Chanel Segway Karl “Krazypants” Lagerfeld is at it again. He’s made a bike, which we covered, as well as other sporting equipment like skis. If Krazypants can find a way to put a Chanel logo on something that is already expensive and then charge more for it, he’s all over it. Particularly if it can be done in a wacky, eccentric way that makes everyone go “…waaaah?” And that’s the case with the all-new-for-spring Chanel Segway. It’s got an enormous classic flap stuck on the front of it like a basket on an old-fashioned bicycle and Chanel’s quilted caviar leather covering the wheel wells. I don’t even know what else could be said about this…thing. Except that Krazy Karl is the only person I could ever see riding it, except for maybe Victoria Beckham. And maybe her kids behind her, on mini ones. No price information was given, but their bicycle from several seasons ago was several thousand dollars, and this thing has a motor, so…draw your own conclusions.

Image courtesy of Chanel via

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  • MizzJ
  • scholastican

    Actually the bag in front looks like a HUGE classic flap(because of the CC closure) instead of a reissue(which has a rectangular closure).

  • Patricia

    If someone would give this i would take the purse out of it and keep the rest on my garage!!(after a few rides around my neiborhood of course)

  • You’re right, it is a classic flap, I changed it! The article I read about it misidentified it, good lookin’ out!

  • Classic Chic

    wow, perhaps the next thing on Karl’s agenda is to top off Hermes and Bugatti’s collaboration… but seriously, 1800 rep will probably hang up if a owner had called to ask for help lol

  • Pursecrzy

    Hmmm, I wonder if Vernilover will buy one.

  • Mika

    LOL to anything being branded!! ^^

  • Olga

    Chanel car anyone?

  • me

    Perfect for the stylish and geeky! And rich! As not many people have all three of those qualities I doubt it’ll be a big seller, but you never know.

  • Burberryaholic

    I hate to say it because I adore Chanel but this thing is fug!

  • ckie

    *raises hand to the chanel car*

  • holly

    Lol, a Chanel Segway is just too funny. =D Yeah I can’t imagine anyone actually using it.

  • may

    Love the article, love Chanel, think the segway is a bizarre idea, but I am sure it will have its following with the very hardcore, extremely wealthy Chanel fans!

  • lisa

    i think its a marketing ploy more then anything to show that chanel is still for the uber-wealthy even though its gained popularity among the middle and middle-upper classes. they probably only manufactured one of these and will make more only upon request.- but its definitely getting them attention.

  • tamanna

    beyond disgust now…

  • Lisa


  • Vernilover

    lol @ Pursecrzy

    you know whats funny? i already have a segway, but if I knew a chanel version was coming out, I might have waited!! maybe I can use a second one, hmmm! :p

  • KacyC

    Tacky, but I would definitely take the classic flap!

  • Merve

    Its so funny, just like their chanel skis…I mean leave the skis to rossignol and stick to what you know.

  • Sarah

    LOL. That is truly funny. However, I love me some Chanel sooo, I guess anythings possible. :D

  • cuteangel7777

    OMG!! DF just got a segway the other day and asked if i wanted one.. now this is just perfect (highly doubt he will get this for me though)

  • SMKelly…

    Oh God. Not another…thing…what’s next? Chanel tampons?

    • Naga Jolokia

      You like that don u? sic k fre ak.

  • aaa07

    Oh no no no!!

  • frejamacarons

    karl is going way beyond crazy. He is destroying the chanel name, and brand image by dabbling in all sorts of crazy inventions. He is such a bad designer too, he isnt even revolutionary, and he is only popular because he is associated with the chanel name. His own brand isnt even that great, because he doesnt have any archives to base his work on. If you have seen past designs by coco chanel, you will see that karl just does modern interpretations of that, and he doesnt even do it very well either. It is now coming to the case that the luxury and brand name are being used to justify ugly designs. He thinks that people will still buy some of those hideous long skirts in his spring summer line for 09, just because the chanel brand is printed on the label? And people are dumb enough to give in to such persuasion.

    I think its time that karl should leave chanel, and let an actual FRENCH WOMAN, who can stay true to the chanel aesthetic and name, and vision that gabrielle chanel set out to communicate when she started the house.

    Who is even going to buy a motorised cart, or a surf board, or a golf bag? He obviously doesnt know his market properly. It is just a matter of misusing his corporate budget, which should be going to experimentation with new textiles, furs, beads, and techniques for acheiving chanel’s vision. not going way beyond excess.

    And he is starting to make chanel about himself, hello mr freakshow, you are not gabrielle chanel, so stop taking all the credit for the brand, you make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NaNa

    This cute if you are a handbag lover, like myself, but i would not ride around D.C. on this……Maybe in LA or Paris but Im sure the price is sick!

  • Susannah

    I agree with frejamacarons. What an absolute waste of money.
    If I saw someone driving this around I’d question their sanity.

    Mr Lagerfield needs to pull his head back out of his arse and die it down by sticking with what CHANEL was known best for.



  • Joyce

    LOL ppl at chanel must be going crazy =/ (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    now that’s the way to ride! (fb)

  • mochababe73

    It looks as though it may have been on Pimp My Ride!

  • Naggy

    Lol, I wonder if my boyfriend who’s into driving segways would like a purse b/c of this for once! (ipad)