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  • Karen Smith

    I have been waiting YEARS for this. Now I am finally at peace, having found a meaningful purpose in life….STALKING VB’S BAGS!!!

  • Karen Smith

    This should be renamed the many birkins of VB actually

  • …the many Birkins and other bags

  • Miles

    I love her style,bags and everything about her… Including her husband

  • Miles

    Love everything about her, including her husband

  • I’m actually surprised it took you so long to make this article about her

  • brandy

    OMG:) LOve them ALL!

  • jayl

    I Have to admit! I love the Bags but I love the Husband more!!! Best accessory of VB!

  • thabile

    I love victoria and purseblog

  • That white Kelly is way too big for her! She should probably make her assistant carry it.

  • abbi

    cant launch the gallery :/

    • So sorry, we are working on fixing this stat!!

      • anouk

        thanks, Meg! I just viewed it and my favourite of the loot is probably her purple kelly and she looks better with the pixie hair; just my two cents. she’s such a poser, isn’t she?

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      • Joys

        Please fix it soon I’m dying to see her collection!

      • Karina Rodriguez

        Did this ever get fixed?

  • alfi

    gimana cara launch nya?

  • anouk

    Why oh why can’t i launch gallery??? :(

  • Donna

    I can’t see the gallery. Please fix! I’m dying to see the bags!!

  • Marilyn

    can’t launch gallery :(

  • Abc

    Cant launch gallery

  • ria

    can’t launch the gallery also

  • stellalagerfeld

    I have been waiting for this one for so long, and it’s the only one I can’t see! Please fix =( I have been waiting for 2 days waiting for this to be fixed.

  • Anuja

    The View all option was really good, this new gallery is so difficult!

  • ericaace

    LOVE her!

  • jess

    the new gallery sucks. takes forever to load. old way was easier

  • Ruru

    i can’t launch gallery:( can’t wait to seeeee

  • Kats

    Hello, love your site. Sofia Vergara’s gallery isn’t working either.

  • Damaris Castro

    I can’t launch the gallery can you guys fix it

  • Veronica

    Still can’t launch the gallery.

  • Fashion addict

    Why can’t I launch the gallery???

  • Joys

    I can’t view the gallery! What’s wrong?

  • kate

    there’s no link to view the gallery :(

  • Maria

    Is the gallery up? :(

  • Sparky

    She’s so emaciate it scares me. Sorry, I know that’s off topic.

  • Natalia

    Great bags. My eyes can’t get enough of all those perfectly made Birkins. And her style is amazing too. But still I’m sorry that she looks anorexic.

  • bir


  • Y Ajayi

    The older pictures of her are hilarious, she probably cringes at some of the looks, bags though by enlarge r pretty.

  • Finem Lauda

    That travel kelly is legit one of the stupidest things I have ever seen… and I have seen many, many, many mind mindbogglingly stupid things. I legit sat and stared for a full 10 minutes arguing with myself that it has to be a photoshop. Nobody with that much money would carry something that unwieldy and ugly. But I was wrong. I need to lie down for a while.

  • Charlie

    She has got some of the best bag collections I have ever seen on anyone (of course this all happened before the other fashion houses started to send their pieces to the Kardashian). The later years show how much she has changed in her style and now she is more classy than ever, this certainly reflects on her own designs.

  • kimmie

    If she only carries her own brand now, I will volunteer to take all her other bags off her hands… just so she can make room in her closet. :)

  • Sara

    She has a sensational collection. I actually like her VB pieces better than Hermes. They are different, classic and eye catching.
    On a separate note, I am pleased she doesn’t wear the military/policewoman hats anymore. Not a good look.

  • JaneH

    I really love reading the commentary on these posts. :D

  • Paulo

    I believe the large bag in slide 45 was made with the Goyard bag Victoria carried prior as inspiration.

    • Paulo

      Also, the suitcase was in fact produced. I remember seeing it on Net a Porter and I think it retailed for 4K+

  • Jess

    Love the designer VB. Not the old VB. She’s so impeccably stylish.

  • tavusaham

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  • Maya

    I love to see how her style has evolved over the years, she went from a WAG-ish-not too classy style to absolutely im-pe-cca-ble!!! She is in my top five that’s for sure!! And she has a wicked sense of humour, which is even better!

  • Jerri R

    As much as I love what she wears and carries, I cannot help but think that it must be exhausting to be Victoria Beckham, for some reason.

  • W S M

    Slide 18 – Ah, the infamous matching Birkin, Roland Mouret dress and YSL tribtoos. I remember it perfectly because at the time, I thought ‘how on earth is she walking on grass in those heels?!’

    Slide 45 was based on the vintage Goyard bag she was carrying through the airport which she bought at auction. Goyard actually contacted her so they could buy it from her since they didn’t actually have it in their archive but she turned them down. They did the next best thing, designing the same bag but with some input from Victoria herself (supposedly). Both bags by Goyard and Victoria’s fashion house are now called the Victoria.

    I have to say, my favourite look here is slide 44. Seeing her in jeans and not too overthought style-wise is refreshing. Very chic.

  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    Very nice.. I really love her style evolution

  • Jade

    I am quite certain I know more abt VB bags than anyone except maybe her. Slide 40 is just called a “shoulder bag.” There’s one available on Yoox right now.

  • Vicky

    My next mission, owning one of her bag. :)

  • preppyboy

    I love everything VB! Here is a particular favorite of mine which you may have missed :)
    Loewe Calle in GORG OSTRICH! Love this bag so much!