Louis Vuitton Emprise Collection Serrure Pampilles BraceletI figure I might as well continue the day with some other overpriced accessories; like I mentioned overpriced in the realm that I would never splurge on them. Take jewelry for example. I will spend great money on an amazing pair of diamond earrings (I recently did and could not be happier!). Great cut, amazing clarity, amazing color. Some brands out there are going to over charge because the box they come in or the name that you can blurt out when someone asks about your ring, earrings, necklace, etc. Some brands are worth it (Heart on Fire, you have my heart!), some are not (little blue box with a diamond inside=overpriced). Not that I am not a huge Louis Vuitton fan and not that I do not believe that Louis Vuitton uses exquisite materials in their creations, but the Louis Vuitton Emprise Collection Serrure Pampilles Bracelet sure seems overpriced to me at $3,350. I would rather spend that money on diamonds. The bracelet I absolutely love; it is so simple. The white gold clasp is reminiscent of the lock from the iconic LV trunks and the double leather laces give a playful feel to the piece. I guess my argument would be different if i had the money to buy this bracelet, wait, I take that back; If I would want to spend this much on this bracelet. But the 14 grams of 18k gold seem to really be going for a price tag that is over the top in my opinion. Love the idea, love the final product, but not the exorbitant price. Via eLuxury for $3350.

Let us know what you think, is this much too much or am I just being cheap?

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