stina Sias

    I wish you guys had done a feature on Anna sui’s line of anime wallets they are so amazing!

  • Manolos21

    Prada saffiano wallets also hold up insanely well. I’ve had mine for years, have thrown it around everywhere, and it still looks like new.

    • I was just thinking a few minutes ago that Prada probably should have been in here too. Extremely durable, lots of colors!

      • Passerine

        Prada saffiano wallets are well made and do come in luscious colors, BUT they can be problematic for people who carry multiple currencies . A friend has a slim zip around Prada wallet in Papaya that she uses to carry dollars and European currency. It’s really pretty; unfortunately, she has to keep bills folded. If they’re in the bill slots flat, the zipper tears the edges of the bills. And I have a small zip around Prada wallet in a beautiful fuschia color. Unfortunately, my smallest coins tend to slip out of the slots and get caught in the “accordion” folds. So while I like the saffiano wallets, only the largest size works well. Also, a friend bought a quilted pale blush Prada wallet that wasn’t in saffiano leather. Within a few months, it was flaking and cracking. It was a splurge purchase, so she was quite disappointed.

      • margaret_davis3
    • lavinia

      I agree 100%

    • jody

      I’ve had my prada wallet for years too, it held up pretty well.. but the only complain i have is.. after just a few months i’ve had it.. the prada logo started to fade.. it was gold and now it looks almost like silver.. :(

  • FashionableLena

    I hear that Mulberry makes a good wallet as well.
    I don’t like wallets so I don’t want to even pay $100 for one. My MK that I bought on sale for $43 shows no sign of wear.

  • Kate

    Bottega Veneta makes absolute best wallets. Their croc wallets are tdf!!!!

  • Dylan Propst

    LV’s vernis wallets are wonderful quality!

    • KRZE1234

      Yes they are! I’ve had mine for 4 years and it still looks brand new. :)

  • Shopper

    I have a Gucci zip and kate spade zip. I LOVE my Gucci but the spade design is more functional. It has an outside pocket. Inside is has two more pockets than the Gucci.

    My daily “wallet” is the little 3-zip “cosmetic bag” from LeSportSac!!! Its super slim and weighs nothing. useful design: Coins in the bottom. Small bills in the middle, large bills and receipts int he big pouch. Its the best for traveling because you an separate your currencies easily. I bought it in several colors from casual to dressy:

  • Marina

    MCM’s leather goods are really well crafted, and customizable too.

  • DianaAMiddleton

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  • Ashley

    Thank you so much Amanda for this post. I love a good wallet and depending on what bag I’m carrying I like to match my wallet with bag. I’m a fan of Coach wallets myself. From your list above, I really like the Smythson and CDG, I can’t wait to check out other colors!

    I hope to see you do more posts on the latest wallets! :)

  • Karon

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  • Jesa

    Braun Buffel must be on the list. Great quality and counting usage years.

  • klynneann

    That LV is gorgeous! Really they’re all very nice. I love it when the inside color is different from the outside color – adds just a little bit more fun and interest.

  • buffmom33

    I love Prada saffiano as well currently stalking out a Mulberry taupe colored wallet that I can’t stop thinking about!LOL

  • Jane

    I prefer the slim wallets from Bellroy. Got a Note Sleeve Wallet in brown last week from:

  • Ankita Saxena

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