If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should), you probably know that I love manicures. I am no expert, but I am an experimenter and I love trying different manicures on myself and my friends. Sometimes they work out and sometimes I end up with a really weird looking finished product, but I’m always up for trying something new.

Nail art is majorly popular right now, with different artists popping up and creating brilliant masterpieces while likewise companies are creating more interesting polish options. It looks like Azature took this entire thing to the ultimate level, by creating ONE bottle of black diamonds to use for nail polish. Why just use glitter when you can sprinkle black diamonds all over your nails? The hands that have everyone talking from walking the Emmys red carpet is Kelly Osbourne with her reportedly $250,000 black diamond manicure.

Azature is a Los Angeles-based jeweler that created only one bottle of this “polish” for the most elite clients. I can’t even begin to put into words how utterly absurd this is, but what I want to add is that I would literally follow anyone with this manicure in a creepy manner searching for fallen black diamonds, because you know they have to fall off.

What a waste.

Of course this is all for publicity’s sake, as a $25 version of the product is being sold via Fred Segal and Ron Robinson.

If you were offered this manicure gratis, would you take it?

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  • Lori

    I don’t see how tiny black diamond chips can cost that much. I wouldn’t even think $25K would be necessary. I like the idea (who doesn’t want to wear diamonds), but the cost is insane and shows you how much Hollywood will do anything for attention…

  • lisa

    Diamonds are only worth as much as some one pays for them, and I am betting she paid ZERO for this manicure. Just another Hollywood stunt.

  • Jennifer

    They grind small diamonds and use the dust in all kinds of things and it never costs a quarter of a million for it either. She got scammed big time on that one. You can get it and mix it in your own polish for about $25.

  • Sounds a bit pricy if you ask me, just another “hollywood stunt” for attention.

  • I would agree – she didn’t pay for this manicure. It was given to her for free as publicity.

  • Joanna

    No I would not! But I sure will take they money instead :)

  • Not Impressed

    She looks ridiculous, as usual.