I have another little secret to let you all in on… I am not a big makeup wearer. So now you know that I do not get manicures, pedicures, dye my hair, or wear make up much. What is wrong with me you ask, well that is just my style. Simple. Someday I may need makeup and more to give my face a nice look, but for now, I will keep my lack-of-makeup my typical look. When going somewhere I do put make up on; typically only a bit of blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. I don’t have to travel with large make up cases, which is actually a major perk when you travel as much as I do. I simply need a cosmetic case and I am good to go. But my cosmetic case is nothing fancy, and it is time to change that.

We all know and love Adriana Castro at Purse Blog and now she has the PERFECT holiday gift! This is something I would love to find in my stocking, along with a few miscellaneous makeup pieces that are always needed in my collection. Both the grape and black crocodile exteriors on the Adriana Castro Crocodile Cosmetic Case are lined with leather on the interior, which will be easy to wipe up if case of any makeup spillage. If you are not a huge beauty girl, the dimensions will be perfect, 7″L x 4″H x 1.25″D. And really, unless I am totally out of the loop, this should be ample space to carry your daily makeup needs. I would opt for purple crocodile first, adding a luscious grape punch of color! Buy through Lux Couture for $500.

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  • Maria

    I love this makeup case! Can it be used as a clutch too?

  • mette

    Oh Megs: This is becoming a bit scary.. I have so waited for a cosmetic case and finally called my man in Berlin to send me a Y-mail cosmetic purse. I also wear as little m-up as possible( just eyebrow + lipstick). These bags are really nice. Thanks for sharing!

  • grace

    Love the purple one :) I don’t wear much makeup either. If i do, i put it on in the morning and forget it about all day long. I don’t think i’ve ever touched up during the day.

  • I adore these cosmetic cases!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Adriana Castro Crocodile Cosmetic Case is perfect. It is a great size and the black is fabulous. I do carry a make-up at all times. You don’t have to carry just make-up, but your small purse lotion, chapstick, nail file, or whatever. I carry it all. Sometimes I carry a bag/purse that does not close (zip shut) and a cosmetic case is perfect to conceal your personal needs.

  • techstarlet

    sooo cute!

  • candyrain

    i’m no make-up wearer either, just eyeshadow, lip gloss and mascara when i have to go out, so the size is perfect. i’ll opt for the purplr one also, love the color~~

  • niccisweden

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  • Naggy

    These are way too basic and hackneyed at that. (ipad)