Dior Play Gloss Gamble on BeigeBeing the handbag lovers that we are, sometimes other accessories are also part of our world. Why not right? There are some quite pointless accessories that I can’t help but love. Because the holidays are on their way, some chic accessories could make the perfect gift for your fashionista friend. Umm, speaking of which- can I be one of your friends?? Haha. Dior is a brand we all know and love, so let’s all treat our lips to some Dior goodness. The Dior Play Gloss Gamble on Beige is creamy lip gloss in a cute die case. This silver metal die radiates with rhinestones and opens up to show off a nice treat for your pucker. There is divine iridescent satin lip gloss on the inside that will only accentuate one of every ladies best asset. Also, upon opening, the lid is mirrored so you can even check your pout out- don’t ya love it! To add a little more glam there are velvet ties with a dangling silver D on one end. I know some of you may find this accessory pointless, but I think if you have a glam friend, it is a great gift (or like I keep saying, just treat yourself!). To make your lips even sweeter, buy this through eLuxury for $50.

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