Juicy Couture Key To The Cure T Shirt

Saks is featuring a Limited Edition t-shirt designed by Juicy Couture in which all proceeds with benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation Women’s Cancer Research Fund. The Juicy Couture Key To The Cure T-Shirt reads “Viva La Cure” in pink lettering with a subdued sparkle. A fun and chic shirt for a great fund, which goes toward advancing scientific research to help with better detection of breast cancer and other cancers. I already bought mine! Via Saks for $35.

Furthermore, if you are in the market for a new car (and you want it to support Breast Cancer), check out the Mercedes Benz Special Edition C350 Sport Sedan. This is a revamped style for Mercedes Benz, with an ultimate sporty outside and a powerful 268 hp 3.5 liter V-6 engine. I test drove this car last week, and it was sporty, agile, and sexy (especially the front and back seat sun roof!). The car starts around $31,000 but this version is likely to be over $40,000. 1000 of these special edition cars are being made and will all help Mercedes-Benz raise $1 million to support Saks’ Key To The Cure campaign. More info at Saks and Mercedes Benz.

mercedes benz special edition c350 sport sedan

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