Chloe Crystal Padlock Keychain If you are one of the people who just hasn’t gotten your hands on a beautiful Paddington, join the growing club. When it comes down to it the padlock makes the Paddy what it is. Don’t you agree? So for those of you who want a piece of Paddy heaven, why not spend a ridiculous amount on the focal point of the bag- the part of the bag that makes the Paddy a Paddy. Let me introduce you to the Chloe Crystal Padlock Keychain. This shiny piece is made of clear crystals placed on the silver padlock. Rest assure that this keychain also has a silver leather panel in the center of the padlock with the Chloe logo so we all know that you own part of the much drooled over design (hey, who will really notice that you are missing the actual bag?). To make this keychain an actual keychain, there is a key ring found at the end of leather straps. If I were to buy this piece, I surely would wear it on my neck and use my body as the ‘bag’ to try to show people that I was part of the coveted Paddington line. I am going to go out on a limb and venture to say that not many of you will be considering buying this piece- you ask why? Let’s go with because it costs $615 via Net-A-Porter.

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