This bespoke chair from Suzan Fellman would be one of the greatest artistic pieces for your home. Vlad and I have a little more modern vibe going on in our house and I would plop this chair down to be the ultimate conversation piece. There are of course a few problems that I would run into. Price is the biggest one followed by keeping it clean. But would this not be amazing? This Chanel Bespoke Silk Scarf Chair is designed with vintage silk scarves on a sleek slipper chair. The lucite legs are the perfect modern finish. Each chair is individually designed to the three scarves that make it up, so all the chairs will vary. But the Chanel chair pictured is the ideal chair for a handbag loving fashionista. Dimensions vary but are about 27″D, 32″H, seat height 12″, and seat area approximately 20″ square. Order through Vivre for $6,400.

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  • jewels

    $6,400 for a chair…

  • Kate

    I’m sorry, but that chair is so tacky and ridiculously priced as well.

  • mette

    Dear Megs ! Have you had time to get info about the SF alligator tote? Very anxious to hear news!!!

  • Renae

    I think it is kind of cool. If I had a giant walk in closet and tons of money I would have this chair for my dressing room!

  • Gi

    hideous excuse to plaster logos all over an ill-designed piece of furniture.

  • Jo

    Wow ! amazing!! If I have tons of money I’ll prolly want one myself. But if i have the money I ‘d rather buy myself a bag for that price :)

  • Merve

    ooo its so tacky. Who would want a chair with a massive chanel plastered all over it? Yikes and Chanel is supposed to be really understated and classy. Having said that they did also make black skis with a white CC logo. That was really tacky as well.

  • Anaita

    Hahaha is that Coco rolling over in her grave?

  • tia

    lol, this is amusing .

  • David

    I love this chair, I don’t really love the whole big CC logo but. . .
    It would be amazing to have in my room.
    I love Chanel, and this blog<3

  • Adrienne Zedella

    for the game room maybe (fb)

  • Maddi

    This is the coolest chair I have ever seen where can I buy a similar one?

  • Naggy

    That chair looks modern and all, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about it. (ipad)

  • Carolyn Chiang

    OMG…I simply love this (ipad)