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  • Sparky

    The croc in #16 might be Ethan Koh. He does bespoke bags and one of the closure designs is a hedgehog. Shape similar to the one in the pic.

  • Yuki Kim Ohsaki

    #2 Rebecca Minkoff ‘Zach’, #15 Thale Blanc ‘Gisele’

  • circafashion

    i love the variety, she really can wear anything and it all suits her.

  • Or

    Cant really look at the bags – can only smell pachouli

    • Or

      Shut up biatch!

      • I deleted that comment, we don’t allow racist comments on our site – not at all welcome here.

        Thanks to everyone else for being so respectful all the time!

  • Ivy

    She changes her hair like she changes her outfits! :-)

  • Gigi

    She is so stunning!

    • Julierharrop3

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  • Smithy

    She’s a gorgeous girl and has a great sense of style.

  • lori

    I’m pretty sure the bag in slide #9 is Foley & Corinna

  • mary

    she is seriously gorgeous

  • Yoshi1296

    She is so beautiful! And she has an amazing personality too.

  • Rada

    My goodness she’s strikingly stunning.

  • Sara

    I just can’t bring myself to like backpacks, I can’t, I won’t

  • Jessy

    Finally a purse I recognize that is unknown amongst the rest haha.

    Picture 9.

    The brand is Foley and Corinna. Previously you can buy it at Aritzia…

  • Denise

    I really love how DIVERSE her style is! So refreshing :)

  • Imgoingbroke

    I don’t know who this young woman is but she has got AMAZING style and she’s beautiful and poised.

    • Sparky

      I don’t know who she is either but she’s cute as a button!! Love her sparkling smile.
      In #14 above she looks like a goddess.

      • Or

        She is a beautiful girl – absolutely. She is also an attenton seeker ( a minor celebrity it appears) whose PR advisors told her the use of the word “pachouli” in relation to her is an eaRly x-mas gift. Megs, pls, this is no a racist comment – its all about hippies, boho style etc. – just use our friend google. Hope u do not delete my comment again – i appreciate u need to play by the PC rules u live and die by and protect the integrity of this site – this is your business after all – just dont draw a race card just because u feel u r obliged to do so.

        Ps. U conider a “shut up biatch” comment “welcome here”?

  • Aoedele

    Her face, omg, her face! She is so gorgeous and smart, sharp, aware and so poised. Love her experiment w/ style, she wears it well. The bags are cute too!

  • Toyosi Fuwa

    Number 14 is Vivienne Westwood, you can see the orb on the clasp, plus she was wearing an all Vivienne Westwood look for the Oscars that year.