Technology is usually our friend, but sometimes it turns on us, and that’s what happened with our original tour through Victoria Beckham’s incredible handbag collection. She was honored earlier this week as one of Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year, and that seemed like a good reason to reconstruct and update our look at one of the world’s most famous bag addicts.

Beckham has her own line of high-end handbags now, of course, and since it launched, she’s carried those bags almost exclusively. (After all, if you could design all handbags you wanted, why wouldn’t you carry them?) We reached back to a time before that, though. Back to the Posh Spice days of Hermès and…well, more Hermès. Check out all the loveliness (including tons of exotics) below.

Asprey 167 Crocodile Bag

Victoria loves a color-match. That will become clear as we go. For now, enjoy this bag from a super-luxe brand we rarely spot.


Chanel Kelly Bag

Speaking of things we rarely spot: can the Chanel spin on the Kelly shape make a comeback?


Chanel Vintage Maxi Flap Bag
$2,750 via The RealReal

Stars usually stick to brand new bags, but when they go vintage, it’s often for Chanel.


Victoria Beckham City Victoria Satchel
$1,995 via Net-a-Porter

When you have your own line of high-end bags, of course you can get your initials hot-stamped onto yours if you want it.


Victoria Beckham Crocodile Chain Satchel
$1,950 via Net-a-Porter

Just because Victoria eventually stopped carrying non-VB bags doesn’t mean she stopped loving exotics.


Dolce & Gabbana Crochet Sicily Bag
$2,895 via Barneys

We made sure to reach far enough back in the archives to get as many bags from before Victoria had her own label as possible, though.


Dolce & Gabbana Patchwork Runway Bag
Shop Dolce & Gabbana via Nordstrom

That Victoria has been famous for so long means that there are some really, uh, interesting bags in her collection if you dig a little bit.


Victoria Beckham Flap Shoulder Bag
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

Victoria rarely carries her shoulder bags on her shoulders; instead, she’s the only human alive who carries them like models are instructed to do on the runway.


Victoria Beckham Floral Zip Pouch
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

Matching your clutch to your dress this perfectly is a flex.


Victoria Beckham Frame Bag
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

When I first saw this picture, I really hoped it was a Marc Jacobs Stam, but it’s not.


Gucci Patent Horsebit Satchel
Shop via Gucci

When you consider how conservative Victoria’s style has gotten over the years, her transformation is pretty remarkable.


Hermès Birkin

Of course there are Birkins. You knew we were headed for Birkins.


Hermès Birkin

Victoria has at least two black Birkins, and she appears to like this soft-grained version the best; she carried it regularly for years.


Hermès Birkin

Vicky also has this glossier version (perhaps in popular Box Calf leather), which she uses more sparingly.


Hermès Birkin

And baby blue, because why not?


Hermès Ostrich Birkin

Celebs often go with neutrals when it comes to Birkins and exotics, so we really appreciate Victoria’s embrace of color.


Hermès Ostrich Birkin

And in her Hermès heyday, she really embraced it.


Hermès Ostrich Birkin

Sometimes she color-coordinated her entire outfit to it.


Hermès Birkin

Speaking of color-coordination: I like what’s going on with all the elements of this outfit.


Hermès Shoulder Birkin

The Shoulder (or JPG) Birkin is rarely spotted these days, but here’s a photo of one in the wild.


Hermès Crocodile Birkin

Wearing a big fur and a crocodile Birkin with jeans is a very old-school Posh Spice move.


Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin

Of course Victoria has one of these.


Hermès Kelly

Just because she loves Birkins doesn’t mean Victoria doesn’t also love Kellys. She does.


Hermès Kelly

She loves them in both brights and neutrals.


Hermès Kelly Pochette

In all shapes and sizes, too.


Hermès Travel Kelly

And we mean ALL sizes.


Hermès Multicolor Kelly

Why have just one color leather on a Kelly when you can have three or more?


Hermès Suede Kelly Pochette

See? Posh loves a color-match.


Hermès Vinage Toile and Leather Kelly

It’s rare to see Victoria with a bag that looks worn-in; she has too many bags and too many handlers to care for them to wear one in on her own.


Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Bag
$2,995 via Net-a-Porter

Now, back to more carrying of bags like a model sprung free from the runway.


Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Shoulder Bag
$2,995 via Net-a-Porter

I think it fascinates me so much because you can only do it if you have people on staff to take care of literally everything around you so that you can walk through life untouched and constantly posed. (I wish I had the same, honestly, because this outfit is gorgeous.)


Jimmy Choo Marin Clutch
Shop via Jimmy Choo

Considering how she goes about carrying her bags now, it should come as no surprise that Victoria has long been a fan of the daytime clutch.


Jimmy Choo Marin Clutch
Shop via Jimmy Choo

She liked this particular one so much that she had it in two colors.


Jimmy Choo Rio Clutch
Shop via Jimmy Choo

I wish it were physically possible for Old Posh and New Victoria to meet because I think it would be hilarious.


Victoria Beckham Laser-Cut Zip Pouch
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

A nice thing about owning your own clothing line is everything fits you like a glove.


Victoria Beckham Leopard Simple Tote
$2,650 via Net-a-Porter

A camel coat and a little bit of leopard is a very solid airport ensemble.


Victoria Beckham Liberty Tote
$1,650 via Net-a-Porter

Motherhood is often not glamorous, even for the rich and famous.


Loewe Paloma Bag
Shop Loewe via Neiman Marcus

I genuinely hope Victoria asked her stylist to dress her up like a dominatrix spy here.


Victoria Beckham Mini Shoulder Bag
$1,175 via THE OUTNET

It would be nice to have your own wardrobe of bags made to your exacting stipulations and ready for any situation, wouldn’t it?


Victoria Beckham Plaid Liberty Tote
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

I mean, I think it would be.


This is the only bag in Victoria’s collection we couldn’t conclusively identify, but I’m betting it’s from her own line.


Victoria Beckham Quincy Tote
$1,575 via Net-a-Porter

Getting kids through the airport is always a whole to-do, even if you’re Victoria.


Victoria Beckham Seven Satchel
$3,195 via Net-a-Porter

Not only was 7 her husband’s number in soccer, but it’s also her daughter’s middle name.


Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch
$750 via Net-a-Porter

These days, Victoria usually doesn’t carry a bag when out and about with handlers, and when she does, it’s one of these little clutches from her own line.


Victoria Beckham Chain Tote
$2,350 via Net-a-Porter

Most of Victoria’s line is very structured; this soft little shoulder bag is the exception.


I don’t think this suitcase was ever produced for public consumption, but I do believe Victoria’s brand created it. (I could be wrong. It’s happened before.)


Valentino Glamorous Tote
Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus

Victoria went through a phase where she dressed like a movie villain at the airport for a little while, and I really wish she were still in that phase.


Valextra Crocodile Carita Bag
Shop Valextra via Barneys

That giant Travel Kelly we showed you earlier? Vicky B. carried it with another large, exotic bag.


Victoria Beckham Victoria Satchel
Shop Victoria Beckham via Net-a-Porter

Victoria will also do her model-carrying with big bags, but it doesn’t work quite as well.


Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch
$550 via

She really, really loves these little clutches.

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9 years ago

cant launch the gallery :/

Megs Mahoney Dusil
9 years ago
Reply to  abbi

So sorry, we are working on fixing this stat!!

Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez
7 years ago

Did this ever get fixed?

8 years ago

Please fix it soon I’m dying to see her collection!

9 years ago

thanks, Meg! I just viewed it and my favourite of the loot is probably her purple kelly and she looks better with the pixie hair; just my two cents. she’s such a poser, isn’t she?

Helen Williams
7 years ago
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Karen Smith
Karen Smith
9 years ago

I have been waiting YEARS for this. Now I am finally at peace, having found a meaningful purpose in life….STALKING VB’S BAGS!!!

Megs Mahoney Dusil
9 years ago
Reply to  Karen Smith

HAHAHAHA this really made me laugh!!

Karen Smith
Karen Smith
9 years ago

This should be renamed the many birkins of VB actually

Gidan Nodza
9 years ago

…the many Birkins and other bags

9 years ago

I love her style,bags and everything about her… Including her husband

9 years ago

Love everything about her, including her husband

????? ??????????
9 years ago

I’m actually surprised it took you so long to make this article about her

9 years ago

OMG:) LOve them ALL!

9 years ago

I Have to admit! I love the Bags but I love the Husband more!!! Best accessory of VB!

9 years ago

I love victoria and purseblog

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