Dior Princess RingBefore you look at this and say “that is not a purse”, just let me justify this to you as I have to myself. When I cam upon this new Dior Princess Ring for Lips, I fell in love and decided I had to write about it, and how I have justified it is that it acts like a purse because it encloses goods and protects them, see my point (just nod). So back to the new love of my life, this Dior Princess Ring for Lips. The dazzling ring can either be worn on the finger or attached to a bag or belt or belt loop or whatever suits your pleasure. When you open this glorious beauty, you will find two shades of silky lipstick and gloss that can be used to make your lips lucious and plump and irresistable.

If any of you have been watching Sheer Dallas, I know you may be thinking this ring is nearly as showy as something someone would wear on the show, but I think its a gorgeous accessory. The ring is made of silver metal with enamel and crystal-trimmed mirrored top, so after application you can admire your sweet pucker! Approximatly 1.5″ circumference can be worn on your finger or dangled with the chain as an accesorry anywhere you would like. It opens to reveal a lipstick (sheer berry) and a gloss (shimmering pink) from the Dior Pink Majesty collection. Call me crazy but for $50 at eLuxury I’m not sure why anyone would pass this up (I’m going to buy the Princess Ring for Eyes too, don’t worry, I won’t wear them together)!

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  • i love this and have to buy it quick :)

  • sharon

    i have one too…antique of the future!!!

  • Nina

    I can only agree´! I bought them both in Copenhagen and they are so cute and beautiful, but extremely rare to find… so get them quick!!

  • that is too cute…

  • gianna

    i think that the dior priness ring is very attractive..it’s on my x-mas list!!!!my mom says im two young for one though but if you can please send me one :(!i think you can get them at nordstoms..i love themm!any ways..whats up.whats the hot gossip in the dior world?i love this compant..i have sun glasses a purse and a ring from there so i dont get why i cant get a princess ring..i know my mom thinks im a princess so thats why i should have one.i mean if i already have things from here why shouldnt i have more..is their any contest i cane go to for winning one of these rings?if so email me!

  • Maya`

    Where can I get hold of one at a cheap price? I know its a summer special so its rare. Please help?

  • LadyM

    Oh my golly, Dior did it again:
    I want one!

  • becca

    me and my friend really wanted one so i asked my daddy and we are getting one when we go to paris :D im so happy!

  • Naggy

    That could possibly be the bulkiest ring that I’ve seen. (ipad)

  • KY

    I love it! (ipad)