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  • Lily

    While I have no idea, who carried the Fendi DotCom first. I have seen picture of Jessica Alba, Jessica Chastain, and Rota Ora with them too.

  • Ali

    The Prada, Proenza, Celine, and Chanel WOC are all from GIgi’s personal collection when she still lived at home in Malibu. The Sac de jour was a holiday gift from her family.
    My guess is that the more inexpensive and contemporary bags were received from the designers, doesn’t seem like they’re Gigi’s picks.

  • Jac

    Would’ve loved to see some Bella Hadid in here too!

    • She’ll get a Many Bags of her very own once we have enough pics of her!

  • Sandy

    It is rare that I see a picture of anyone that I think, wow, cute girl with amazing style. Gigi is one of those rare times. To be 20 again…ughhhh.

  • Gigi

    She is 100% my style icon lately, and not just because we have the same name ;)

  • Smithy

    I think Gigi is a gorgeous girl and I love her style. She knows how to put together a casual outfit, that’s for sure. Now if she could just get rid of her over the top and exhausting mother……….

  • Jess

    Her bag choices seem very random… like they’re reflective of her friends and not her. I like her but not taken by her.

  • buffmom33

    Love her and her collection!

  • Harry

    26 is a Loro Piana Python Pochette. I used to work for LP and Yolanda frequently carries them!

    • Passerine

      Good catch! When I first saw the photo, LP popped into my head as the brand, thanks for confirming!

  • Passerine

    That DVF Secret Agent bag looks a lot like the Mulberry Willow bag (small) in moc-croc. The Mulberry bag is more expensive but also looks to be significantly superior in quality for both materials and construction. Which came first?

  • Lisa

    Her style is okay (a little bland for a model), she is young and I would think she’d be the face of Chloe, she has that bohemian chic attitude she carries with her. I do love the handbags she is seen carried in these photos but the way she incorporates it into her outfits isn’t as nice.

    My favorite look was with her white dress and the Electric blue suede PROENZA SCHOULER PS1.

    Marina Brumbaugh would love this.

  • ?? ?

    dear purseblog???I‘m SOOOO DESPERATE!

    Due to the network control in my country, i have to put extra effort into visiting this my favorite website.

    NOW cut to the chase, do you know where i can purchase a rebecca minkoff paris top handle bag, i’ve looked through all the relevant website including itself official site/shopbop/amazon etc.

    all i got is”out of stock” /(?o?)/~~ is it stop making or anything? paris collection is gonna be huge in my own eyes. i don’t understand why i can’t see more celebs carry them out and about other than GIGI HADID or JAMIE KING

    i’m already in love with this particular bag and i can’t help it…now i regret every single day why i don’t make my mind earlier and buy it at first sight!!!

    please! help!

    and my location is China FYI~

  • Jennifer Rhee

    26 is a Loro Piana Pochette. ;)))
    check out my blog:

  • Fiona


    Does anyone know where the sunnies from picture #7 are from? I adore them!