Assouline Chanel Luxe Edition Assouline was the first luxury brand that used its publications as medium by creating luxury illustrated books dedicated to fashion, photography, art and design. The Assouline Chanel Luxe Edition has been produced exclusively for Assouline and features the signature black quilted Chanel leather on the slipcase with three volumes on the inside. Also, the silver metal Chanel logo is found on the outside. The three books focus on Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary style which has affected the fashion world that we know today immensely. The focus of each volume is integral parts of the Chanel brand, including Chanel, Fine Jewelry, and Perfume. This piece is not just a coffee table piece, it is a luxurious mixture of fashion and books which will be a conversation starter and a collectors piece. The Chanel Edition is a luxury edition which can ultimately be seen in the black quilted leather outside, red leather inside, and high price tag. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, etc. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $550.

Fendi Selleria Pencil Case

Small accessories make great gifts for the girl who has everything. If your budget will not allow for you to buy a handbag, go for an accessory, because most of us have handbags that can carry tons of accessories. Whether you are in school or just the gal with the agenda that is attached to your hip, the Fendi Selleria Pencil Case is a cute little pouch that is quite feasible. To be honest, I would also consider this to be a great tampon holder. Ok, so lip gloss came to mind for you first, but when you have to take out your unmentionable, if you carry it in a cute case like this there will be no shame toting it into the bathroom. The case is made with pink pebble grain leather and there is a zip top. There is also a removable key ring, but I would not attach my keys to this. There is a sterling logo plate on the front and contrast stitching. Dimensions are 6″ x 2.25″ x 1″; perfect for pencils, lip gloss, pens, and tampons. Buy through Barneys for $210.

Leiber Crystal-Detailed Compact Mirror Many ladies have a touch of obsessive compulsiveness when it comes to checking for food in their teeth or how their makeup looks. I only worry about food in my teeth, because I am not much of a makeup wearer. Face it, the guy you are out with, no matter how great, many times ‘forgets’ to tell you a piece of arugula from your salad is parked in between your two front teeth when you are out to dinner with, I don’t know, your boss. There is never a great way to check, unless going to the bathroom. But by the time you have excused yourself and smiled from ear to ear to excuse yourself, everyone at the table has seen this piece of food. This is why so many ladies carry mirror. Many Leiber bags come with mirrors, along with many evening bags, but if yours does not you must always carry a mirror with you. And when you are dressed to the nines head to toe, do not carry a little plastic mirror with you. Try to add a stunning elegant mirror, like the Leiber Crystal-Detailed Compact Mirror, so when anyone sees you using it they are distracted by its beauty. This mirror is available in clear or ruby Austrian crystals which are adorned on a silver-tone case. Buy through Saks for $475.

Louis Vuitton Suhali Agenda I suppose the reason I am pleasantly surprised by the price of this agenda is because I own a Hermes Globe Trotter Agenda as does Vlad. Available in gold and white Suhali goat leather, the Louis Vuitton Suhali Agenda is the perfect carry around size, 4.1″x 5.6″, with a very sophisticated polish look. The inside of the agenda is also lined in leather and the golden brass hardware really gives a great touch to the agenda. And there is a feeling reminiscent of Louis Vuitton trunks, with their snapped flap closure, corners, and LV stamping around the perimeter. The inside also has two interior pockets. While my Hermes agenda is a zip agenda, this is just a snap closure. It makes it easy to fling open to write something important down, like, say, ‘Spa for massage on the 12 at 11 am’. You know, something very important :wink: . Buy through eLuxury for $410.

Louis Vuitton Taiga iPhone Case Vlad is not an advocate of buying generation one electronics. Something about blah blah blah generation two is better. I kept trying to pretend I agreed with him and was waiting out the iPhone because of slower connection or some other blah blah blah issue, but my parents thought it was a great Christmas gift, and let me tell you I could not be more thrilled! The only issue is the fingerprints that smudge all over the screen, the rest of the iPhone is brilliant. Sure, the internet connection is no where near as fast as the 3G connection that our business phone has, but it gets the job done and looks beyond sleek and cool doing it. When toting a sleek phone like this, the case must be just as chic! The Louis Vuitton Taiga iPhone Case is a perfect slip on slim case for the iPhone. There is a notch at the top of the case for extra protection and there is a clip on the back which means this can be carried on your belt. I would never carry this on my belt, but that is just me. The inside is lined in microfiber, which will cushion the phone perfectly. Love this accessory! Via eLuxury for $260.

prada pencil case

Still looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Your children may be in school, may be asking for designer goods, and may be day dreaming of the latest Prada bag. Stuff their stocking with the Prada Pencil Case which is designed with red leather and gold hardware and comes with two designer pencils. This way, while the professor is rambling on about bull and bear markets, your child can be secretly enjoying their designer case. Really, it may be more distracting than anything else to the younger crowd, but to those that have school discipline it is perfect. Also great for a colleague or any Prada lover out there! Inquire at your local Prada boutique; price $205.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder I enjoy giving gifts more than I do receiving gifts for the simple fact that putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless. I can not lie, receiving great gifts has me smiling ear to ear also, but shopping for the perfect gift for my family and friends is priceless (and ultimately frustrating at times!). For those who want to give something designer but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts, stick with an accessory. A designer accessory shows that you want them to have something luxurious, shows them you thought about them, and can stay within your price range. I love the idea of giving the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder which is a Louis Vuitton staple item. The key clasp attaches to the mini (4.5″ x 2.5″) monogram canvas pouch. The lining is grained leather and there is a zipper closure. This is perfect to go with your car keys and carry a credit card and ID when you are running errands. Buy through eLuxury for $150 and make someone smile!

Bodas Travel Bags It seems only fitting that I run into these travel bags. If you all have realized one thing about me by now, it is that I am ALWAYS! traveling. In the past two months, Vlad and I have not been in one place for more than two weeks. New York, to Ft. Lauderdale, to Kentucky, to Ohio. In a week and a half we are going to Germany and straight from there I will be going to Florida. And within in place I go, we are constantly on the move too. Sure, I love to travel but I am sick of living out of my suitcase. Wondering what to pack, did I pack enough, wrap the toiletries, figure out my carry on, unload my computer, keep shoes away from clothes… did I forget anything? Probably. So while it is not necessary, and can easily be done with an old pillow case from your house, the Bodas Travel Bags are a cute idea for the gal who travels. Each cotton bag is embroidered saying bikini, underwear and shoes. Measurements are 13″x21″. That will fit my bikini and underwear, but my shoes are a whole different story. Either way, this is just a fun little gift and will help organization when packing. Buy through Barneys for $25.

Louis Vuitton Alzer Key Holder

My love of handbags translates into many other realms, including other fashion accessories. There is something about a key chain that satiates my handbag addiction in an odd way. I have become a bit of a key chain aficionado, now sporting an exotic Bottega Veneta key chain. But the little Louis Vuitton Alzer Key Holder sports a pint sized LV trunk which packs the perfect punch. This monogram suitcase charm doubles as a practical and much needed mirror, you know, to check your teeth or makeup when no one is looking. The polished golden brass hardware adds an elegant touch, though I would prefer silver hardware since all of my keys are silver metal. There is an LV signature inset in link chain and a secure lobster clasp. Buy through eLuxury for $485 (free shipping on all orders right now!).

bottega veneta woven shoulder bag

Bottega Veneta signifies ultimate luxury. All of their leathers and products they use are the highest quality, which comes together to make a handbag just divine. And their designs are also so feminine. I can’t explain it, but when go into a Bottega Veneta boutique or see their bags, I get weak in the knees. The buttery soft leather lures me in, and my hands can not refrain from grabbing the bags and feeling the smooshy leather and examining the perfect construction. So I am not surprised that another shape is just as alluring as the one before. The Bottega Veneta Woven Shoulder Bag offers a slight hint of color, with egg shell woven leather, and elegant gold hardware. But it is the slight roping off a tad darker hue of leather that offsets plain leather that spotlights the woven leather THAT makes this handbag so amazing. Yes, that was a mouthful, but I am sure when you look at this handbag, you follow my gist. The front flap closure with gold tone hardware lock bring the three different leather looks together, and the stunning chain shoulder strap with leather top only reels me in more. I could not be more in love! Buy this luscious handbag through Saks for $2,760.

And for the perfect splash of color, you have to try out the Bottega Veneta Woven Ballet Flats! I picked up these beautiful shoes while in NYC and I have not been able to put them down since. I opted for the divine carmino, which is a rouge, and adds the perfect splash of color to my outfits. The toe turns up ever so slightly, and the fit is comfortable. You may want to go half a size up if you have wider feet, but I was actually half a size down in these. Buy exclusively online through Saks for $570. (more…)

Juicy Couture Key To The Cure T Shirt

Saks is featuring a Limited Edition t-shirt designed by Juicy Couture in which all proceeds with benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation Women’s Cancer Research Fund. The Juicy Couture Key To The Cure T-Shirt reads “Viva La Cure” in pink lettering with a subdued sparkle. A fun and chic shirt for a great fund, which goes toward advancing scientific research to help with better detection of breast cancer and other cancers. I already bought mine! Via Saks for $35.

Furthermore, if you are in the market for a new car (and you want it to support Breast Cancer), check out the Mercedes Benz Special Edition C350 Sport Sedan. This is a revamped style for Mercedes Benz, with an ultimate sporty outside and a powerful 268 hp 3.5 liter V-6 engine. I test drove this car last week, and it was sporty, agile, and sexy (especially the front and back seat sun roof!). The car starts around $31,000 but this version is likely to be over $40,000. 1000 of these special edition cars are being made and will all help Mercedes-Benz raise $1 million to support Saks’ Key To The Cure campaign. More info at Saks and Mercedes Benz.

mercedes benz special edition c350 sport sedan

louis vuitton cornelia ankle bootThere comes a time in every woman’s life where you throw reason out the window and just decide to go for it! For some women this might be deciding to date a certain man, or accept a job offer. In my case it is these shoes, the Louis Vuitton Cornelia Ankle Boot. These are not your Mom’s frumpy ankle boots from the 1980s, these are simply divine works of art. Immediately upon seeing these boots the pleasure center of my brain completely overtook the sensible part of my brain and screamed out in pure shoe fetish ecstasy. Made of croc-stamped patent leather with a feminine rounded toe and a killer 4.75″ stacked heel, these exquisite boots just scream out ‘BUY ME’! These are the kind of shoes that can make any outfit look out of this world. At a mere $1,090 we should all be running out to buy a pair. Or if you have a little more spare cash available then buy them in both available colors, grenat and black.

Visit to purchase yours today!