Last week, one of you asked when we were going to do a “Many Bags” post on Jennifer Garner. Well, ask and ye shall receive! (As long as our photo service yields enough results and I don’t already have some sort of grand plan, anyway.) Jennifer Garner’s personal style hews closely to what many non-famous moms of three young kids wear on a daily basis, but one thing that’s always interesting (and always changing) is her ever-present handbag. Garner uses designer bags the way a lot of regular women do – to add a high-end note to an outfit that she pulled out of her closet to take a couple of rascally little kids to school.

In fact, while digging up pictures of Jennifer’s bags, I had one “celebs – they’re just like us!” moment after another. She seems to be the rare Hollywood mom who takes on child-rearing like a regular human being, and her kids are present in almost every photo that’s snapped of her. She seems to relish the role, because if she didn’t, she could certainly hire someone to handle details like dropping them off at school every day. Her coiffure may suffer for it occasionally, but I think most women will see a lot of themselves in these photos. I did, and I don’t even have a kid. (We should all be thankful I don’t have a kid.)

As you can imagine, it takes several hours of work to put together one of our “The Many Bags of…” features. We have to look through thousands of paparazzi photos, squinting at grainy thumbnails that may or may not include bags we haven’t even thought of in four years, trying to remember what they’re called and who made them. When that’s done, we have to organize all the information we’ve gleaned into a logical whole for your viewing pleasure. It can get a little tedious at times, but with the right celeb, it’s actually pretty fun. Lucky for me, Sharon Osbourne is definitely one of those “right” celebs. (more…)

If you like celebrities who do their own stylistic thing, no matter what the trends might be, then you probably already like Kate Hudson. Even if you don’t dig her rich-hippie look (and it’s certainly not my thing), it’s always refreshing to see a celeb who has such a clear vision of what she likes to wear and how she wants to look. Stars: sometimes they’re also real people!

The process of identifying some of the bags in Kate’s collection was tricky – she doesn’t stick only to premiere designers and recognizable bags, which is to her credit, but it’s also to our never-ending consternation. We’ve done our best to pick out as many notable finds as we can, and we’ve also included a few for you guys to help us figure out. (You guys are so good at that.) Start Kate’s hippie handbag journey (with a dose of Chanel for good measure) below.

Before we move forward, you should all know that I have become an irrational Rihanna fangirl. Not of her music, necessarily – I don’t own any of her albums – but of Rihanna as a character in the media. I love that she wears (and generally pulls off) outrageous things, I love how well she mixes high fashion and hip hop style, I love that she’s not afraid to wear things that will surely bring her plenty of criticism. In a pop culture landscape full of “managed” personalities, I love that Rihanna’s not bland. Or at least she doesn’t look bland, which is what we’re primarily concerned with here.

We first profiled Rihanna’s handbag collection a little more than a year ago, and in that time, she’s been caught carrying nearly 20 additional bags that are worthy of note. Because of her current world tour, these bags have done more traveling than most people can even imagine, but somehow, Rihanna manages to pull out purse after purse, with a new bag popping up in photos seemingly every few days. Her handbag freight fees alone must be astronomical.

Since we started our The Many Bags of… series over a year ago, we’ve been making periodic mental note of the celebrities that we’d like to revisit for a second round. Some stars have simply been too bag-crazy for too long to do justice to them in one shot, and others, like supermodel and all-around perfect human being Miranda Kerr, have stepped up to the handbag plate so much in the past year that their bag choices in that time period totally eclipse whatever they had going on before that, no matter how good at was. (And in Kerr’s case, it was very good.) (more…)

I don’t remember exactly when I shifted from hating Gwyneth Paltrow to absolutely loving her, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon. I had always been annoyed by her macrobiotic proselytizing and her Tracy Anderson workout-endorsing and her general little-miss-perfect-ness, until one day, it finally occurred to me: that’s actually who Gwyneth Paltrow is. She’s just being herself, despite the fact that it annoys a lot of people and gets her some bad press and causes people to say nasty things about her on the Internet. She just keeps on being Gwyneth, even though it would likely pay dividends for her to pretend to be some kind of self-effacing, less-than-Gwyneth version of herself who eats gluten and cares about finding a good deal on a pair of shoes. Once I realized that, my love for her was instant. (more…)

Although I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars myself, I seem to be in the minority among the PurseBlog team, as well as among my friends in general. When Gossip Girl started to lose its luster, a lot of women who were looking for a similarly soapy good time started watching the ABC Family show, but don’t let the network’s name fool you – the PLL’s appeal seems to go far beyond the tweens and teens that you’d expect. The show’s success has elevated its four man stars – Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario, to varying levels of fame, and since the new season premiered earlier this week, we figured it was high time to take a look at their handbag collections. (more…)

Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County got me thinking – if you look carefully, you can spy lots of designer handbag goodies in a ton of different Bravo shows, not just on the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or dangling from the arm of reality-star-turned-lady-liquor-mogul Bethenny Frankel. The paparazzi might not follow the rest of the Bravolebrities quite as ardently, but that doesn’t make their bags any less worth looking at.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up as many Bravo reality stars as we could find pictures of, from veteran Real Housewives to harried reality TV housekeepers, carrying their best bags. Check out the spoils of our search below, and if we left out your favorite Bravolebrity, fret not – this post will definitely be getting a sequel.

Do you understand the Cannes Film Festival? I’m not sure that I do. On the surface, I can grok that it’s a place where films both American and international are debuted to a critical audience of industry folks, and the best ones are given awards. In actuality, it seems to be something of a festival celebrating being filthy rich and beautiful as much as its a festival celebrating film, and most of the attendees and their mega-yachts and supermodel dates would make the average one-percenter feel like a pauper. And an unattractive one, at that. (more…)

I have an Emma Watson close-encounter story, and although it’s not a very good one, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell it anyway. Over the winter, on a very snowy day, a friend and I decided to trek to Barneys to shop for some shoes and stave off cabin fever in the bad weather. The place wasn’t nearly as packed as it normally would be on a Saturday, and we took advantage of the opportunity to try on a bunch of ridiculous shoes and amuse ourselves. Amidst the footwear fervor, I looked up to realize that I was standing next to Emma, both of us eyeing adjacent pairs of Manolos.

Watson was dressing casually, in jeans and a sweater, and I did my best impression of an unimpressed New Yorker and didn’t say anything to her. She was quiet, by herself and utterly polite to store staff while she was still within earshot. See? Told you it wasn’t a very good story, but still, it gave me the impression that Emma’s a quite normal girl, which is always a nice thing to find out about a famous person. Now that she’s getting ready to star in the much-hyped flick The Bling Ring, it seemed only right that Emma get her own thorough examination of her bag collection. We only wish that our photo agency tailed Emma more regularly so that we could show you more.

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