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  • anamilajon
  • FashionableLena

    Not that I would ever pay this much for a bag charm, I like the idea. The Anya Hindmarch is met favorite along with the Gucci. I also liked the Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Prada, Ferragamo, and Tod’s. They’re all cute.

  • priscilla.hu

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  • I just love the Gucci blonde shopper its so cute! I really love the idea of these bag charms, I struggle with the prices of them though. I would rather miss out and save for another bag. They would be such a nice gift though! Gemma http://www.jacquardflower.uk

  • Sparkletastic

    Too cute!! I really like a lot of these.

    The Prada robot is mine! As a sci fi geek who loves fashion – I’m in HEAVEN!

    Is the D&G chair 3D? It looks a bit bulky but that may just be the perspective of the photo.

    The Gucci Blond shopper is ADORABLE but does it come in other colors of hair / women? I’d love to get one that looks like a mini me.

    Sophie Hulm’s pompon is cute but too close to the Fendi Monster. So a no go there.

  • Violet

    I bought a Prada trick (robot) charm late last year. It’s the one named Marie, I believe. I loved it and hung it on my Prada tote. About four months later I noticed that one of the red plastic beads on its leg was gone!! It fell off! I examined the other leg and noticed it was just held on the wire with melted glue (as if from a glue gun). I was so sad. Now it has one missing “foot” and an exposed (sharp) wire. :(

  • Lin Chen

    I love the Tory Burch bag charm! Adorable! http://www.linspiredandmotivated.blogspot.com

  • Lin Chen

    I love the Tory Burch charm! It’s adorable! And the Moschino one is super cute as well. Can ya tell I like miniature versions of bigger things? http://www.linspiredandmotivated.blogspot.com

  • tess

    I just use my sons lego key chains and people love it and they are around 9 bucks these prices are crazy.

  • Elisa

    So cute! Cute! Cute! I want them all. I don’t like to add a bit of extra weight to my bags because it adds, up but I’d make the exception for one of those adorable pieces of flair!!!!
    Wait? Is that a roach clip?

  • Dave

    I miss any Loewe charms. The knot keyring or another one. Anna Dello Ruso use them in her bags. They are so cute!!

  • Sonia

    I recently purchased a See by Chloe heart shaped large painted metal blue key on a chain. I use it as my key ring since the large lobster claw end is used to carry my car keys for quick removal to hand over to a valet parking attendant when needed. It’s so cute!

  • Sally

    These are cute but I’d rather buy a FULL bag for these prices! I think that they are overpriced and the designers are just creating stuff that don’t cost them a thing and sell them to fashion victims like us for crazy money…It’s too much, and it is something that we don’t need at all. If we are Fashionistas we should be creative like the Lego lady and add our touch to the bag. We are already spending fortunes on designer stuff but we are well educated and should be more aware of this. Also designer bags used to be investments that last for life, but now they are making us feel that we need to change bags every season because the expensive one that u bought last month is not trendy anymore, there is something that is Super trendy now that makes u wanna go and buy it. I hate this and I am not enjoying Fashion anymore. I wish I can stop and go back :S.

  • I love Valentino’s charm, it’s my favorite.