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  • Sophie Proust

    I love, love the Celine box bag. I wish they still made the small size, but the medium is nice, too.

    • TMA

      I saw the small size at Barney’s last week!!

      • Sophie Proust

        Thanks! Was it an exotic or calfskin? I’ve seen them in exotics at my local Celine, but when they search the computer they don’t turn up any in calfskin.

  • Sparky

    The woman has amazing taste and style.

  • Smithy

    She’s got some great bags.

  • BBB

    Had to leave my first comment just to say that this is one of the best collections I’ve ever seen on PurseBlog. I loved basically every piece, and I’m not usually one for exotics.

    • Corey

      Agree completely on all points. Heck, I don’t even love the Celine luggage tote (I know, sorry) and I’m obsessed with that blue exotic. Must now also get mini Falabella and liked my first Dior. Loved the whole collection.

  • YKM

    Her bag is collection is amazing, but contrary to what you stated, she is rich from birth. She is an heir to the Whirlpool empire (her great grandfather). I’m sure her laundry is always done.????

    • Weird, I’ve never heard that about her before! Thanks for the tip.

    • Jennifer McGee

      Not to mention she has a very cute boyfriend with a very lucrative MLB contract. I really like Kate though. She makes curves very stylish.

      • kie6euth

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  • Irene

    Gorgeous collection. Love just about every one of her bags. So jealous!

  • Sara

    WOW, she has quite a variety of bags. I totally support her Dior obsession.
    Ps; despite all the negative things I’ve said about the Secret Agent Bag in the past, I am shocked to admit that it actually looks good on her!!!

  • buffmom33

    She looks beautiful does anyone know if those suglasses in Pic 6 are Celine as well!! Thanks

  • Sendy Crisnasati

    her collection is definitely one of the best I’ve seen on pb

  • crissy168

    her collection is definitely one of the best I’ve seen on pb

  • Sara

    Hmm, she is carrying two handbags in slide 16!!

  • Hanakimi87

    Amanda, can you tell us more about that Dior Floral Open Bar bag? I’ve never seen it before!

  • kaly

    Love her and her curves!! Us with a little more “oomph” need representing!! And I like the high-low combo of casual clothes with a designer bag–I think a beautiful bag can take any outfit up a level. I LOVE her exotic Celine and the ostrich Dior!!

  • Amel

    Wow!! What a lady and what a bag collection!

  • mona

    i find the fashion handbags similar to celebrity in mezon handbags , here look at this nice bags

  • Jess

    I never appreciated how beautiful she was… and her handbags are incredible.

  • Katr

    Kate’s grandfather co-founded Whirlpool, so her family is rather well-off. On another note, it’s jarring to see that Stella McCartney bag at the end of this post after so many beautiful specimens. I think Stella is a bit of a hack as a designer, and her handbags are especially egregious.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Kate has some great bags…and she bagged a great boyfriend too!
    Her collection is impressive and I adore her Dior Diorissimo Tote in ostrich and her Dior Floral Open Bar bag. I must have it!