Louis Vuitton Card Deck Set Folks, we’ve done it. I think. Maybe I’m being optimistic. But, with the advent of the Louis Vuitton Card Deck Set, I think it may be possible for someone with enough money and enough dedication to go through their entire day without deigning to use a product that’s not luxury branded. We’ve covered Chanel and Hermes bicycles, Gucci makes wallpaper, Fendi makes bedding, Versace makes furniture. And now, your husband won’t just be playing poker with the guys, he’ll be playing Louis Vuitton poker. And that won’t get him made fun of by his buddies AT ALL, I promise.

Eluxury promises that this set includes three “luxurious” decks of cards, so please, help me brainstorm in the comments – exactly how does one make playing cards luxurious? The first thing that came to my mind was having the symbols ever so carefully covered in close-cropped mink, making them slightly furry. How would you do it? Buy through eLuxury for $105.

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  • Fabutopia

    geez… they come up with everything now. I think to make the cards “lux” they’ll have 24k gold foil embossed on each card. Is that lux enough? But then it will have to bring the price up from $105.


  • Fabutopia

    opps…i forgot to mention that the gold foil would be either the LV logo, or the LV flowers on the back of the cards. So when you hold them up… people from across the table will see them :)

  • me

    Yeah, precious metals on the cards might make them luxe- but still, you’d have to be a pretty big card game enthusiast to buy these.

  • misslola

    Good gift idea though for someone who is hard to shop for and has everything else!

  • Frida Dali

    Can you shuffle these?

  • Megusi

    @ Frida Dali — no kidding, one bent corner in the midst of shuffling… Game over.

    After looking at the other images online, it appears the only thing ‘luxurious’ is the LV printed on the back of each card. And if you’re really stretching for a reason, they are a french deck (where the King is ‘R’ as opposed to ‘K’, queen is ‘D’, and jack is ‘V’).

    I think I’ll stick with my bicycle cards– a 104$ markup isn’t worth it to me for some different letter on either the front or back of my cards, regardless of their packaging. Let alone the heart attack I would inevitably have if I ever played with them.

    But then again, LV is just not a brand I live and breathe.

  • Anne

    This is just beyond ridiculous….. even a high roller in Las vegas doesn’t care what brand of card he plays with. That’s just taking the whole “label” idea to a low level.

  • emm

    O___O so expensive for cards
    but i can’t imagine how they can be improved and MORE luxurious..?

  • Soldano

    Actually Louis Vuitton and Hermès have been making traditionnal and board games for a while, chess and even yo-yo’s. It’s just new on eluxury but in Paris they’ve been selling it at the flagship stores and it’s incredibly expensive. Hand made wooden chess board made of mahogamy and figured maple etc…

  • QueenMAB

    Perhaps as a gift to an LV enthusiast, but CARDS?

  • tony

    so pricy for a deck of cards..

  • christy

    NICE, What’s next? If I am going to spend $105 I mine as well spend a little more and get a poch cles! ok!

  • Kim

    this is a bit outrageous!! overpriced and i don’t even like playing cards that much ;)

    • cookie

      Oh My God – you dont even play cards much? I am certain Louis Vuitton will be horrified that you don’t considering that these were obviously made for you! I understand that these sort of items dont match alot of peoples budgets – but they certainly match alot of peoples budgets, people pay for what they like – now tell me you have never bought a pair of Levi jeans instead of Walmart $4 jeans? exactly, dont judge designers or people willing to pay their prices, they are made for a market so if you are not in that market – look at your market and dont slate other peoples markets! duh!

  • chloehandbags

    ROFL! This is probably the funniest write-up I’ve ever seen on tPF!

    To be fair, as Soldano says, playing cards produced by European design houses are nothing new.

    When I was a child, my mother had beautifully drawn and coloured, goldleafed, playing cards (not sure of the brand – certainly wasn’t LV, or similar) with gold foil spades on the sturdy boxes; so that is, indeed, how manufacturers used to make playing cards more luxurious.

    Now, apparently, one covers the characters in logos and has the joker popping up, jack-in-the-box-like, out of an LV trunk! :D

  • Bag Gal

    I agree with evrebody – overpriced!

  • Jessica

    Pricey, but fabulous. At least the cards are cheaper than a bicycle or furniture! Affordable luxury, if you will.

  • Merve

    I’d feel like such a pretensious idiot if i took out a set of LV cards on poker night. Unless u are playing whist is 16th century France i think fancy cards are not really the point.

  • Denisse

    Overpriced but still functional. Perfect gift idea.

  • Cherie L.

    I’ll be honest, those decks in the picture, they look like chocolate — really good chocolate. If LV or Hermes, or the whole other bunch of them decide to stamp their logos on some Godiva, I will, I swear to God, buy and eat it.

    So for now, if they remain as decks of cards. I know the type of men who appreciate these are the same type who carry LV keepalls and put LaMer on their faces.

  • Samantha

    It would be a really good gift idea for someone who really likes cards

  • luvhautecouture

    I wonder what the cards feel like and what the face sides look like!

  • CJ

    Who would waste their money on this it’s so tacky.

  • Kelly

    Can all these fashion houses PLEASE stop wasting their time on putting their brands on absolutely ANYTHING and just concentrate on what they do best?! Pretty soon we’ll all be drinking from LV cola or something. However, the sad thing is that there are actually people out there buying LV cards and Gucci mah-jongs and bicycles!

  • Kathey

    Hehe, this is kinda cute! For that avid cards player that will have them for a long time and treasure these cards

    have a good day :D

  • Fashion Archives

    It actually kind of looks like a box of chocolates :P

  • lvuittonaddict

    i have this set. i got them almost 2 years ago when they were only available at select boutiques. i got mine from the Chevy Chase Boutique. they are nice, but not really luxurious. the corners are gilded in gold leaf, but thats it, other than that, they are regular cards. but each set is a different color, which is nice

  • jason

    love it

  • Kiki V.


    no my girls and i can finally play poker with styleee

  • David

    I have these cards and people always complement me and tell me they are the nicest set of cards they ever seen. It look pricy from the computer but well worth it once you see and get them in person.

    • khole

      What did u pay for ur set

  • Naggy

    Gambling is already really expensive; should we make it even more so? (ipad)

  • Msbinkies

    now that’s how you play poker! (ipad)