Louis Vuitton Ipanema Beach TowelThis right here, folks, is why they hate us. And when I say “they,” I’m not talking about terrorists. I’m talking about everyone. Because there are few things more imminently hateable than a $450 beach towel. The Louis Vuitton Ipanema Beach Towel, to be specific.

And I totally get that’s it’s all in good fun and totally hilarious and kitschy, but seriously, a beach towel? Something made specifically for putting on the ground and messing up with Corona, sunscreen, and sand? At this point, all it elicited from me was a serious eye-roll. I know that people with money to spend will spend it as they please, as well they should, but I think we may be beginning to stretch the bounds of reasonableness. Maybe I just feel like that because of the price, however – if this was $150, I probably just would have chuckled and moved on, and wouldn’t even be writing about it right now. But it’s not, it’s three times that, and that’s not a typo. It’s also something that I can simply not abide. Buy via Vuitton.com for $450.

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  • renee

    I am speechless. Even if you had the disposable income for this I think you would look shamful not chic in this economy. Buy a $50 towel and attach a $400 donation receipt to it.

  • Linda

    Brings new meaning to the phrase – A fool and their money are soon parted.

  • Merve

    I think you should not put a Buy Via link on this.

  • susan

    I have to agree with all of the other comments. Just dumb!

  • Cherie L.

    rich people always run out of things to spend on, so why not “let” them buy a $500 towel. after all, it does look nice — just not $500 nice for us regular folk.

  • renee

    I wonder if there is version of toilet paper, uhm, I mean, bathroom tissue out there like this that we don’t know about. $50 a roll?

  • Jonathan

    Well I don’t think this is the kinda towel you are gonna be messing around with sunscreen on at the beach… And if there is going to be a stain on it, it will be the stain of a very fine Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé, not Corona… I think on the right person at the right time and the right place it can make quite a statement.

    I also think of those men that it is soo hard to buy a gift for. They could be quite pleased with it. Men don’t have a lot of options to wear at the pool of a resort… they won’t stack twelve bangles on their arm, slip on a pair of Louboutin espadrilles and wrap a Pucci scarf around their head with oversized sunglasses and gold hoop earings to go with their Chanel bikini. (Well, I would! but don’t tell my therapist…)

    The colors are classic, (red and white and navy, very Nautical) and a Louis Vuitton monogram is really timeless

    But I agree, the price is quite impressive!

  • 19yearslater

    Hahaha, I was on the Louis Vuitton website the other day and I just breezed past this without even looking at the price, thinking a towel, yeah right. But you bring up a good point. Who the heck would buy that? There is such a thing as too much luxury. I still use the Jasmin (from Aladdin) towel that I’ve had since I was a kid when I go to the pool.

  • Puss in boots

    This is just ridiculous!

  • Nee

    i dont know why everyone is so surprised? Hermes has been selling beach towels and cashmere blankets for much for than this for decades. Tell me, if this towel had been spotted in 2007, would it have been the next “it” item or still “ridiculous”.

    The rich have always been able to afford these things – you know, the set who don’t ever have to ask the price. Just because the recession has dropped the people back down to earth and they no longer have their home equity to squander on designer labels, does not mean that there aren’t countless of people, whether in the US or in other parts of the world, who can afford to buy this towel, in multiples…. and they will. Hermes, Chanel, LV…. have always sold these “ridiculous” items, the people just started to believe that they could afford them.

  • @Nee I’d be a little more ambivalent about a Hermes cashmere blanket – at least it’s a high-end material. This is just a cotton towel.
    And I really think that it’s the new-found prevalence of Internet shopping that has changed minds about items like this. Online shopping is, by definition, a mass-market idea. Putting an item meant for an itty-bitty niche market up for sale via a mass-market medium is only going to underline the inherent ridiculousness in it. It’s not like the people that can and will buy this don’t already have an SA on speed dial to call to have it couriered to them. Luxury retailers have had a notoriously difficult time trying to figure out how to appropriately incorporate the Internet into their brands, and it may expose them to criticism a little more than they’d like.

  • Kathrin

    One word – ridiculous.

    And two questions:
    1. Does anyone actually buy these?
    2. If they do, do they actually use them? I can just imagine – “oh yes, I know it’s a towel but it’s Louis Vuitton – I can’t get it wet!”

  • Nee

    @Amanda, good point about the internet… I would also say the relentless advertising of these items on magazines, billboards, TV shows and on the backs of celebrities has taken these items mass market.

    I see your point about the Hermes cashmere blanket – high end material yes. But what about the Hermes terry cloth beach towels for $530. They should be held up for ridicule as well then. By the way, I love this forum:)

  • sophie


  • Krystal

    Too expensive for a cotton towel I’d say. The towels are gorgeous but I wouldnt spend $450 and then be afraid of ruining it by doing something like getting it sandy or wet.

  • suzette

    Think of it as a “multi-tasker’…..a beach towel, a wrap-around/sarong, a cape for an LV Superman younster, an xlarge bath towel, gathered with cotton rope: a fab beach carry-all, etc. Still, the more people buy these expensive items, the more they make them…supply & demand. Make a charitable contribution and feel really good!

  • kathleen

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  • Naggy

    Unless there is some miracle fabric that the towel is made of, why on earth would it cost even a fifth of the price? (ipad)

  • Laurel

    I can see as a consumer why you would laugh at the absurdity of this. However, there are costs on all the makings of this towel, it is not just a piece of fabric to throw on the sand. There is research, many hands to pay to assemble. ie. sewing, cutting, pattern, color dips, planning and merchandising…the list goes on. Just to make a beautiful luxurious towel for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The way it makes you feel generates positive energy. So what is wrong with that? No one said you had to buy 1000, or even one for that matter. Once in a while…you should pamper yourself, wether it’s a spa day, new hairdo, new hermes bag, whatever your heart desires. Also, “cheap” is just that…CHEAP, as in what is the point.