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  • Sophie Proust

    Nice post! For slide 20, I think you meant “without acquiring a Birkin.” Also, the link for slide 10 isn’t showing up as an image.

    • Thanks for the help–I got new nails this weekend and it’s made me an inefficient/distracted typer this week. I’m getting used to them, though!

  • Olivia J.

    I really like the little LV backpack!

  • Amazona

    All the Kardashians have done for me is put me off quite a few bags – no interest in even watching pics of SDJ’s, Antigonas and Pandoras anymore, after seeing a whole heap of Kardashians carry them. Enough already.

    • Lisa

      I agree with you! I’m particularly amused by shots like 18,19, 24 and 25… when do these girls NOT want to be photographed?!?

    • pinksky777

      Who cares who carries the bags, if you like a bag you like a bag… For the aesthetic or the functionality. The people who are photographed carrying the bag should have nothing to do with your decision in buying that bag or not, it makes no sense. It’s just marketing that appeals to dumb/easily influenced individuals.

    • Smithy

      I agree. They are that distasteful.

      • GreenApple18r

        Every post on here featuring a Kardashian has several hateful commentaries. “They are famous for doing nothing.” “Kim carried an Antigona. I’m selling mine.” Please dear. They are famous because they did work something out while you were being a couch potato. Don’t put out your lame excuses out here. Whenever you say these kind of stuff you sound like: Ooh my jealous little ego can’t handle it! I can’t stop myself from rage typing hateful comments!”

      • OldBayFries

        *Fan alert* just because you do not dislike them, don’t expect everyone to fawn over them. And it is TRUE that they are famous over nothing. That NOTHING is basically celebrity culture, mass-washing, tabloid fodder, mindless entertainment, what else? That may be something to you (in your words, work out something), but to me, SOMETHING is genuine talent or a significant contribution to advance society.

        And btw, not all of us who disagree with that family is a couch potato. And I am sure it’s the same with their fans. Please.

      • GreenApple18r

        No, someone who spends tremendous amount of time sending out hate on the web is a couch potato. One cannot talk about doing nothing when all he does is sitting in front of a computer making negative comments.

      • OldBayfries

        I said “don’t expect eveyone to fawn over them” Should and expect are two different words. How is that dyslexia? I have that condition so please enlighten me in its new meaning. Tbh, you have hurt my feelings. I should have known better than to post here, and about the Kardashians no less.

      • GreenApple18r

        My sentence was an appropriate response. “Do you like apple?” “Yes.” “What? Apple and yes are different words.” << This is what you're saying. I put it easier for you since you're suffering from a certain condition. So you can't come up with one thing Kardashians did wrong ha. One advice for you: quit that you hurt my feelings kind of garbage and come up with decent logic because you sound like a troll who is against successful person generally and trying hard to hide it by spitting out irrelevant stuff.

      • Jerri R

        It’s a shame that people cannot express their dislike of something without someone taking it personally and getting butthurt about it. Whatever happened to being respectful even if they disagree.

      • guest007

        It’s very stupid of you to think that you need to be talented to be successed. If they can be successful without having talents then they must be genius. I’m not a fan nor a hater. I love to look and read about all beautiful things. Tired of all the wars and terrorists happening around the world endlessly and seems none can solve it. I watch their shows to relieve my stress and also because i love their closets and their houses and especially their kitchens and gardens.

      • nycgirl

        they are sooo distasteful yet you still clicked on an article involving them….makes sense.

    • nycgirl

      it really a shame that so many GROWN women are hateful towards an 18 year old. like seriously the kardashian hate is ridiculous. get a life

      • Guest678

        No my dear. Hate is a strong word. I think most people (some men included and women) are just kind of over them. Heck, even Tim Gunn is over them!! LOL

      • Amazona

        Actually I dislike all Kardashians, I don’t really draw a line between them. I’m just SO tired of them, making a spectacle of themselves time after time after time.

        Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner are the only ones who haven’t gone trashy and they’re the only ones that I actually can say I’m not bored of. Kendall works hard and Caitlyn resigned the whole K-klan kraziness. The others could just go away.

      • GreenApple18r

        So true. “Kardashians have no jobs” *Kendall starts her modelling career* “Kendall shouldn’t be a model. It’s unfair!” They are just bombarding hate on them out of jealousy like crazy that they contradict themselves.

      • Azaleafox

        I don’t think anyone hates the Kardashians, It’s really the over saturation,and the fact that they are only famous because of being famous. But we can only blame ourselves, not the Kardashians. Supply and Demand

      • nycgirl

        and why are they oversaturated? bc everything involving them gets a ton of views, likes and comments. it seems like 90% of the comments they get are from haters. if you dislike them so much why do you waste your time commenting on them? youre only extending their spotlight…

      • Azaleafox

        I never said I hated the Kardashians and please stop calling people haters. If you know marketing, the Kardashians are extremely good marketers , that is why you hear about them so much and then that trickles down to websites to post about them. In order to stay in business they must market to everyone. So please stop jumping to people throats.

      • Jerri R

        Why are you so angry and why do you care whom or what people like or dislike. You are very “hate”ful

      • guest007

        Me too tired to see these adults speaking of hates such as they don’t deserve it because they have no talents. Well people, you don’t need to sing, dance, act to be successful. If you can be successful without having talents, I can only call you genius :). I love their houses decorating, their closets, not so much their outfits coz I have no big boobs to show off nor long lean legs to wear short short.

  • mschubbs

    For 25, that is definitely Chanel. On the bottom you can make out the double CC’s.

  • Aoedele

    What a great collection! I exhausted. And jealous.

  • Tanya Walker

    Love the LV backpack!

  • Taki

    Those cartier bracelet distract me from looking at the bags..

  • Vicky

    Kylie was very pretty and fresh-faced before all the add-on she has now.
    I don’t know if it’s make up, contouring, or plastic surgery, but now, she looks old for her age and plastic.
    I’m sad to see such a pretty girl got changed into this.

    • Itanimulli

      Go-to insult for petty women when they don’t like someone/someone’s look: call them ‘old’ or ‘old for her age’. If a young girl wearing makeup makes you sad, you’re one sad and deranged individual.

      • Carlie

        @Itanimulli:disqus – … Not cool to label people as sad and deranged. This is not personal! Why are you so defensive?!

  • Smithy

    Wow. Slide 10 – pre surgery and pre prosti-tot, she looks completely different.

    I have a dream……and it’s that this family fades into oblivion. They are an embarrassment to our country.

  • Jerri R

    OMG her bored expression annoys the heck out of me LOL

  • Pamela

    I can’t stand her but she does get lots of nice bags. II’m sure many are gifted and I’m jealous

  • Madison

    Does anyone know who makes her sunglasses in slide 27? Love!

  • Madison

    Great post, Amanda! You’re totally right…love them or hate them…they have an amazing collection of handbags!

  • Babyk

    I love everything except that goat hair bag..yuck!

  • m

    #20 is Kendall

    • Sara

      Nope. Enhanced breasts, it’s Kylie.

  • deyna

    wow who made the white jacket she is wearing in #21

  • Hannah

    Why do you want to cut Tyga out of the pics? I’d rather you cut Kylie out of the pics and just show her bags!

  • Violet

    Slide 17 is wow. I like everything about her look there.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Ughh, I don’t like any of her handbags nor her fashion style. What happened to her?

    • Sara

      Too much money not enough taste. I don’t like her style at all. Most of her outfits are ruining the bags :-(

  • Rashida

    She has a great collection…

  • OldBayFries

    I feel like I’m looking at two different people in this article. Gorgeous bags though.

  • Azaleafox

    I was hoping for a bit more besides Givenchy, Chanel, Hermes. Maybe when she gets older she will start experimenting with new designers Fendi wouldn’t be a bad start.

  • Gia

    Pic #25 is Chanel at $2800. Also avail in red

  • Jerri R

    Love her nails and fashion diversity

  • Guest

    her black birkin kinda looks off….

  • Dorism57

    I don’t get why Celine bags cost so much..she’s a singer for God sakes not CoCo

  • Andrea S

    Purse 25 is Chanel. I have the same one.

  • psny15

    Both of Bruce Jenner’s daughters used to be normal and now poor Kylie has turned into a slut like the rest of the Kardashian clan

  • Imgoingbroke

    It’s nice to see the older pictures of Kylie when she still looked like Kylie. Poor girl, she was so much more beautiful before all the altering.