Karla Colletto Lace Up Swimsuit

From now on, there will be some sporadic Pointless Post’s made by myself, because after all I do get sidetracked in cyber-space and I do find some really weird things! I am sure you all do it too, so just like Viewer’s Choice Monday let me know if there is any pointless ‘thing’ you find on the internet that you would like for me to feature!

Why not start off with an item that will help me reminisce of the place I call home, Florida, and its tropical weather that I wish I was in right now. Impractical and bad tan line comes to mind when I see the Karla Colletto Lace-Up Swimsuit. This ‘swim’ suit makes no sense to me and does not even look flattering on the model’s body in my opinion. Made from black 72% meryl nylon, 28% Lycra®, you will find shoulder straps with a plunging V neckline, a low back, and a moderate amount of material around the butt. While cleavage is good, so is showing off some rear and the “moderate seat coverage” as they put it will only make your rear look wider than it is in my opinion. Don’t think I forgot to mention to best part, the lace-up bodice with tonal grommets. Whew, that makes this suit go from almost practical to not a use in my book. You won’t get good tan lines, you probably can’t even take it in the water, it costs $230 (via Bergdorf Goodman) for a ‘swim’ suit, so what do you do with this thing?

I got it, you sit pretty in the lounge chair and let me men gawk. Oh how the world turns ;-)

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  • I don’t know…I think it’s kind of cool looking. And besides, if you have ever worn a Karla Colletto swimsuit, you’ll know that it’s all about the fit. Her suits are beautifully constructed and are not mass produced. women who buy Karla’s swimsuits are very loyal to the brand.

    I’ll admit, I don’t like all of her stuff. Some of it is a little matronly, but she (and her sister, Lisa,) have some really beautiful, sexy, styles coming out in their 2008 line. If they look good, feel great and are well made, the customers won’t care much about the price…or the tan lines.

    Cindy Alpers
    Tropi-Ties Swimwear

  • Eva

    OMG! Ok…Karla Colletto is AMAZING! However, the typical woman DOES care about price. I am leaving on a trip next Wednesday and I found my perfect suit…a suit has never fit so well on me…but, I am not going to spend $300 for the suit and $202 for the matching skirt…it’s just not going to happen.

    I actually thought about spending my tax return on the suit, but I thought to myself
    a) that’s a car payment
    b) it’s more than half my mortgage
    c) unless I’m guaranteed to get engaged in that suit…i’ll just have to pass

    Granted, I wouldn’t spend $500 on a purse, either…but, at least I would know it would last…if I lose 10 lbs, that $500 was a waste of money…if I sit on something and the suit pulls then it’s a waste of money.

    I would need some sort of guarantee that if the suit got ruined, they would replace it.

    • C.

      Oh…I hear you on price. We’re all hanging on tight to our dollars these days. But, if you get the chance to by a Karla swimsuit on sale, I promise you, it will be money well spent. Another gorgeous line like that is Lenny. Lenny and Karla’s swimsuits are timeless designs and extremely well made to last several seasons.

      OK…I’m climbing off of my soapbox now.


  • Ashley

    Nice dress!! I love to buy my swimwear from Newport News store through couponalbum.com…

  • Naggy

    Wow, lingerie and swimsuit in one, so you could just go straight from the pool and to the bedroom! (ipad)