Anna's Chanuka List

Even though the eighth night of Chanukah was last Friday, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make my wish list. Besides, I spent the holiday at college and celebrated with my friends every night- while that was lovely and fun, my first Chanukah away from home lacked an essential ingredient: the presents. Let’s face it: I’m notoriously difficult to shop for, and even my parents stick to my wish list or a gift certificate due to my extreme pickiness. Let’s not call it pickiness, let’s call it “selectivity.” Yes, I like that.

1. Sam Edelman ‘Zoe’ Ankle Boot: I’m always looking to add some height to my frame, and for the past three years, black ankle boots have been my solution of choice. Though I’m partial to ones that lace up the front, an ironic little nod to the sneaker, these Edelmans have the toughest quilted harness that acts like a metaphorical ankle protection. Sounds lovely to me. And if you’re looking for a sneaker look, the harness is removable. Buy through Nordstrom for $344.95.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Derby Leather Crossbody Bag: The crossbody is my favorite style, tyrian purple is my favorite color, so it’s logical that I’d love to tote this. Well, Marc’s calling the color “grape juice” but we’ll bypass that. The rounded shape differs from all my crossbody bags, and the clean, strong color would tie in nicely with the colored and patterned tights that I tend to wear almost daily. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $188.

3. Star Trek Original Series Season 3: I’m not ashamed to admit that my favorite show is the underrated sci-fi (SyFy?) standby, Star Trek. Sadly, I’ve only met one fashionista who shares my love of all things Star Trek, Marvel, DC, and generally anything that’s science fiction, fantasy, or action fodder. If you’re wondering why I want Season 3, it’s because I already own Seasons 1&2. While I don’t know Klingon (yet), I can rattle off facts about Vulcans like no other. Live long and prosper. Buy through Barnes & Noble for $76.49.

4. Sass and Bide Godspeed Dress: As a big fan of tunics and leotards, this see-through beauty makes for the perfect thing to throw on over my tights and leo to head out after contortion practice. While I wouldn’t wear it without adequate coverage underneath- I’m not one to dress scandalously- I adore the sexy way that the arm openings and racer back are extended for a peekboo effect. Add that to the bold tribal designs and the odd little beaded patches, and you’ve got a tunic that combines sporty and bohemian in the best way possible. Buy through Shopbop for $400.

5. Apple 13″ Macbook Pro: Is this a blogger syndrome? Like Amanda, I’m working on an old (ish) computer, a first-generation Macbook Air turned sickly from overuse. Though I love my light little Air, it’s difficult to work on it- I can’t run big programs on it for extended periods of time, so I’ve resorted to writing research papers on TextEdit, waiting until I’m done to edit and format it in Word. Sure, it’s adorable and sleek and easy to carry, but I’d adore something more high-powered- and that new trackpad is quite cool. Buy through Apple for $1,199.

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  • Anna – Are you home now? What did you get?

    I think Vlad will love the Star Trek reference :)

    • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

      I’m home!!! So far, I’ve gotten a wonderful album my mom made of my first year at Columbia :) I’m hoping that Apple comes out with a new Pro soon- the product cycle ends on December 25, so if they come out with a new one I’ll be first in line!

  • 19yearslater

    I love these wish lists! Marc by Marc is awesome, I have a small crossbody bag (the Petal one) and I love it. The first season of Star Trek was the best. I never like Picard. And frankly, Data was no match for Spock on the smart crew member front.

  • Jane H.

    That Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is on my list too! But in brown ;)

  • Amanda R

    I’m a huge Star Trek fan – especially of the original series. Spock is my favorite Star Trek character, ever. I’m slowly going back and watching all the other series in my free time, and my nerdy boyfriend couldn’t be more happy. :)

  • ~bastet

    I love Star Trek! I hope you get your DVDs! Also, Zachary Quinto is hot as Spock. ;)

    • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

      Ahhhh I agree :) Quinto as Spock getting ready to transport is actually my computer wallpaper at the mo…

  • S

    Macbook Pro 13″ is awesome! Fast and Hyperspaces app is great too. I bought a pink speck case to prettify mine

  • Naggy

    Those shoes are hot and have an action figure appeal! (ipad)

  • creighbaby

    love the sam edelman boots. So many months later, they still hold up. (ipad)