Bisadora Hip Purse girlThe world has become hands-free. We have hands free phones, hands free computer typing (for the very lazy), hands free drinking with straws, and maybe someday our entire lives will be hands free — driving cars and all aspects of technology and work. Yikes. But sometimes hands-free is oh-so-necessary. For instance, when you go to a bar or a club, and you want to dance the night away. Dance with both hands in the air, not just one hand since the other is holding your beloved purse. For times like these, hands-free would be quite useful. This is why the Bisadora Hip Purses may just be the new on the go bag for you.

These handy little bags could be the very thing that you have been looking for. When I go to a club or out to dance, I really do hate carrying my purse securely under my shoulder. How many of you have had some sort of alcohol poured all over you before by some obnoxious drunk? Well, I bet you didn’t have the time to slap him because you were holding on to your purse! (maybe that’s a long shot, but it was worth a try!) Here are some reasons this handy little Hip Purse would be, well, so handy: they have a unique patented self-closing mechanism, the bag holds ID, makeup, keys, credit cards & money (which is all the necessities), you can chose the chain belt which you wear the bag on around your waist, it makes you and your valuables more secure, best to be used with travel, nightclubs, shopping, and best of all– gives you back the power of both of your hands! These hip bags are offered in a variety of colors and materials and you can even choose your chain belt. For very reasonable pricing (around $20), you can buy yours via Bisadora.

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  • Laurie

    So cute what a great idea!!!!

  • Zippy

    At last, a practical purselet for those times when I don’t want to be saddled with a 10 – 15+ pound accessory. Why do we need to haul around a collection of assorted items, many of which we never use? Hummm… My sister claims they are for security. What are yours?

  • Zippy- I know ALL about carrying around useless items in my purses! I carry around all sorts of meds (which I never need) just in case of an allergic reaction etc. It just makes the bag heavy, my arm hurt, and makes me walk funny!

  • billyjoe

    Great idea!

  • Gina

    I wouldn’t buy it. It’s reasonably priced, but I still wouldn’t buy it.

  • Martha

    I have been searching for a hands free way to tote my purse. I am a mom of a very busy 2 year old and everytime that I bend over to pick him up, hold his hand or anything else my purse flops down on top of him. Love your idea.

  • Christine

    At least this one is affordable.

    Speaking about hands-free, Lexus just came out w/a new LS that parrallel parks itself! What is next?!

  • Kelly

    Does anyone know of any stores that sell these?

  • Naggy

    Hip purses are the appealing alternative to a hip pack, but this is just as boring as a hip pack. Can someone come up with something better than a square on a chain? (ipad)

  • KY

    This is handy, but I wouldn’t buy this. (ipad)