For those of you who check Purse Blog frequently, you are certainly familiar with Meg’s Web She Bang Posts. Well, we’re also collaborating with another great site, The Find, to bring you a wide variety of what is on the most-wanted fashion lists. Starting today, look for weekly installments of guest posts from The Find. Enjoy!

Inspired by the ultra modern Perspex briefcases shown at the Chanel ready-to-wear fall ’09 show is an emerging trend, clear accessories. Karl Lagerfeld’s briefcase for the modern workingwoman bears it all, exposing all of your personal belongings to the world. Perfectly proportioned for a compact, lipstick (Chanel of course!) as well as your iPod, glasses and shoulder bag. Practical, perhaps not, but a fashion statement, yes!

See Through Accessories

Are see thru accessories of all types on the horizon? Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren all have transparent bags each with their own signature look. Hollywood jewelry designer CCSkye has also created a clear Lucite Medallion Cuff. Also spotted are crystal clear cases for your iPod and electronic gadgets and of course the original vintage Lucite clear handbag designs. Keep an eye out for more clear accessories, but be sure to edit your handbag contents before bearing them to the world.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Sweet Pea

    I am not a fan of see thru bags…do not like my items exposed.

  • simone


  • dierregi

    Not my style, don’t understand why I should bare it to the world. I am sure the world is busy with more interesting things to see :-)

  • QueenMAB

    A style that will be good for people in retail and security jobs where you have to have your bags searched EVERY day.
    Other than that….I like my bags to be a bit more solid and private.

  • lipvixen

    They look futuristic and cool but totally not practical. Name a city where there are no bag snatchers and pickpockets. If ever you find onesuch a town, it would probably be in a plae where they don’t appreciate designer bags.

    What about the time of month when you carry something sensitive? Care to advertise your sanitary brand?

  • bindc

    I’m not a lucite fan (in furniture, handbags, or accessories). I don’t even like clear beach bags that are easy to clean. But the CCSkye bangle isn’t horrible.

  • Zarka

    I like the clear bags and accessories for a fun summer day…Other than that it is something I would not invest in…

  • hazel

    Clear plasticky bags keep comming around, and each time I still think they are silly

  • Merve

    Im totally undecided on plastic. I think the see through clutch or a beach bag would be quite cool but if i actually went to buy it i would probably chicken out because i dont want my items exposed. I mean the bags gonna look a mess if i have my half pack of gums, lipliner without lid, odd tissue and dog leash in it.

  • me

    I kind of like the clear thing but the Chanel reminds me of a lap desk.

  • Ji

    I love them, really, not all of them work, but the ones that do.. DAYUM, theyre sooo awesome in a crazy way

  • Julia

    I would love to see someone walking around with the briefcase. What a fashion statement. Practical during the rainy season ;) I love looking at these.

  • jburgh

    Call it by a cool name, Perspex, but that doesn’t disguise the fact that this is an acrylic plastic. The aesthetics turn me off, and I cannot fathom the prices. Give me natural leather any day.

  • Samia

    Not my style but they look really cool!

  • cathealey

    htese will look cheap and tacky after on season (some dirt and scratches). But then again, it’s designed to only last a season.

  • Janice

    They look really cool for summer. Would’nt want it for any other season.

  • Naggy

    These are some of the cooler clear bags I’ve seen, and if I worked in fashion retail, I may consider. (ipad)

  • NavB

     Does anyone know the name of the handbag in the center of the bottom row underneath the ipod case?