Louis Vuitton Damier Hard-Sided Box PM

Polly Pocket was my hero when I was a little girl. I always like miniatures. My doll house was not one of those plastic Barbie ones (although I did have one of those too), but a 5 foot tall, hand crafted, wood house complete with wall paper, carpet, a full blown kitchen, furniture widdled by hand, and every extravagance a 7 year old could want for her ‘doll house’. Don’t give me too much credit, my over-sized Barbie’s, Polly Pocket, and other random trinkets were all friends in my ornate doll house. Long story short, any box or place to carry my small little lovelies has always been a passion of mine. This is why the Louis Vuitton Damier Hard-Sided Box PM meets my fancy. Measuring 4.9″x 4.9″x 4.9″, this delightful square box is covered with the Damier canvas and is trimmed with chocolate leather trim and shiny golden hardware. The inside is lined in microfiber, which will perfectly care for your mini-whatever (from diamonds to Polly Pocket ;-)). What would you hide in this designer beauty? Indulge via eLuxury for $1960.

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